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CM10.1 ROM for Nexus S/S 4G! [Android 4.2.2]

I haven’t gone back to CM10.1 ROM for awhile now on my Nexus S but I tried the latest CM10.1 nightlies and WOW, what a difference it made in performance.

I am used to running other AOSP ROMs with lots of customization but the latest CM10.1 nightlies are pretty darn good as far as multi-tasking between large applications like graphic-intensive games. Also you will get the latest Android 4.2.2 with stability you can depend on.

Best of all, Nexus S and Nexus S 4G are still being supported “officially” by the CyanogenMod team.

CM10.1 ROMs don̵

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CM10.1 ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Android 4.2.1]

Looking for a solid Android 4.2.1 ROM? Try CM10.1 ROM nightlies, which are pretty solid, available for both Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. These are official nightlies directly from CyanogenMod Team. You will find the latest CM10.1 features and stability/speed you can expect from CyanogenMod. If you are looking for a good daily driver without all the additives, give CM10.1 nightlies a try and let me know what you think!

My current favorite ROMs on the Nexus S are Rasbean Jelly Bean RO

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