How to Root Nexus S and Nexus S 4G on ICS, Gingerbread, or Jelly Bean!

Here’s an updated guide on how to root your Nexus S and Nexus S 4G on Jelly Bean, ICS, Gingerbread. This new method also installs TWRP recovery instead of ClockworkMod Recovery.

Warning: Unlocking your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G will wipe your personal settings/data/internal storage!

Step 1. Power off your Nexus S or Nexus S 4G.

Step 2. Boot into fastboot mode by holding down both Volume Down and Power buttons together.

Step 3. Once in fastboot mode, connect your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G to your computer via micro-USB cable.

Step 4. For Linux and Mac, skip this step.  For Windows, make sure you’ve installed correct drivers.  You can watch the video tutorial on how to do this.

Once your drivers are installed, you should see “Android ADB Interface” in Device Manager.

Step 5. Download and unzip to a folder called nexussrootICS.


Open up a command prompt/terminal and browse to the directory by typing:

For Windows:

cd \nexussrootICS

For Mac/Linx:

cd /nexussrootICS

Next, type the following to unlock your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G:

For Windows:

fastboot oem unlock

For Mac:

./fastboot-mac oem unlock

For Linux:

./fastboot-linux oem unlock

Step 6. Hit the Volume Up button once and then the Power button to unlock your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G.

Step 7. Your screen should now say, “LOCK STATE – UNLOCKED”.

Step 8. Next, type the following for Nexus S:

For Windows:

fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img

For Mac:

./fastboot-mac flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img

For Linux:

./fastboot-linux flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img

For Nexus S 4G, type the following instead:

For Windows:

fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img

For Mac:

./fastboot-mac flash recovery twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img

For Linux:

./fastboot-linux flash recovery twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img


Step 9. You can now go into Recovery by choosing RECOVERY from the fastboot menu.

Step 10. Next choose “Mount”.

Step 11. Choose “Mount USB Storage”.

Step 12. Copy the to the internal storage of your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G.

Step 13. Choose “Unmount” on your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G.

Step 14. Choose “Install”.

Step 15. Choose “”.

Step 16. Choose “Flash now”.

Step 17. Choose “Reboot System” and reboot system.

Step 18. Your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G should now show the Superuser app, congrats you’ve successfully rooted your Nexus S/Nexus S 4G!

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361 Responses to How to Root Nexus S and Nexus S 4G on ICS, Gingerbread, or Jelly Bean!

  1. Nis Kann says:

    Thank you very much man.

    your tutorials are the most comprehensive. Even a total noob like me can easily root and enjoy the benefits.

  2. efransiscus says:

    I can’t get the driver installed on my pc. Tried the device manager, select android, update driver, and point to usb_driver folder, and still cant install. Puzzled here…Please give tutorial on installing Nexus S 4G driver to windows xp pc with no kies installed. thanks

    • efransiscus says:

      already done it..
      i did install samsung driver from
      and now it works..
      thanks for the tutorial..
      any suggestion for stable ICS Rom ?
      i downloaded the CM9 from this site but cant get it installed, said it was problem with (i didnt remember the file extension). tried the miui and it works fine. .

      • Robin Degen says:

        It didn’t work for me either at first. I downloaded the USB drivers from the google sdk but windows refused to install. I ended up forcing it to use the bootloader driver. Windows warned me about it not being a valid driver, but after that it showed up properly and it worked. I’m guessing it just needs a device ID updated somewhere.

  3. J says:

    I just tried to follow your steps here but I got stuck trying to flash the recovery. It says it’s sending the recovery but just hangs there. Did the img get corrupted?

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      No, probably your drivers aren’t installed correctly if it’s hanging. Try verifying your drivers are working correctly.

  4. FamilySize says:

    I was wondering if the Unroot of Nexus S 4G that you posted will work after this?

    I would like to unroot, upgrade, root, and be able to go back.

  5. Rafael says:

    just my few cents:
    I came into fastboot mode by pressing Vol UP + POWER instead of Vol down + POWER.
    After extracting with “File Roller 3.2” I have to apply the command
    chmod 766 fastboot-linux
    to make it executable.f
    After that I couldn’t copy to mounted fileSystem as suggested. Instead I have to type
    sudo cp -f /path/to/nexussrootICS/ /media/35EE-1EOE/
    where ’35EE-1EOE’ is my NexusS Device
    also ALL Data was deleted, including ANYTHING on “SdCard” as I’m wondering, because on my Nexus One the Personal Data (like MP3s, Images, PDF’s, etc) was being kept on sdcard, even if I don’t removed it!

  6. alex carlson says:

    I am using mac so using terminal. My phone is plugged in and i type cd /nexussrootICS and i get “No such file or directory” what do i do??

  7. jamal says:

    Hey there,

    Thank you so much for the steps. My phone now says unlocked. But how do I flash custom roms? Everytime I try, i receive the not signed error and installation aborts. Also, once I go into recovery, I don’t see the gui I saw when I followed the steps to unlock, but a triangle and then after pressing buttons randomly, it will go into the option mode, where I use my vol. toggles to select reboot or recovery.


    thank you so much!

    • Dammit_Dan says:

      Well it worked and it didn’t. I have rooted many android phones and this is my own second nexus s 4g. I rooted it fine on stock ICS, but after 1st time going into recovering installing Superuser it won’t go into TWRP recovery anymore. I get the android with the red triangle. How do I get around this? I was able to go into TWRP recovery again, but only after doing the recovery image through Comand prompt agian. HELP Please!!!

      • Syra says:

        I have the exact same issue. I’ve tried it with clockworkmod and with twrp. After i do it through CMD, if i try to get into recovery it defaults back to the ‘locked’ recovery page with the red triangle. However when it’s booting up the padlock is unlocked, so I know it unlocked but I can’t seem to install either cwm or twrp. Argh!

        • KC says:

          Hi did anyone figure out how to get past the man with the triangle because im stuck then and my phone wont go into recovery mode.

  8. Kaci says:

    I was able to unlock but I cannot load twrp. My terminal keeps giving me “error cannot load.” I’m working on a mac.

  9. Raj says:

    thanks max your hardwork made my day………..

  10. MIK says:

    Nice, but it is impossible to download that file

  11. Dave Gibbs says:

    For linux I had to do what Rafael plus run all commands as Sudo

  12. Dave Gibbs says:

    For linux I did what Rafael did plus I ran all the commands as SUDO

  13. Laurent says:

    Hi everyone,

    I rooted my nexus s (ICS 4.0.3) and everything went very well… But if i try to get into recovery mode without this command in the terminal (on mac) i see the green android for 1sec and then its only black and i have to take my battery off in order to make my phone work again…
    How can i install a new rom on my phone if i cant get in the recoverymode to wipe all data and install the rom from my sd card?

    Can someone help me??

    ps: sorry for my poor english

    • Gyan says:

      the issue is that the backlight is turned off with non superamoled screens after the 4.0.3 update (this is the official ota update). From what i’ve read, the solution is a real pain, but easy.. recovery is still there and working but because of the non-functional backlight, you cant see it. you need to go into very bright direct sunlight or use a very (and i cant stress this enough) very bright flash light. you’ll be able to see everything and carry on as normal. very inconvenient but everything works as it should. hope this helps.

  14. Ravi Kiran says:

    Thank you very much for the detailed tutorial.

    I bought a New Nexus S a week back in UK. I want to try this. But I need to clarify a couple of questions:
    1. The stock OS is 2.3.1. If I do this process, will it upgrade to ICS? Do you suggest upgrading to ICS? (I don’t know if the hardware supports the new OS)
    2. Once it is upgraded to ICS, can I still tether using USB or use it for a Wi-fi hotspot? That is my main purpose.


    PS: Another lame question: If required can I re-install stock OS 2.3.1 back?

  15. John says:

    Great tutorial, the first ever one that has worked for me! Im stuck though, can you please explain how to remove the superuser app?? Ive wiped the system, factory reset etc but the superuser app still shows up? Its not in the USB storage either…

    pleasee help.


    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      You can use ES File Explorer, open the app and put it in Root Mode (in settings), then delete Superuser.apk in /system/app directory. You might want to reboot and the Superuser app should be gone but you won’t be able to run rooted apps after deleting it.

  16. James says:

    The best way ever i can follow …….easy, clear and great result !!!!!

  17. Peter says:

    I have successfully rooted my phone yesterday, but I was failed to load the twrp recovery today. It goes to stock recovery again. what’s wrong? I did nothing on recovery.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      That’s what happens on stock ROM as it has security feature to overwrite it. You need to install a custom ROM so recovery stays. You can also use ROM Manager to flash CWM recovery and boot into recovery (right after) to flash a new ROM.

  18. Anton says:

    Quick question, what if my bootloader is already unlocked, where do I start what do I actually need to flash to get root?

  19. crius says:

    the file is damage , download finish only 5kn and cannot be open..

  20. Minivan says:

    DUDE! You are the best. I’ve spent HOURS trying to get Superuser to work. Your method worked. THANK YOU!!

  21. Patrick says:

    The download doesn’t work I have tried on my phone my pc and my mac and all have failed. On my phone i have tried with normal browser and dolphin hd. Using dolphin hd i receive an “nginx error” saying the page i am looking for is temporarily unavailable.

  22. Clement says:

    I have a Nexus S (i9020A) running 2.3.6 can I still use this NexusRootICS??? I really can’t brick my phone as I am at boarding school in another country and I know ICS never came out for the i9020A (ATT version), I also noticed you were on T-Mobile in the tutorial. Please help guys! I would love to be able to get some extra features out of my brand new Nexus S. 🙂

  23. Richard says:

    hi when i install the android adb interface for the android 1.0 driver it says windows encountered a problem whilst installing a driver…what should i do?! please help
    Thanks MAx

  24. Zubin says:

    When i copy the to my phone and press unmount, it just goes back to the previous screen and i cant install it

  25. Xelerate says:

    Will this method works for Nexus S i9023?


  26. abhi says:

    i followed above steps i have rooted my nexus s i9023 but only su file intalled but no root access what to do? 🙁

  27. P Raddy says:

    will this work on the canadian Telus Nexus S?

    build number GRK39F

    • P Raddy says:

      worked like a charm

      what a concise tutorial!
      well done!

      • loketar says:

        hi, i have this same phone as you. have you tried and custom mods yet? Or have you just rooted it? I would like to give this a shot but I want to make sure i have all the info first.

  28. bonki says:

    thank you man:) I love u

  29. Rick says:

    I also get into fastboot mode with Vol *Up* and Power, rather than Vol Down.

    At that point, I get “Found New Hardware / Windows needs to install driver software for your Android 1.0”

    Windows (Vista 64) could not find this a driver, including in the android-sdk directory.

    At this point, the device is no longer listed with “adb devices” or with “fastboot devices”, and the next step, “fastboot oem unlock” just hangs with the message “”

    So… I’m stuck. Can you help me?

  30. James says:

    when you do the command part with cd \nexussrootICS it says” the system cannot find the path specified”

  31. andy says:

    Thanks man !!!!! Cheers 🙂

  32. Doug says:

    trying to get free wifi hot spot rooted phone to fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img help thanx

  33. andy says:

    Thanks man ! it s working . cheers 🙂

  34. Clement says:

    Just tried it after P Raddy said it worked on his i9020a. and…. it does! I got a little confused on how to get back to the install in TWRP but once I got back everything was working. Yay root!

  35. kiran says:

    for those of you having trouble downloading the – you want to actually click the link posted on this page. you will then be taken to the download page where you can download the 17.1 MB file.

    if you right click or ctrl click the link posted on this page, you will be downloading a shortcut or something.

  36. Chirag Verma says:

    I have already unlocked my phone while following the previous video but my root method was unsuccessful due to my superuser problem. I am using official ICS, so which step should i start from as i need to skip some steps as my phone’s already unlocked?

  37. Pingback: Nexus S Rooten

  38. Kunal says:

    Hi plxx help me

    when i open terminal and when it try to copy files to root its shows me error

    permission denind wat to do know

  39. Chad says:

    Thanks. I just wanted to say that TWRP recovery is awesome.

  40. Pingback: Recovery freeze - sonst normal -

  41. Steven says:

    These are probably questions that are obvious for most, but since I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, I’m going to ask.

    1. Other than the Samsung USB drivers that I already have on my computer, is the file the only other file that I need?

    2. Being as I have the NS4G from Sprint, I did not see the file for the 4G referenced in the instructions listed in the directory when I extracted the above zip file. Is is safe to safe to say the command is still valid?

    3. Is a full version of ICS and more importantly, does everything work? I.E., GPS, WIFI, WIMAX, Camera, Video, Hotspot, etc?

    4. Any known issues with apps such as Google Maps, TeleNav, etc?

    Thanks. I do appreciate any and all replies and hope they are kind. I’ve never rooted a phone before and my NS4G is currently running the stock version from Google, v2.3.7.

  42. Gyan says:

    1. unlocking the bootloader technically “roots” phone right? just need su for rooted permissions?
    2. if i want cwm recovery, can i just install super then cwm after rebooting phone from unlocking boot loader or do i have to flash from fastboot?
    3. why twrp and not cwm recovery? adv vs disadv

    feedback appreciated. thanks

  43. gtkesh says:

    System cannot find the path specified – although I extractes nexussrootICS folder in C:\Users\Me\nexussrootICS

    when i type cd \ nexussrootICS, it cannot find a path. WHat am i supposed to change in environment variables? (on w7)

  44. Nexus S Hacks says:

    cd \Users\Me\nexussrootICS

  45. Mitesh says:

    worked fine. successfully rooted.

  46. zac says:

    Hey guys! I have a question! my nexus is unlocked but not rooted!! so i have to start for the step no8. My question is if i try to root it ill lose my files or not?? because i want to root it but without to lose ANYthing!!! even my sms mms programms! because i have so many things inside. So its impossible to do that or not!? thnx

  47. Rom Hak says:

    im abit lost here, ive type in cd \nexussrootICS and it says it cant find the file path etc. but if i type cd nexussrootICS
    its alright, if i type it the secound way i just mention, will it be fine? after that when i type in fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.rco.img it says it cant find the path, please can you send me the full instruction from 1 to end in details , im very stuck i get it to say unlock then type the rest in, says cant find path etc.
    Thank you

    • Valentina says:

      Hello Rom Hak,
      The reason is because when you type that out I noticed that you aren’t putting two zero’s(0) it has to be -2.0.0 and then also you are typing the letter o instead of a zero(0) after rc0. It has to be like this fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0rc0.img

      Hopefully this helps you and you have already figured it out and not waited this long. 🙂

  48. Rom Hak says:

    sorry forgot to mention ive never rooted my phone before, could it be the course? or im i miss reading something?
    Thank you

  49. abhi says:

    Wow!!:) i have successfully root my Nexus I9023 phone :p he is a god for nexus mobile^ v ^ i really impressed ur tutorial :)Really ah some man!!
    thank u sooooo much Max Lee! :):)

    • Rom Hak says:

      hi is there anychance u can help me with my problmes

      • abhi says:

        copy nexussrootICS folder to your c:drive its works!

        • Rom Hak says:

          i did all that and when i type it in, i get it to where i can unlock it and when i type fastboot flash recovery-twrp-crespo-2.0.rco.img it says cant find spe’ path

          • Rom Hak says:

            do u think its jest for nexus s T mobile, coz my fone is nexus s i9023

          • abhi says:

            boot into fastboot mode by pressing volume up and power button
            and type in ur search bar u can find in start menu
            type cmd in your search bar
            open it and type
            For Windows:
            cd \nexussrootICS
            For Mac/Linx:
            cd /nexussrootICS
            and 2nd step
            For Windows:
            fastboot oem unlock
            For Mac:
            ./fastboot-mac oem unlock
            For Linux:
            ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
            @make sure your driver are installed successfully@
            and confirme yes via volume up and down button
            to confirme yes press power button then it will unlocked

  50. abhi says:

    Wow!!:) i have successfully rooted my Nexus I9023 phone :p he is a god for nexus mobile^ v ^ i really impressed ur tutorial :)Really ah some man!!
    thank u sooooo much Max Lee! :):)

  51. Zolttrix says:

    hi! Great guide.

    Got through it completely 🙂 Superuser is installed and I was initially in TWRP. After rebooting however I cannot get back into recovery. I do boot into fastboot, however after choosing recovery, I get “Google” splash and the unlocked lock, and then then the phone locks. i.e. I can’t get into recovery. I have to pull the battery. Anyone got an idea? I assume i was suppose to mount my sd in there as well?


    • Zolttrix says:

      repeated TWRP, backed up and it solved my problem.

      Keep up the great work 🙂

      • abhi says:

        did u unlocked ur nexus?

        • Zolttrix says:

          Yes, it is unlocked. I got through the process fine. 2nd time around (when trying to solve the recovery problem, I just issued “fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img ” again and can get back into twrp. However that only seems to be the only way into twrp , is this the design?

          This morning it is occurring again, but instead of locking up and requiring a battery pull, I now get the triangle with the ! and a lil Andrioid for a period of time, then after messing with the buttons ( I still haven’t figured out the combination) It loads what appears to be the default recovery.

          Any suggestions?

  52. Ovidiu says:

    How can I make a backup of my current ROM? Before I root it? and in case I need, to restore it to my stock ROM?

  53. Pedro says:


    When I make a command prompt its always says WAITING FOR DEVICE. Can u help me? Ive got everything. PDANet 2, the android comes up on device manager, etc

    • lily says:

      I had the same problem, and I thought that I have installed correct drivers. You have to go to Device manager, there you will see question mark by android device. Do right click, Browse my Computer for driver, Let me pick from a list.., Have disk and find in c:/nexussrootICS/usb-driver/android_winusb

  54. Eddie Jones says:

    How do you install clockworkmod recovery instead of twrp

  55. Justin says:

    Have Successfully installed SU after completing all steps however when any programs attempt root access, it is not prompted for access and is essentially denied. [i have notifications set as prompt]. For example when trying to use market enabler it will give me back a device not rooted error or when attempting to update su itself, when the “gaining root access” line comes up it comes back as failed. Have you encountered this problem before? do you know of a possible solution.

  56. fabio says:

    on step 5
    ./fastboot-linux oem unlock

    my terminal says
    bash: ./fastboot-linux: Permission denied

    My cellphone is plugged in to the computer, however the computer cannot detect it’s presence, maybe it’s that.

    I really have no clue what to do to make it happen.
    I use ubuntu.


    • peti says:

      Well, I have exactly the same issue as Fabio. I’m running version 11.04.
      Any ideas?

      • Adam says:

        I had this same problem. You need to navigate to the fastboot-linux file (in file manager not terminal) and right click on the file. Then click on the second tab at the top (cant remember what it says but i think it might say permissions) and check the box that says “allow running file as an executable” (or something along those lines, its the bottom checkbox). Also remember to use “sudo ./fastboot-linux …” otherwise you computer will hang at waiting for device.

  57. fabio says:

    Thanks Adam,
    Was able to root it!

  58. Demaier says:

    Im using linux.
    My Nexus S, i need to hold power and up volume.
    I extracted the file to /nexussrootICS
    root@bt:~# cd /nexussrootICS
    root@bt:/nexussrootICS# ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
    bash: ./fastboot-linux: Permission denied
    This is what i get once i try to unlock…. Help? :C

    • Adam says:

      Did you make sure that you made the file executable like I said a few posts earlier? Also make sure that you use the sudo prefix for your commands

  59. Jack says:

    Thank you so much. Very detailed tutorial, explained perfectly. 🙂

  60. Anritsu says:

    I just finished the root thing . Step by step , had a little trouble installing the driver (winxp 32 ) but other than that worked like a charm or at least so it seems .I’ve rebooted a couple of times , installed apps and got connected to the internet . The phone is Android 2.3.4 . From I ‘ve read there is an issue when someone will use the recovery . If someone could spare please explain a few things about recovery , WTRP , and CRC . I ‘d like to keep the phone stock as possible , Thanks

  61. the1who says:

    I had the bootloader unlocked already from flashing 4.0.4 Unofficial-OTA version to the NS4G. So I proceeded to try the steps of adding superuser again. It worked well, I am getting more familiar with these procedures, glad I am understanding more. I was a bit freaked out when the recovery wouldn’t install SU. That was after I had the device mounted to copy the zip over, and I hit the back arrow out to the install selection. So after two failed tries, I was a bit worried I had messed something up, but I did the reboot option, that allowed to reboot into recovery with TWRP. I went to install again and selected SU and installed without a glitch that time. So, thank you, look forward to trying some root only apps out, hopefully get to try to tether as I need to have internet access this weekend for something I am going to try to present to other members of a club. Thanks for the detailed images and walk-through. I think it is getting more and more people I am sure to do it, I was strictly someone who was in waiting for the “official” updates. Without these steps here and how to load 4.0.4, I wouldn’t have even attempted or tried. It is easy to write something up in forums, but I doubt that is where you get the most people to switch to the dark side.

  62. CG says:

    What wallpaper you have?

  63. CG says:

    …on your desktop pc

  64. DizturbedOne says:

    I am about halfway through, and am so frustrated… I had to post. This walkthrough is terrible. I appreciate the thought, but where is the actual EFFORT? There are so many questions here because the guide is poorly thought out and written. I’ve written a couple guides in my time, and let me point out the few most glaring omissions.

    1. Proper Sequence – Have us download the files and install the drivers FIRST. Good preparation is one of the most important steps to a smooth experience with… Anything.
    2. Proofreader – Volume Down + Power does nothing… it is actually Volume Up + Power. When something didn’t go as planned, I couldn’t trust this guide, because I already had to figure several small things out for myself.
    3. Clear Explanations – i.e. “Press Volume Up once and Power, you are now unlocked”… Just tell us what to select, not how many times to press a button. You are ASSUMING our selector is in the same position as you at this time. Especially unreasonable when you’ve had them messing around for a half hour, downloading files and installing drivers that should have already been done. Also, try explaining to people to unzip the directory to the ROOT of your HD if you want the cd\nexussrootICS command to work.

    I am not stupid, I am quite technically savvy and smarter than your average bear, yet I am new to the Android scene. Speaking from my perspective, this is an incredibly hard walkthrough to follow.

  65. Ques says:

    I was wondering if you could make a video for MAC, because I tried it on my Windows computer, but I am suck at Step 8 on my Windows. When I am on my MAC, I am even more confused. So could you please help me

  66. Wimbo says:

    It took a while before I passed step 5, but it worked. Thanks

  67. I rolled back my phone to GingerBread few days back. The problem is, I can go, search, and download the apps from market while accessing the market from phone.

    However, if I access the market through my computer, it is not updating itself. The applications which were installed several months back (and uninstalled as well) are still being shown as INSTALLED in android market (only when accessed from Computer).

    Moreover, almost 99% of the apps are shown as NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR DEVICE’s COUNTRY – when accessed from computer.
    Like I said before, its working smooth using market from my Nexus S.

    Please help!


  68. I rolled back my phone to GingerBread few days back. The problem is, I can go, search, and download the apps from market while accessing the market from phone.

    However, if I access the market through my computer, it is not updating itself. The applications which were installed several months back (and uninstalled as well) are still being shown as INSTALLED in android market (only when accessed from Computer).

    Moreover, almost 99% of the apps are shown as NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR DEVICE’s COUNTRY – when accessed from computer.
    Like I said before, its working smooth using market from my Nexus S.

    Please help!


  69. armando martinez says:

    i got my phone unlocked somehow not sure how. but im trying to use the cmd to get into cd \nexussrootICS but it keeps telling me system cannot find the path specified. ive tried doing things different but nothing im doing i working. please help.

  70. Kyle says:

    when i go to cmd and type in cd \nexussICS it comes up with “the system cannot find the path specified”
    but i did realize that instead of it being C: like it shows in the videos mine says “C:\users\Kyle>” would this be the problem? if so, how can i change it.

  71. simply type in “cd \” or “cd /” – both will work and will get you to c:/>. Also make sure that you have placed the downloaded file at the correct location.

  72. rohan jit singh says:

    how do u turn on your phone if the power button is broken, if i cant turn it on i cant root it 🙁

  73. blackskyflakes says:

    cool thanx max. i just rooted my phone after thinking about it for a couple of days. haha

  74. Nelsonhtb says:

    Great video with clear and concise instructions. Able to root and recover all settings.
    Thank you!

  75. Austin says:

    there in an exclamation mark beside the Android ADB Interface. What do i do?

  76. rk says:

    Hi, does this works for the i9020T version?
    Also, what is the best way to back up everything (messages, apps, app data, etc)? I’ve heard of titanium backup but you need to root it first to use that app.

    tutorial looks great and easy to follow, can’t wait to try it after i have my phone backed up.
    look forward to hearing back from you!

  77. San Ber says:

    Hey all!

    First, thanks for the tutorial, really liked it. I have a small problem though. I tried to root my phone, everything went ok, as far when i have to reboot my phone and update the super user. The phone is not restarting at all, it’s not booting in, stucked at the “Google” sign.

    What should i do?

  78. Yannick says:

    thanks for this post !! I passed all steps you tell. My device (Nexys S Android 4.03 I9023XXKI1) ) is unlocked : I see : LOCK STATE – UNLOCKED.
    Superuser is installed. To check if rooted, I installed Android Terminal Emulator, typed su, but I got : “/system/bin/sh: SU: not found
    127]app_70@android:/ $

    I’ve read some where that I should get a #
    Did I miss something ?
    Thank You

  79. jack says:

    I umrooted nexos s with your c:\nexusrootnew mrthod but I could not go into recovery it shows triangle with exclamation and I did a reset, Now bootloader shows unlocked I have a superuser icon all functions are ok as I can see. But when in fasrboot i still can”t go into recovery and bootloaser shows . The phone works but I can”t do anything else please help. Thanks.

    • Yannick says:

      apparently a brightness problem : see that a few post above :
      Gyan says:
      January 27, 2012 at 6:30 pm

      the issue is that the backlight is turned off with non superamoled screens after the 4.0.3 update (this is the official ota update). From what i’ve read, the solution is a real pain, but easy.. recovery is still there and working but because of the non-functional backlight, you cant see it. you need to go into very bright direct sunlight or use a very (and i cant stress this enough) very bright flash light. you’ll be able to see everything and carry on as normal. very inconvenient but everything works as it should. hope this helps.

  80. Fernando says:

    Very good job. I was not confortable to do the root on my phone, tub this really simple and efficiency tutorial worked fine.

    I’m having just one problem, when I try to update the Su Binary, it says that there’s no internet connection, but it’s (I tested with youtube and navigation).

    I have the v3.0.3.2 which may be one of the last ones, but I’d like to keep updated..



  81. propaganda says:

    Thank you i did it in 5 minutes.

  82. Thank you for this. But still I can’t download the from media fire. The file is always corrupted. 🙁

  83. talha says:

    Hi right after I unlocked my phone, while adding the CMD codes before getting back tot the phone so were we had to write “fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img” I added that code and after clicking “enter” it says “FAILED <command write failed >”

    Please help me out I restarted my phone so what do you suggest I do?

  84. richy says:

    Hello, I’ve got root from your guild, thank you
    I would like to ask that the rooted nexus s is able to get update 4.0.4 by OTA? I’ve read some forum about 4.0.3 has a bad recovery… any problem or bug occur after this root?
    I’m new in rooting android … thank you for answering my questions

  85. Chrisammut says:

    I have nexus s 9023. It was rooted using this method and was running pretty fine. I was on 4.0.3 stock which was automatically updated before i rooted. today i flashed 4.0.4 but i have a problem with root. fastboot screen, state-unlocked and superuser installed but no root access. i get notification that ‘superuser denied superuser’.

  86. Alex Fiorani says:

    Thanks dude, it really helped me! But instead of flashing twerp recovery I downloaded clockwork recovery to the nexussrootICS paste and flashed it normally. Thanks again!
    ps: there is a mistake in the text when you say to hold down volume down + power button. It’s volume up + power button.

  87. Sunny Grewal says:

    i’ve done this whole thing n it was smooth ….. but few days earlier i got notify for updating to 4.0 android n when i selected to install then it rebooted n my fone stuck at screen where it says GOOGLE with a lock icon at the bottom … then like 4-5hrs later removed the batery n restarted …. n after a wek again got same notify for update n again restarted n again stuck ….. last nite again it downloaded 128mb of update n when it restarted to install the update it again stuck at the GOOGLE n the lock icon screen …..
    now when i get into fastboot mode n select recover to unroot it …. even then it stucks at the same screen 🙁 …. help me now 🙁

  88. Anritsu says:

    For some reason I lost root access . I read elsewhere that usually updating the binary ends in such a condition . So , I suppose I should now unistall the SU , and follow the guide again without the unlock bootloader part . Right ?


  89. Comet1966 says:

    I cant get bootloader to unlock im on nexus s 4g official 4.0.4

  90. Aron says:

    Ok I was able to unlock and install superuser 3.0.7 signed.All went well with out any errors, but when I try and use rootchecker it tells me that this devise does not have proper root access. And when trying to use other programs needing root acces it says you do not have root access. Running the new ICS 4.0.4 on sprint nexus 4S. Any suggestion?

  91. Armin says:

    I’m still stuck on step 5
    when i type cd \nexussrootICS it says system cannot find path specified. I did all the steps fro 1-4 correctly but i just cant find the file path. I created a desktop folder called nexusrootICS and zipped all the files there. Am i suppose to put it in a specific place?

    Thanks in advance

    • Jacob Smith says:

      What i did was i opened the file, clicked extract all and when it asked what you wanted it extracted to i typed C:\nexussrootICS and it worked when i typed it in the cmd.

  92. Jacob Smith says:

    Hey great guide, but I’m stuck on step 12. I can’t seem to find a SuperUser zip file because every time I download a SuperUser file, there isn’t a zip file. Can someone please help me by giving me a link to a download that actually has the zip file? Every file i download has two folder system, and META-INF but neither contain the zip. PLEASE HELP!

  93. nick says:

    I did it and it works!
    but now, if i want to go in recovery mode, my phone shows me a dead android picture and i can´t do anything else do you know something mayby?

  94. Jacob Smith says:

    Does anyone else have the problem that there is no SuperUser zip in the file? I downloaded it from many different sites but none contain the zip, only the folders: system, and META-INF

  95. Funkyman says:


    I tried to unlock my nexus S with PC and Mac but I get this error: “… FAILED (remote: Erase Fail)”.

    Can someone help me please?
    Thx in advance

  96. Dennis A. says:

    I want to suggest some things that wasn’t clear for me.

    To use the ./fastboot on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 and any other) you have to use the “sudo”:
    sudo ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
    But probaly you get something like “command not found”. To fix that, you need to give permission to use the file, just go to the folder and type on terminal:
    “chmod u+x fastboot-linux”

    Ah, another thing. If you open the “Rom Manager” to install any other Rom or Gapps, you need to open de “Superuser” before, if you don’t, it just frozen 🙂

  97. Jacob Smith says:

    Is there another way to root it without using SuperUser? I have already unlocked it and everything


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  99. Joe says:

    whenever I type cd \nexussrootICS
    the cmd prompt says pathway not found
    ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver and still nothing

  100. David Laban says:

    Just a note to anyone who needs to root an encrypted phone:

    /sdcard and /data are encrypted by ICS, so twrp will not be able to mount them. It is possible to use adb push to put the into /cache and then browse around in the UI and find it there.

    Replace steps 10 to 13 with:
    adb push /cache

    replace step 15 (“Choose “”.”) with:
    select ..
    select /cache

    Hope this helps someone.

  101. Jack White says:

    I just got a nexus s 4g and upgraded to ICS4.0.4.. when I try to follow the instructions the first screen i see is in step Unlock Bootloader Screen.. but no choices just two lines of text that say

    USB control init
    USB control init end

    but I can not get past that point…

  102. Alpha O says:

    My Nexus S was rooted on GB. I want to get Titanium Backup working again, so I have to root it again.
    I used a method that didn’t unlock the bootloader.
    Reading instructions, it says you should have ADB Interface in device manager. I have Composite ADB Interface int Device Manager. Do I need to delete that? Or is it the same thing?

  103. Tom says:

    Buenas compañeros segi el tuto a la perfeccion asta el paso 6, no me sale esa pantalla en negro cuando le doy a subir volumen y luego boton encender, cuando en el cdm le pongo(fastboot OEM desbloqueo) no hace nada el telf, algien me esplica porfavor, un saludo y gracias

  104. Mathieu says:

    Hello, just one word to congratulated author’s tutorial ! Very very simple !! I try many way to root my NS but i don’t be strong in computer and i don’t understand nothing of others tutorials…

    A big Thanks 🙂

  105. chad says:

    I have a sprint nexus s 4g running 4.0.4. I got the phone unlocked but when I typed fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img. my command said error cannot load twrp why? after i did the unlock tho it did show my android on it’s back with red triangle and rebooted?

  106. chad says:

    it does say unlocked still I dont know any help

  107. Alex says:

    The only thing i do is put the in my storage from the nexussrootICS file, go in recovery and install the file and its work! thats normal?

  108. mac user says:

    Noticed many people with the same problem as I was having for MAC’s step 7. Error will read “cannot load” if you copy the files to the desktop and follow this ~/desktop/nexussrootICS/fastboot-mac flash recovery ~/desktop/nexussrootICS twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img Copy all and paste this should work. Everything else seems fine. I used clockworkmod instead with no problems. This will also fix the cd/ nexussrootICS problem. Just put the file on the desktop and type ~/desktop/nexussrootICS/fastboot-mac oem unlock . I hope this helps the mac people.

  109. vikas soni says:

    Sucessfully Rooted but now i wanna unroot process ICS Nexus S i9020

  110. nexus4g_user says:

    Just for anyone that has nexus s 4g with ics 4.0.4 I ran into problems when trying the mentioned methods above. First off the author doesn’t answer any questions concerning peoples problems, so I will clear something up. Twrp recovering did not flash, I’m not sure if it’s the version he used with ics 4.0.4 or what. So, download and use clockwork recovery instead. 2nd superuser from the .zip above also did not work, it shows super user when boot, but didn’t actually root the phone, so download newest superuser replace it with the one in this tutorial, load zip and boom you are rooted. Also, once phone is booted go to google play and type superuser and update if needed. Check for root with root checker or busybox. Hopes this helps someone. Again thanks for tutorial, great work.

  111. nexus4g_user says:

    Also, if anyone is having trouble with path directory, if using xp go to accessory command prompt instead of run and cmd in start menu. For both cd.. {two dots}several times until it shows C:/ Then cd /name_of_folder works. Windows 7 no / is needed at least not for me cd name of folder. Gl

  112. Sjoerd says:

    Extreemly easy and good explenasion on how to do this! The best on the whole internet! Thanks man!

  113. David says:

    ZEDO, i think i screwed myself. My phone was already unlocked and i went back to a stock rom and it asked me to update to ics 4.0 the legit version. When i used rom manager it tells me my phone is not unlocked. Meanwhile in the bootloader it says its unlocked. Help please, preferably a video. Lemme know please.

  114. trisha says:

    David, you seem to have complicated the matter. Nexus is really brilliant when rooted. This is something that should make whole amount of difference.

  115. Dorian says:

    I wanted to wipe the storage and taped on system wipe.. Now it doesnt start. and stucks at the google logo!!
    HELP Please!

  116. Zoran says:

    I’m stack at the CMD section when I need to type cd\nexussrootICS. i’m on windows. And it isn’t working it says “is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program and batch file.”

    I’ve checked the drivers and their fine.

    Whats am I doing wrong ?

  117. Lorenzo says:

    Can I flash the latest clockworkmod recovery?

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Yes once rooted, you can use ROM Manager to install the latest CWM.

      • Lorenzo says:

        I mean I can install directly from windows ClockworkMod instead of the twrp?

        • Nexus S Hacks says:

          You can OR simpler way is to install ROM Manager app (free on Play Store) and flash the latest CWM.

      • jose says:

        hey man….. I fallow all the steps to root my NEXUS S but when I turn it back on
        I check and not rooted ….. what could be the problem? did it 3 times and is not rooting my mobile. let me kow please thank you…

  118. Teuntje says:

    What is the difference between ClockworkmodRecovery and TWRP? It’s actually the same, right?

  119. Sam says:

    Im having great trouble with the command prompt part where you supposed to enter

    cd \nexussrootICS

    All im getting is “The system can not find the path specified”.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      where did you unzip the files to?

      For example, if it’s in your Download directory, you would do something like:

      cd Downloads\nexussrootICS

  120. Zoran says:


    I rooted the device using this guide.

    I now want to unroot it and reset the device to how it was when first purchased. Its i9023.

    I followed your Unroot Nexus S guide, after downloading the file and transfering I can not enter RECOVERY.
    I don’t have ClockWork so I installed ROM Manager and use it to get to rebbot recovery.
    When I do I get a similer error icon to this one

    How do I unroot it ?

  121. Zokki says:

    I used this guide to root my device. I now want to unroot it using your “how to unroot nexus s” guide.

    However I’m stuck right at the beggining. After downloading the i9023 file and placing it into the phone i can’t get to recovery.

    I don’t have clockwork but downloaded ROM Manager and reboot it from there. When the device restarts and goes into recovery mode an error android sign comes on looking like this :

    What do I do ?

  122. jake says:

    Hi can anyone help me with this I rooted my nexus s i9023 using this tutorial and it worked than the upgrade came out for android 4.0.4 so I upgraded and now I’m not rooted. I have tried to root again using 4.0.4 tutorials but the won’t install. When I was rooted using TWRP I couldn’t install roms so I was thinking if I got the SuperUser from here than flashed clockwork mod would that work?

    Any advice would help thanks

  123. Chuck says:

    Everything worked but when I turn my phone on I don’t see the SuperUser app. I copied both zipped file and unzipped file to my phone but still doesn’t work. Help me PLEASE lol

  124. Chuck says:

    o yea…i have a nexus s 4g running ics 4.0.4 and did not try to root it until today (so after the update)

  125. andrew says:

    i had to reflash ics software onto my device, my device is still unlocked i just lost the root part. so if i just flash the recovery part of the root via cmd will my internal storage be erased?

    thanks for your help

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Yes, if you are unlocked, just flash recovery then flash superuser files. Your storage won’t get touched at all unless you are unlocking the bootloader.

  126. Gabe says:

    Hey Thanks a lot!

    I followed your process but with a CWM recovery I had since you link for TWRP (root NExus S ICS) doesnt work… it downlods a file but the zip says its empty.

    Thanks to you I cn instll CM9 now! Thank you!

  127. Omar says:

    I followed your instructions but I keep getting the “system can’t find the path specified.” I extracted the file to a folder on my desktop named nexussrootICS but I keep getting the same error. Can you help me?

  128. Jacob says:

    Phone still says its not rooted? I followed the video exactly as it said and I didnt get any errors.

  129. Gabe says:

    Is it safe to flash clockworkmod recovery via Rom manager if I flashed TWRP from tutorial ?

  130. Nexus S Hacks says:

    yes but twrp backups r not compatible with cwm so just know that beforehand.

  131. Michael says:

    So, I cannot flash any recovery. I’ve tried twrp, clockworkmod, and clockworkmod touch. I’m using Ubuntu 12.4 Precise. In terminal when I try flashing the .img file for the recovery, it hangs and says “sending ‘recovery’ (3464 KB). I’ve tried restarting my computer, restarting my phone into fastboot multiple times. I’m at a loss. This isn’t my first time rooting btw. I just got a replacement nexus s 4g because my old one’s internal sd card got corrupted. I need my root priveleges back!! It should just work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  132. Mohsin says:

    I rooted my Nexus S ICS 4.0.4 and all my apps and images everything got deleted.. is there anyway to recover them?

  133. Alan says:

    just a quick question ,I did everything in the turorial and it all worked perfectly.I have the superuser app but when i tried to install any rooted app i dont get the popup asking for root its like its not there.Is there something else I have to do after this turorial to get rooted apps??

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      It should pop up, just make sure you allow it in superuser, you might have disabled it.

      • Alan says:

        Nope i set super user to allow all apps and titanium backup says it still could not aqquire root privilleges,Should i just wipe it and start again?

        • Alan says:

          it worked when i used the updated tutorial in the link above………………….Will googles automatic update of jellybean still work on my phone now???

          • Nexus S Hacks says:

            No but custom jelly bean rom should be here weeks earlier.

            • Alan says:

              ok,but if i ever unrooted my phone would googles automatic updates return?
              and are the custom roms for jellybean that are availible now the exact same as the official one that google will release soon and if not can i wait for the official google update and install it myself?
              sorry for all the questions but I like to make sure 🙂

  134. uttyk says:

    I just did this tutorial and it work fine… i turned rebooted my phone at the end and everything is WIPED!!!!! WTFF. Please tell me i didn’t lose everything. I didn’t know my personal data was at risk of being wiped and now its all gone. Is there any way to retrieve it? I mean the flashing didn’t do anything with the internal storage on the firmware correct? Where can i get all my photos and apps back

    • Alan says:

      There is no way to recover them but thats hardly the authors fault is it??you should really research these things before you attempt them,I mean you are tinkering deep in your phone and oviously things are going to be changed and if you were really that worried about your photos etc you should have saved them on your PC or something.Thats what I did because thats what you do when you attempt things like this.

  135. dendi says:

    Do the tutorial working for non US version? I owe SLCD version GT i9023

  136. George says:

    Your method worked like a charm. But now JB is on the way. Will i be able to make OTA update or I’ll have to unroot? I also have not flashed a custom recovery. As you said, at stock roms the TWRP recovery goes away after a turn off/on your phone. I’m rooted with unlocked bootloader and a flashed superuser.

  137. mayur says:

    i am havin win xp .. i downladed the drivers.. when i open in device manager nd click nexus s there is option of reinstallin the drivers? what to do?

  138. David says:

    Hey when I try to install and then flash now it say aborting install

  139. yash naik says:

    why don’t i get face lock in my nexus s 4.0.4 official update…????
    need help asap….:/

  140. Danish Mustafa says:

    The only reason that knocks any sense is that Face Recognization requires at least 1.3 MP camera. Nexus S has 0.7 MP

  141. amaze says:

    Hello, I have ICS 4.0.4 in my I9023… Is this tutorial for my Nexus or is it only for older version of ICS (sorry for stupid question but this tutorial is more than a half year old and I am generally scared of rooting… So I need to be sure that everything will work…) Thank you amaze

  142. Dennis A. says:

    I lost some minutes trying to discovery how to use cd on Windows. The cmd must be running in administrative 🙂

  143. john says:

    sir plz tell me that my nexus s is not charging or not recognized by window i have deleted everything even sd data t resoleve this issue but now i cant do anything just only clockworkmod or recovery is two options remanis on my nexus s i9023 plz what can i do my windows 7 laptop not recognizing my nexus s i cant do anything?any idea?plz help thanks in advance

  144. Mr. E says:

    Thanks for this. I did this a month or so ago. Works great! However, today in the SuperUser Binary Updater I am trying to update Super User from to 3.1.1. When trying to Update I get the error message “Gaining root access: Fail!” Can you help? Thanks.

  145. gregocyro says:

    I got ota jelly bean this week, can I root my phone with the usual ics/gingerbread root method???

  146. mike says:

    hi.. my nexus s was unrooted and i update it to JB and i unlocked it and root it and i tryed flashin ICS rom and kernel and it stacked on the boot loader.. what to do?!?!?!?!?

  147. Wein says:

    Hi, this is what i get after typing ./fastboot-mac oem unlock in the terminal.

    … ERROR: usb_read failed with status e00002ed
    FAILED (status read failed (No such file or directory))

    Any idea what it means or how can i proceed from there? Thanks

  148. mayur says:

    hey zedo.. i unlocked my phone..
    bt superuser wen i update su bindary…
    I get the error message “Gaining root access: Fail!” hellpp..
    even when i open romtool box it saes no root acess gained…
    i tried to flash other versions of superuser bt it isnt workn.. same message..

  149. HAPPYMAN says:


  150. Nick says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just recently installed Jellybean on my nexus S 3G and had to do a factory reset. I’ve followed your steps previously to successfully root the phone without an issue. This time around I can install Superuser but i cannot run Busybox as it says my phone still needs to be rooted. This also means i can’t reinstall Titanium backup which all my apps are on. Have you got any tips?
    Cheers 🙂

  151. Bikatron says:

    Hi – My phone is currently running on Jelly Bean. Can I use the above method to root my phone ?
    Thanks !

  152. Steven says:

    would this work if i have the official jelly bean update on my nexus s 4g or is there another way of rooting the phone please let me know??????

  153. Phil says:

    Nice, Root works with jelly bean as well just did the OTA update today sprint nexus s4g, and had to just reinstall the superuserzip.

    • phil says:

      never mind wifi teather, and titanium back up dont work, keeps having errors that say its not rooted.
      but when i go to busy box it says it is?

      • phil says:

        OK. I found the superuser zip thats needed for Jelly Bean. Works Flawless..If any one wants its or the admin of this site would like to have it. Please contact me..

        • tstew says:

          Hi Phil,
          I am having the same issue or had with having everything done but I not working because I have Jelly Bean running. Can u let me know where to get the superuser zip needed for it to work? I really would appreciate it a lot!!! You can post on the webpage or email it to me….thanks again!!

    • tartarus_sauce says:

      Hi Phil,

      I also need the correct Super User zip. Could you post a link?


      • Phil says:

        Ok here it is ill share it just click on link and download file
        then use this zip file instead of the ics one you have.. no seed to wipe any data on your phone just follow instructions on this on this page after the unlock part. just follow the flash twrp part. and put the file on your phone first.
        and install by twrp. hope his helps everyone please comment…

  154. Asknia says:

    Hye Phil,
    i am now using jelly bean in my nexus s. can i use this tutorial to root my phone?

  155. prakash says:

    thanx bro…………………………………………..

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  157. clifford sylvain says:

    i was installing a rom and there was an error message so i rebooted the system now i can go to the fastboot screen but it will only respond to the power button but not the volume button what can i do i have a nexus s 3g please give me an answer

  158. Luis says:

    Hello, I seem to be stuck, when I am in command prompt I type in cd \nexussrootICS but my computer says that it can not find the path way, so what should I do? please help
    Thank you.

  159. Luis says:

    Hey, Zedo, I tried rooting my device, but it keeps telling me that it cannot find root access, im not sure if I missed a step or what, but it can’t find it. Do I need to perform the process again, or what should I do? Help me please.

  160. Pedro says:

    Hi, i’ve done all the steps, but like Luis I can’t get root access.
    Done the fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img twice and still no root access.
    To make it worst the phone died… When i was rebooting once again to access recovery mode, the battery droped out and since then there’s no signs of life. Gona take the phone to repair…
    Any suggestions?!

  161. solene says:

    It’s first time I root my telephone.I did all the steps, the Superuser is installed after reboot, but when I checked the root access, it failed.

    Do you know why?
    Please help me.

    Thanks !

  162. solene says:

    I succeed root my phone by using the zip in

    Thanks anyway

  163. Terrance H says:

    My phone was previously rooted with ICS, I have a NS4G.. When Jellybean was pushed, my phone updated automatically and when i check with root checker basic, it says that my phone is no longer rooted. with that said, when I turn on my phone, I still have the unlocked lock.. a little help please.. do I need to root my phone again or do something different.. I am pretty new at this but I think I can manage.

  164. Joel1337 says:

    Hey when i started this my bootloader was already unlocked so i did everthing from there and everthing went well and super user was installed but now when i try to update superuser it says no root acces ??

    • rushabh says:

      same problem …every thing working fine installed su app and download root checker and this app says-your device does not have proper root access…!! what to do now..??

    • Peter says:

      Mine is the same, says i dont have root access. Then when I try to do the recovery option from the boot screen i get a locked screen with a sick android.

      Any help please.

  165. H says:

    same here, all step works but root access failed failed failed.
    if u want your phone back to lock stage u can by: step 1″cd \nexussrootICS” step2 ‘fastboot oem lock”

  166. LB says:

    I have a Nexus S 4g as well, and I have the same problem….. No root access, wtf man! How do we get past this problem? I downgraded to 2.3.6 and everything worked fine including the SU app, I was completely rooted. But I missed my 4.1.1. look so I unrooted my device and tried again to root it to get a different outcome, but everything remains the same….. I hate being stuck on something that seems so simple to figure out….. HELP!!!!!

  167. Joel1337 says:

    Guys i got a solution it´s a one click root called sabra

    This is the best toolkit ever to root nexus s . I used it to root nexus s android 4.0.4 and nexus s android 4.1.1.

    Thank you m sabra. Great job.

    Original post and instructions….php?t=1672708

    Download site

    Don’t forget to thank m sabra after using it.


  168. LB says:

    I’m back….. I have installed a ROM on my own, and I am very pleased. I used twrp recovery to install the latest 4.2.1. Version for Nexus S 4g. I already had the ROM downloaded on my drive before I did anything. And in the step of actually being in recovery and copying the superuser app to my internal storage, I copied and pasted the ROM zip file to my internal storage as well. Flashed the ROM and let the phone do the rest. Hope this helps you guys who were stuck. Good luck…..

  169. Pascal DW says:

    I try all the new ROM, thank you very much for your work.

  170. sohum says:

    i am having prob in cmd
    and i cant get “cd /nexussrootICS”
    to work plz help me

  171. Levi says:

    So,I already rooted my phone a while ago,and have 4.2 Jelly Bean installed on it (It’s a Nexus S,NOT 4g,the normal one) and for some reason I received a root access fail from the superuser app.I tried this method,and at first it looked like everything is fine,i got superuser installed again,the recovery said success etc etc.
    However,superuser still cannot update binary because it doesnt get root access,and root checker also says that my phone is not rooted properly…what should i do??I’ve flashed at least 3 times,and it hasn’t changed

  172. Arth says:

    i have the rogers nexus s i9020a on 4.1.2 so will the root ics file given work?

  173. DJ says:

    I have the Nexus S 4g with 4.1.1 and i followed your steps (i used the fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo4g-2.0.0RC0.img). When i try to update super user it fails to gain access to root. is there a fix for this?

    Flashed to cricket.

  174. Daniel says:

    Nexus S4g from Sprint, jelly bean os (4.1). Followed these instructions to the letter. Had similar problems mentioned by other users, but fixed on own. Phone was unlocked, superuser app installed. Tried rom manager, could not flash CWM. Tried updating superuser kernal, failed at gaining root access. Attempted to install rom from this site (Rasbean Jelly)…failed. Installed root checker, “sorry, this is not a rooted device.” Have been “rooting” and unrooting per this website for 3 days now and I don’t think I have any hair left. Tried one-click rooting…dead android…twice. Have SDK, but have no clue how to use, (however, it is how I installed the driver) which is why I liked this website and tutorial, but after all attempts, phone is not rooted. I’m lost and about to say stuff it. One last final plea of help before I call it quits. Thanks.

  175. Daniel says:

    UPDATE: Followed steps again to unroot (steps found on this site will put Gingerbread back on phone). Once finished, rebooted phone. Confirmed Gingerbread OS. Then followed steps on this page to root phone. SUCCESS!!

  176. Bryan says:

    Hi sir, after the root method, I tried to update from the super user but in “Gaining root access” it says fail..

    Please help. I already follow your steps.

  177. Aditya Gaurav says:

    THose who updated rooted ICS to JB, and lost their root access, there is a simple solution. Get the SU 3.2 app and binary, and flash with ClockWork Recovery Mod. Probably would work with just the new SU 3.; but I did the CW recovery mod. Works.

    Finally after 3 months of haripulling, I have rooted JB 😀

  178. j says:

    hi… i’ve followed your turorial step by step, but i don’t have root access. i have the superuser app, but no root access. I’ve even downloaded the “Root Checker” app and it says my device is not properly rooted. Is there something i’m missing? I have a samsung nexus s, android 4.1.2

    i really want this to work, all my files were wiped so i would at least like to achieve a proper root

  179. azmi says:

    Same Problems. huhuhuuh

    Hi right after I unlocked my phone, while adding the CMD codes before getting back tot the phone so were we had to write “fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img” I added that code and after clicking “enter” it says “FAILED ”

    Please help me out I restarted my phone so what do you suggest I do?

  180. says:

    Buenisimo, funciona perfectamente, gracias

  181. Onamor says:

    hello my nexus S can’t find drivers on my windows xp (Korea version).

  182. lmorenbit says:

    I have try, also root access fail. My system 4.2

  183. skimmskimm says:

    Thanks, this is the tutorial I tried last after Wugs kit. I like this straightforward approach better.

  184. Anis says:

    Thanks Max! I wanted to root my Nexus S for a long time and finally did it after watching your videos.
    However, it wasn’t smooth sailing all the way. the superuser was not granted root access and i was stuck there for a couple of hours. Then i used the CWM-SuperSU-v0.87 (like you suggested here) and finally it worked.

    I would like to ask you what would have happened when (without getting getting root access and using the TWRP recovery) I would’ve installed the ROM. Would it have bricked?

  185. Josh says:

    Hi, I followed the instructions and everything seemed to work, but when I reboot the phone, it doesn’t have root permissions. Then, when I try and reboot back into recovery, I get the image of the android with it’s chest open, meaning the recovery image is gone. I have to run the fastboot flash recovery command each time the phone reboots. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

  186. Jose says:

    Need help.

    I have a Sprint Nexus 4GS running 4.1.1 (JRO03R) and I followed all the steps. I unlocked the boot loader and have TWRP running fine, But when I get in to recovery (TWRP) to mount and load Superuser then try to flash it, it fails and I can not gain root. Any idea what I an missing here.

  187. Irena says:

    Hi, thank you so much! I finally managed to root my Nexus S 4.1.2. I had problems with installing the drivers. On windows 8 you have to allow installation of unsigned drivers. I followed this tutorial to do that ( Also, the default SuperUser app was not working for me, it kept saying – fail. However, it worked with Superuser-3.2-arm-signed app.

    Thank you.

  188. andrei says:

    Thanks! Very simple and easy and safe 😀 As it should be. And I didn’t have to scour the interwebs for a tutorial!

  189. sarang shinde says:

    my phone is stuck on step 10 – after doing recovery its shows a red caution sign on android robot.. plzz help asap .. plzzzzzzzzzzz

  190. fei says:

    why I get notifikation “fail” for Gaining Root Access in proses SU binary update? Please guidence for my problem. Thanks.

  191. mohamed Rhmani says:

    when i use this cmd instruction

    fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img
    there is nothing happened just

    • mohamed Rhmani says:

      when i use this cmd instruction

      fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0.img
      there is nothing happened just
      waiting for device

  192. zohab says:

    am done and it shows the Superuser app
    but when i installed wifi_tether and other app on ma nexus s its asking me for root
    and a error not like “pls verify that your rom is rooted”
    why like thiss ?? can any one can hlp me plzz ???

  193. Travis says:

    Hey guys! the tutorial is quite clear, but please, correct it, i’ve spent about 10 minutes trying to load my nexus s in fastboot mode!!
    Step 2. Boot into fastboot mode by holding down both Volume Down and Power buttons together.
    It’s Volume UP and Power, not Volume Down!


  194. Henk Poley says:

    The shipped does not properly work anymore when updated. Flash this zip from the official androidsu project instead:

  195. Jacob Wiebe says:

    Hi. Can anyone help me? When i type fastboot flash recovery twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0 it says
    error: cannot load ‘twrp-crespo-2.0.0RC0

  196. Danish Mustafa says:

    Rooting is something different than installing super user.For super user you need to flash the super user zip file.


  197. Gary says:

    why does the superuser always come in two folders from your link and i have a 4.1.2 nexus s ive been trying to root it for a while now and i cant manage to find the right superuser or if i am not extracting it right or something please HELP please i unlocked it and everything its just the superuser…

  198. Gary says:

    Alright, maybe i didn’t form my question right…. what i meant to say is in the clip when you drag the superuser to your internal storage and flash it, my superuser file comes in two folders superuser and superuser rold when i extracted it to my hard drive local C all it did is separate the folders individually but yet it doesnt show the same single icon represented on the clip i tried using superuser-3.2-RC3-arm-signed and CWM-SuperSU-v0.87 suggested on the comments above but then all i get when i open that file is 2 other files meta -inf and system tried extracting them same conclusion and when i installed them to my device it didn’t root as mentioned on the last post my phone is unlocked all that is necessary is to add superuser what should i do?
    My device is a
    Google Nexus S
    Version: 4.1.2
    Baseband: I9020XX

  199. Gary says:

    p.s: PLEASE HELP

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  201. Abid Mohsin says:


    Will this guide work on the i9020 not the i9020T or i9020A? I live in the UK and my baseband version is i9020XXKI1. If not then can it be updated so I can use it to root my Nexus S?

  202. JW54 says:

    Tried to unlock using this way on Macbook, but in nexussrootICS there in no file for fastboot-mac oem unlock.

    What do I do?


  203. JW54 says:

    Ok – managed to get past this by typing in /nexussrootICS/fastboo-mac oem unlock and hey presto it worked!
    Now stuck on next step – tried different methods but says either image will not load or cannot load. Help please!

  204. JW54 says:

    In the hope that someone may reply/help on my screen it has all the usual lists for fastboot mode but my installation window on the mac says ‘cannot execute binary file’. Also at the bottom of the phone screen it says:
    USB control init
    USB control init end
    Standard set configuration

    I’ve scoured the web and forums for help on this and whilst several people have posted similar problems none of them seem to have been answered.

  205. For newest information you have to go to see world-wide-web and on the web I found this site as a most excellent site for newest updates.

  206. radek says:

    I can’t get this working on Fedora 18. I get following error for the Nexus OEM unlock
    bash: ./fastboot-linux: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

    Any hints?

  207. JW54 says:

    Tried loads of different ways but still get this at step 7:

    Last login: Wed Mar 25 13:34:29 on console
    users-macbook-2:~ user$ desktop/nexussrootICS/fastboot-mac flash recovery twrp-crespo2.0.0RC.img
    error: cannot load ‘twrp-crespo2.0.0RC.img’

    Can anybody help please??????????????

    • radek says:

      You need to either change working directory or speficy full path for the image file

      cd desktop/nexussrootICS/
      ./fastboot-mac flash recovery twrp-crespo2.0.0RC.img


      desktop/nexussrootICS/fastboot-mac flash recovery desktop/nexussrootICS/twrp-crespo2.0.0RC.img

      • JW54 says:

        Hi Radek
        thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I tried the second method (didn’t really understand the first :))
        This is what happened:
        users-macbook-2:~ user$ desktop/nexussrootICS/fastboot-mac desktop/nexussrootics/twrp-crespo2.0.0RC0.img
        usage: fastboot [ ]

        update reflash device from
        flashall flash boot + recovery + system
        flash [ ] write a file to a flash partition
        erase erase a flash partition
        getvar display a bootloader variable
        boot [ ] download and boot kernel
        flash:raw boot [ ] create bootimage and flash it
        devices list all connected devices
        reboot reboot device normally
        reboot-bootloader reboot device into bootloader

        -w erase userdata and cache
        -s specify device serial number
        -p specify product name
        -c override kernel commandline
        -i specify a custom USB vendor id
        users-macbook-2:~ user$

        I then clicked on ‘recovery’, the android with an exclamation mark came up then the phone restarted. Any further help would me much appreciated.

  208. JW54 says:

    Foolish me – everything SEEMED to have worked – twrp loaded, SU installed, but when I try to run apps for rooted phone they won’t work. Also downloaded Root Checker which says i do not have proper root access.
    Any solutions???

  209. endy says:

    I have installed the driver but the my phone is not seen by my pc (windows 7 HP mini) and the root process is not working

  210. akkieh says:

    stucked in “waiting for device” in command prompt (windows 7) drivers unstalled correctly (device manager shows “Android ADB interface”).. please help. Nexus S..

  211. sarah says:

    Hi, my mobile is nexus s I9023 and i want to update from ginger bread to jelly bean or ice cream sandwich …. could u tell me How ?

  212. kostasx71 says:

    hi i tried to flash both clock and twrp recoveries but the cmd told me “cannot load recovery3101.img” what should i do?

  213. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing issues with your website. It appears as though some of the written text within your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this
    happen previously. Many thanks

  214. akkieh says:

    Sorry to say but i think its your browser problem because i use so many browsers and in none of it this problem occurred.

  215. Andrew M says:

    I cannot find the in the folder. I downloaded the folder that you said to download… I downloaded it again but its still not showing up. Any suggestions?

  216. sajeel says:

    i m using CM10 rom 4.2.2,,all of a sudden my phone doesnt boot and it also wont go into recovery mode from fastboot…..

    also when i connect phone in fastboot mode it shows as Samsung Android phone in device manager, but when i go into download mode it shows nothing in device manager list
    please help…

  217. kir0ul says:

    Thanks, worked great for me!
    On Linux, the 2 only additional things were:
    – Changing the fastboot-linux file properties to allow it to execute as a program,
    – Execute the fastboot command with sudo, otherwise it says “”.

  218. CIH says:

    I push the volume down and power in same time my phone is just power on what should i do

  219. Nexus S Hacks says:

    try vup instead.

  220. Tom Cushing says:

    This may or may not work. Hard to tell as, nowhere can I find a file called

  221. Well written, comprehensive and complete document. Everything went fine but getting “No Service”.

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  224. Kyle says:

    Sorry for the noob question. If I root my Nexus S does that mean I can use it with Net 10 service? Love the phone and it’s just an expensive camera right now…

  225. Noah says:

    I’m not sure whether my Nxus s is rooted or not … when I ”mount” (to installed an superuser) .. only SD storage which can be detected … my comp doest not show my fhon’s Internal storage .. then I installed it on SD storage .. . # how can I fix this? please help…

  226. FrenZill says:

    Cant use my Google Nexus S,. as you can see on the video it reboots on its own. I’m trying too root the damm think, can’t find the good USB drivers

  227. Talgat says:

    Hi. I have reached Step 13 but when I press UNMOUNT I get back screen on Step 11. How to reach screen on Step 14 with INSTALL button? Please help

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  229. Shahon says:

    can Increase my Nexus S ram 512 to 1GB ?

  230. Lester1979 says:

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    every month, just search on youtube : How to earn with wordai 4

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