MIUI ROM for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [5000+ Quadrant][1.544Ghz OC]

I’ve reviewed the MIUI ROM months ago when it was in still its beta stages.  After months of upgrades, I’ve finally got a chance to review it again and wow, MIUI ROM for the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G have gotten really spectacular with a ton of more features.

First and foremost, the MIUI ROM doesn’t have 4G support for Nexus S 4G but other than that, there’s only good things I can say about the latest MIUI ROM.

When I first tried MIUI ROM on the Nexus S, it was very laggy and slow but the recent versions have cleaned up all that lag.

Coupled with Trinity 1.544Ghz overclocked kernel, I was getting Quadrant benchmarking numbers over 5000!

MIUI ROM comes with a completely different UI from Android stock UI, something some of you may enjoy.

MIUI ROM has a clear, distinctive menus plus the ability to change to hundreds of free themes using the Themes app.

There’s also DND feature to block any calls from telemarketers and your ex-girlfriend.

You will find many extra features in the MIUI ROM you won’t find anywhere else.  My suggestion is to give it a go and let me know what you think.

Download ROMs here:

Download MIUI ROM for Nexus S
Download MIUI ROM for Nexus S 4G

If you want overclocking, download Trinity kernel here and flash after the ROM: (Works on both Nexus S and S 4G)

Trinity 1.44Ghz OC

Trinity 1.544Ghz OC

The MIUI ROM doesn’t come with SU and SuperUser so you will have to flash Superuser again, just flash this in CWM after flashing ROM and kernel:


Don’t forget to read up on our cheat sheet if you don’t know how to install new ROMs.

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31 Responses to MIUI ROM for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [5000+ Quadrant][1.544Ghz OC]

  1. JG says:

    Yo Max, how do u work the screen shot on this rom? thanks in advance ur videos are very helpful and gives me sumthin to do whenever my girlfriend is mad at me about sumthin lol

  2. JG says:

    1 more thing im getting FC’s like crazy.. i wiped data 3x cache 3x dalvik cache 3x flashed rom 3x and kernel 3x is there any way to fix FC’s on NS4G?

  3. Nosram says:

    Thanks for your vids bruv! Big help for a novice like me self =)
    Question: How do i uninstall the “Trinity 1.544Ghz OC Kernel” if i dont want it anymore?
    Gretz n beatz from Sweden

  4. nxs says:

    I installed this rom along with the 1.4ghz kernel…overall is good but i experience that the data enable wont work when i turn it on to receive or send mms..whats the problem..it would be good if next updates the problem fixed…thanx…good work… 🙂

    Nexus s

  5. Mr. Topp says:

    Why, why, why do you not have AdFree installed?

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      AdFree doesn’t allow me to go to certain sites like statcounter which I must use to check stats on the site. So, it’s not really great for me.

  6. oliver says:

    Hi I cant get muimui on, I installed the nscollab which works ok but want to put mui on. it wont load into recovery. I go to ROM manager, then flash clockowrkmod recovery, then reboot into recovery. It just comes up with the google and unlocked padlock and stays frozen- no booting into recovery with blue writing. Even if I do the power+vol up button then click recovery it does same thing. AM I missing step? I tried factory reset. just froze at same screen did nothing.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      how did you do factory reset then if you couldn’t get into recovery, did you get into stock recovery?

      • oliver says:

        oh, I did it via settings> privacy> factory data reset. I take it that’s not proper reset. I just can’t access that damn recovery menu

        • Nexus S Hacks says:

          Turn off your phone hold down Volume Up and Power button then you will see.

          • oliver says:

            ye did that, have 4 options:reboot bootloder, reboot, recovery, power off. I chose recovery, goes to google with unlocked padlock underneath and stays like that,frozen. Won’t load. Note that I have followed ur guide and installed nscollab so not total noob.

  7. Nexus S Hacks says:

    reinstall recovery from fastboot then goto recovery?

    fastboot flash recovery cwm-xxx-xx.xxx

    something like that.

    • oliver says:

      got it= I went to rommanager, flashed, turned off phone straight away, boot up (power + vol up) and it let me into recovery. I swear I did that few times. got lucky.

  8. oliver says:

    just wondering about benchmark, I’m Bettors 3000 to3700 on 1.44hz is tht Normal?
    cheers for help

  9. rey says:

    does the trinity work for any other nexus s Rom?

  10. djaytg says:

    i tried with 1.44Ghz with my nexus s….it runs smoothly but whenever sum application runs it just hangs and reboots….what might be the problem?please help me MAX

  11. rah says:

    please help me man. i installed the miui on my nexus and it wont get off the miui loading screen. i tried to reboot but it keeps going back to that. im a toal noob. please help me

    • sev says:

      did you select wipe cache and wipe dalvik when asked to during the installation of the rom? usually this occurs when you didnt wipe it..

  12. Gummyroids says:

    Just flashed MIUI with the trinity 1.544 and its very clean and smooth, installed ICS theme and now im set.

  13. brunno says:

    can i install MIUI rom on my nexus s if im on ICS? or do i have to downgrade back to gingerbread? if yes how do i go from ICS to ginger?? im a noob…

  14. Felix Kusuma says:

    hey can i use the trinity 1.5Ghz kernel in CM 7.1 ? will it works fine ? which one is better ? MIUI or CM ?

  15. jeck says:

    hei dude do you have link for miui 2.2.24 tnx i want to try that one im a big fan of your work

  16. dkba27 says:

    can I install Trinity 1.544Ghz OC on the Nexus S(non-4G)?

  17. Bryan says:

    Cool! ROM!!! you should try it! 😀

  18. Bryan says:

    Tnx again ZEDOMAX!

  19. Bryan says:

    Hi max, how can i open file transfer on MIUI? When I plug my data cable on my pc which is running in Windows XP, the usb storage didn’t appear. Please help. Thanks.

  20. Dane says:

    I installed the MIUI ROM for the Nexus S, and now my keyboard has stopped working unexpectedly. What do I need to do? Thanks.

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