Pixel ROM + Matr1x Kernel for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Pixel ROM plus Matr1x kernel combo for your Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. This is probably the best Android 4.0.4 based ROMs for your Nexus S or Nexus S 4G. A lot of Nexus S users have told me this is the fastest ROM they’ve tried so, give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

Download ROM:

Download Pixle ROM for Nexus S

Download Pixle ROM for Nexus S 4G

Download Matr1x Kernel (recommend cfs v.18)

Credits – XDA

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28 Responses to Pixel ROM + Matr1x Kernel for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

  1. Rolanbc says:

    is gapps included already? TA

  2. 123justea says:

    Yes, gapps are included. Just flash Rom and kernel in CWM.

  3. Vasi says:

    All the 4.03 roms can’t run gameloft HD games after 5-30 sec app stops

  4. rob says:

    can you use the kernel on a i9100

  5. wisemath says:

    hi zedo, your 4g ns it’s running an old version of Quadrant, that’s why it’s mach faster.
    The 3g it’s running the ICS optimized Quadrant witch runs a lot slower !!

    Keep up with that videos!!

  6. Hagaz8 says:

    Should I do a full wipe (wipe data , wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache) instead of wipe data only??
    Could anyone explain the step to install it? I am using Nexus S – ICS stock ROM right now..


  7. Erick López says:

    i’ve got a question… I don’t know if it is normal that my cellphone reboot or just “die” after listening to music (also when it wants but no with the music’ frecuency problem)- I’ve been trying to many other ROMs but its the same with each of them…
    do you know how long cyanogenmod is going to release the stable ICS rom for the nexus s…?

    • Vitor Hugo says:

      you problem it’s not ROM related, the issue you describe is known has SLEEP OF DEATH “SOD”
      This happens to people using UNDERVOLTED KERNELs on devices that can’t handle it.
      Try raise all the voltages by 25 with NSTOOLS, or go with a sock voltage KERNEL.

  8. Daniel says:

    every-time I try to flash the Pixel zip on TWRP it’s says unable to open the zip file.. any idea?

  9. Tony says:

    I flashed the rom using Twrp and everything seems to work fine. Fast as everyone has been saying but I can’t seem to send mms…. I can receive pics… just cant send. If I go back to gingerbread and a factory restore. I have no problems. Any advice would be helpful.


  10. Tony says:

    Ok. Update. Pics will send if I am hooked up wirelessly . Is there something I have set wrong perhaps.. I have unlimited texts and pics.. Confused……

    • Plato says:

      New to this whole blog thing but is your 3g or 4g working when you ran this rom? I was thinking maybe that’s why pics could not be sent.

  11. Plato says:

    I noticed that the video only shows the wifi, I was wondering if this rom supports 4g/3g & if GPS & all other features on the phone work? I havent rooted my phone yet, but have been considering it. Thanks for any advice

  12. wh says:

    no miui rom review?

  13. aaron says:

    quick question, i have a nexus s 4g with the mtrix 18 kernal, n cm9. when i run the quadrant my cpu says 8/8 n not 12/12 like yours in the video 2:00. why is this and what does it mean ??

  14. Gummyroids says:

    I have been running this rom for about 2 days now, and so far not going that well. A lot of the apps are force closing using this app, and at times the whole phone freezes up. I have tried running with and without the matrix kernal. It does run better with the matrix kernal, going to switch back to cyanogenmod. Thanks

  15. Pavlo says:

    Can anyone help every time when I’m trying some firmwares from this web-site (Crossbone, pixel, cm) they work great and I’ve flashed them successfully but the inly problem that bothering me every time is absence of mobile network, my phone (Nexus S 4G) can’t find mobile network and I’ve tried to flash by different software TWRP and ClockWork Touch. It works only with stock gingerbread …

  16. Aragorne78 says:

    Salut Pavlo.
    Do u try to set it manually ?
    My operator in France is new and i’ve to do it by manually configuration.
    Hope to helped you.

  17. jiciftw says:

    Yep it is fast.. But meto widget is not working and the apex launcher close very often and sometimes it takes arround 15 second to lauch an app…

  18. Rom says:

    hi max u should try the new pixelrom 2.00 n c if u like it, ive tried all 5 of pixelrom but i like 1.70 and 2.00, im using 2.00 with air kernel 3.9.5, see if u like it

  19. Ajani says:

    This rom had a lot of issues on my nexus s 4g. It crashed often and a lot of my apps would not load. Tried wiping the rom and reflashing but that just made things worse. Not to mention it was slow to boot and had way to much lag. Switched over to CM9 rom. Runs much smoother.

  20. P--L says:

    Pixel was slower on my Nexus S than CyanogenMod 9 v3.0
    Reaction time was longer when pressing app icons,
    and boot time was 70 sec as opposed to 50 sec only on CyanogenMod 9 v.3.0
    I like CyanogenMod 9 v.3.0 and I’m using it now.

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