Rasbean Jelly ROM for Nexus S/S 4G! [Android 4.2.1]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Rasbean Jelly ROM for your rooted Nexus S or Nexus S 4G. Built on the latest Android 4.2.1, you can have the best of the latest Android 4.2.1 features, mostly all working except Photo Sphere camera. This ROM is very solid and feels exceptionally smoother than Android 4.2 ROMs.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


Download Rasbean Jelly ROM for Nexus S

Download Rasbean Jelly ROM for Nexus S 4G

No gapps needed for this ROM!

Credits – NS, NS4G

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40 Responses to Rasbean Jelly ROM for Nexus S/S 4G! [Android 4.2.1]

  1. mcoquias says:

    What kernel did you use?

  2. yacinelayri says:

    cant dawnload it !

  3. mayur says:

    gt a lots of shortcuts in notificatn area..!!

  4. Arun Vijapur says:

    I tried to flash this ROM, did it successfully but on reboot I am still at boot screen showing Andriod. I was on Stock 4.1.2 ROM, can you please let me know if I have missed any step?

  5. Arun Vijapur says:

    I am having trouble with locking my phone using power button. Anyone else having this problem?

  6. Jason Thibodeaux says:

    I get Unfortunately NFC, Service Has Stopped and I can’t use my phone

  7. Danish Mustafa says:

    Download link doesnt seem to work. Have been waiting for 4.2.X since a long time, please provide any alternate link.


  8. Flashblad3r says:

    After i flashed superuser, because there wasn`t it, i don` had any root acces. In superuser settings at binary update it fails , because the app don`t have any root acces. How i can geht back the root acces ?

  9. Shahzeb says:

    cannot download the file. it says that file doesnot exist :S

  10. Phil says:

    When flashed, i don’t get access to my memory card. Any fix?

  11. Quentin says:

    Does the pinch to zoom not work ? because i don’t know how to zoom in :/

  12. Arun Vijapur says:

    Where are you trying pinch to zoom?

  13. kartheek mamidala says:

    Simply awesome ROM for nexus s, very speed, Lock screen widgets are good, can play games without any lags, a nice ROM to flash on nexus s.

  14. Jack says:

    how can i get the emoji in the stock messaging app?

  15. Julien D says:

    Wifi hotspot doesn’t work on that version! Tested on Nexus S

  16. Rahul says:

    Hi I have problem.. I have flashed this ROM but when I reboot the phone screen is stuck at ANDROID logo .. can anyone help please

  17. Malcolm Ekeh says:

    after I use the phone, the notification com.phone.android pops up does anyone know how to fix that, and than Im on cricket and am trying to fix my apn so that I dont have to use the mms program cricket gave me does anyone know how to fix the mms

  18. Agent Jim says:

    Everything works great except I can’t get hotspot to work. Any idea if there is anything we can do to get that to work?

  19. Nexus S 4G says:

    Cannot set the voicemail to my number. *86 does not work and you cannot change that in the settings.

  20. Maxim C says:

    Hello, thanks for this website, it’s great for Nexus S owners 🙂

    I’m considering flashing this latest ROM, but was wondering… Does it support USB OTG Host? I’m using an Apex ICS 4.0.4 ROM with the M4trix kernell that does support this, so I don’t want to go back!

  21. yash naik says:

    plz update the links to the nov build rasbeen jelly !!!
    its out since a month ago!!!
    reply asap

  22. Winston says:

    Thanks for sharing the ROM! But it seems not as smooth as the 4.1.2 OTA.

  23. User X says:

    very nice except for a couple features important to me:
    – wifi hotspot doesn’t work
    – chrome crashes when accessing settings

  24. mayur says:

    (link posted on xda developers)
    updated version of jelly bean.. photosphere works.. well n pretty sure about wifi hotspot..
    also a bug noticed in bluetooth to some people

  25. User X says:

    Please, describe to a newbie this:

    If I install this, will I have root access? For now I have unlocked bootloader and rooted Jelly Bean 4.1.2.
    If now, how can I get root access? I see the link provided in the post, but it describes how to root devices running ICS or older.


  26. shahzeb says:

    I am unable to run Apollo on this rom . Why is this ?

  27. Pascal DW says:

    Rom stable, many parameters very well, but several application does not work. I uninstall and revert to Android 4.2 Root.

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