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Android 4.2.2 + Root for Nexus S and S 4G! [Helly Bean ROM]

Furious that Google didn’t update Nexus S stock firmwares since Android 4.1.2? No worries, the open source developers have got your back.

Google released Android 4.2.2 for most Nexus devices couple days back and you can get it on your Nexus S or S 4G too with the latest Helly Bean ROM.

Helly Bean ROM is a CM10.1 port that brings you full Android 4.2.2, CyanogenMod setings, and even some extra settings that allow you to further enhance your Android 4.2.2 experience.

One of the major changes with Android 4.2.2 in my opinion is more stability and faster perf

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JellyBAM ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [AOKP/CM10.1/PA]

One of my favorite custom ROMs these days is the JellyBAM ROM for many of the Android smartphone I own. Anyways, JellyBAM ROM is also one of the best ROMs for the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G Android smartphone in my opinion.

JellyBAM ROM is built on the idea of being a “hybrid” ROM, bringing you the best of AOKP, CM10.1, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs.

Inside the latest JellyBAM ROM, you will find full Android 4.2.1 with latest AOKP ROM Control Settings, CyanogenMod Settings, and also Xposed App Settings (that’s been substituted for ParanoidAndroid’s p

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ParanoidAndroid ROM for Nexus S! [PIE Control]

Check out the latest ParanoidAndroid ROM for Nexus S, which comes with PIE Control and full Android 4.2.1 plus your favorite Phone/Hybrid/Tablet UI.

The latest ParanoidAndroid mixes a slew of latest bleeding technology in Android custom ROMs including the per-App color/DPI/resolution changer and PIE Control. Although these can now actually be done with tools like Xposed Framework and

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CM10.1 ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Android 4.2.1]

Looking for a solid Android 4.2.1 ROM? Try CM10.1 ROM nightlies, which are pretty solid, available for both Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. These are official nightlies directly from CyanogenMod Team. You will find the latest CM10.1 features and stability/speed you can expect from CyanogenMod. If you are looking for a good daily driver without all the additives, give CM10.1 nightlies a try and let me know what you think!

My current favorite ROMs on the Nexus S are Rasbean Jelly Bean RO

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XenonHD ROM for Nexus S! [Android 4.2.1]

For those of you looking for a solid and fast Android 4.2.1 ROM on the GSM Nexus S, check out the XenonHD ROM.

Compiled from Android 4.2.1 sources, the XenonHD ROM brings you the best of latest Android 4.2.1 mixed with UI/system customization very similar to AOKP. Now, AOKP official builds are not available at the moment of this writing, but XenonHD ROM is just as good with similar features.

Other notables features include Volume rocker long press to seek tracks, DSP Manager, XenonHD wallpapers, and more performance optimizations.

If you have a GSM Nexus S, d

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Rasbean Jelly ROM for Nexus S/S 4G! [Android 4.2.1]

For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Rasbean Jelly ROM for your rooted Nexus S or Nexus S 4G. Built on the latest Android 4.2.1, you can have the best of the latest Android 4.2.1 features, mostly all working except Photo Sphere camera. This ROM is very solid and feels exceptionally smoother than Android 4.2 ROMs.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Download: Download Rasbean Jelly ROM for Nexus S

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Android 4.2 Rooted ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

Android 4.2 is here for many Nexus devices already except Nexus S and S 4G. But for those of you rooted, you can get this ported, experimental version while you wait for Google to release official 4.2 for Nexus S and S 4G.

The Android 4.2 ROM comes with many cool new features like lockscreen widgets, Photo Sphere camera, GMail 4.2, and more. If you cannot wait for stable official versions, hit up the download link below and satisfy your thirst to be on the latest Android operating system. And do let me know what you think/find.


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SuperOSR ROM for Nexus S! [Near 4000 Quadrant]

Want super-fast ROM for your Nexus S?  Give SuperOSR ROM a try, I got almost 4000 on Quadrant benchmarking, running at 1.4Ghz overclocked (it comes with overclocking kernel).

Download ROM here: Download SuperOSR ROM  

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SuperAOSP ROM for Nexus S!

You know, ROMs are like “love at first sight” and this SuperAOSP ROM for Nexus S is the one I’ve decided to run for a week (and longer if I like it), it comes with a ton of features(which I like) and a lot of things to play with.

Download SuperAOSP ROM here:

Download SuperASOP ROM

Donate to original developer here.

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Infin1ty ROM for Nexus S!

You know, there’s so many great ROMs for the Nexus S that it’s hard to say which one is the best and here’s another great Gingerbread ROM, the Infin1ty ROM, comes with Netarchy kernel, upto 1.4Ghz.

Let me know what you think of this ROM in the comment section below.

Download Infin1ty ROM here: Download Infin1ty ROM

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