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MIUI ROM for Nexus S!

I am currently using the MIUI ROM for Nexus S, which I really like a lot, it’s a completely different ROM than any other ROM you will try.

For benchmark, I overclocked my Nexus S to 1.4Ghz using the netarchy kernel and got about 19.3 MFLOPS.  Not the fastest but not bad either.



For Quandrant, I got 1863.


What I like about MIUI isn’t its raw speed but highly customized menu buttons, themes, and details such as this 3D screen switcher.

Above shows default MIUI theme, whic

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Open Soju ROM Review for Nexus S!

Here’s a review of the Open Soju ROM for the Nexus S.  It’s a plain ROM that’s been stripped pretty much to nothing so it runs lightweight than other ROMs.

First, here’s some performance testings overclocked to 1.4Ghz using SetCPU app:

Linpack scores: Around 19.5, not bad.

Quadrant scores: 2816, not bad here either.

The main home screen has a smaller-than-average icon bar with 5 apps which saves screen space and I like this feature.

The Open Soju ROM comes with Zeam Launcher which allows you

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How to Use Clockwork Recovery ROM Manager to Install New ROM!

Last time, I showed you how to install the Cyanogenmod 7 ROM by going into the Clockwork Recovery manually, here’s how to do it straight from the Rom Manager app, a bit easier.

I took a video while upgrading to the latest Cyanogenmod 7 ROM:

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