SuperOSR ROM for Nexus S! [Near 4000 Quadrant]

Want super-fast ROM for your Nexus S?  Give SuperOSR ROM a try, I got almost 4000 on Quadrant benchmarking, running at 1.4Ghz overclocked (it comes with overclocking kernel).

Download ROM here:

Download SuperOSR ROM


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18 Responses to SuperOSR ROM for Nexus S! [Near 4000 Quadrant]

  1. Enzo says:

    This rom is awesome with Matr1x 5.5 kernel. I had my internal and external memory at it’s brink but it still loads pretty fast (25 seconds roughly).

  2. ener says:

    Am I the only one always loosing signal quite often ?? Phone wifi and 3g one moment works and for no reasons I loose every signal ??

  3. Kitt says:

    Hey, I tried this ROM and its looks great! Though, I have a big problem.

    After installation, I can use it without any error, but whenever I lock my phone, it just keeps restarting and I can never seem to be able to unlock it.

    Help ?

  4. Enzo says:

    @ener: I’ve experienced that a few times as well. I just reboot it and try to figure out why it does that.

    @Kitt: Check your CPU speed. I had mine set at 1300 and reboots sometimes. Try capping it at 1200.

  5. Kitt says:

    Nope .. Even at 1GHz, the same thing happens .. Oh, there was an error message that said: The application Status Bar (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

  6. Kitt says:

    Nvm Dudes .. Got it to work .. Apparently, I forgot to install Google Apps …

  7. Andreh says:

    Best rom ever!!!! With trinity kernel is the perfect rom!!! Fast and stable!!! Good work!!
    Trinity kernel setcpu works 1312 fine and i dont have problems with reboots!!!

  8. Midness says:

    has anybody tried making a video…. it saves it wit *.m4v! which is good!
    except that the video freezes and out of sync! (i played it on pc to… same problem)

  9. jp1372 says:

    Is this ROM also compatible with the Nexus S 4G? Having a lot of trouble finding info on it beyond this page.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      No, don’t think so, you can try it but make sure backup your current ROM so you can go back.

      • Mateus says:

        I don’t think it’s a good idea. Flashing a ROM which is not made for your device may brick your phone. Not even a Nandroid backup could save you if you try it!

  10. Andrew says:

    Where did you get the English translation or was it an option?


  11. Andrew says:

    Ignore my comment above…I found the option for English. Cheers.

  12. Lance says:

    If this rom isn’t for ns4g why is it in this secton???? Tried installing and it didnt boot up so why is it here in the ns4g rom section?

  13. Dev says:

    I’m not getting some of the animations that you get. Like when a drop down list is selected, how the animation comes from the bottom left to center, how can I get that? I downlaoded 2.0.6 from XDA.

  14. Bishop says:

    So NoBody knows if this ROMs work on Nexus S 4G? why the fuck would he put it in this section then?

  15. joseph LR says:

    s this ROM also compatible with the new Nexus S I9023XXKB3 GR154

  16. joseph LR says:

    is this ROM also compatible with the new Nexus S I9023XXKB3 GR154

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