Matr1X ROM for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [ROM of the Week]

If you are like a flasholic like myself, then you will want to try out the ROM of the week, Matri1x ROM, which comes with Matri1x kernel(one of the best battery life) and goodies.

This Matri1x ROM comes with BLN, which allows you to have LED notifications on your e-mails, calls, SMS messages, and whatnot.  I find this very useful when watching a movie or something and I don’t have to turn on my phone to find out I have a new e-mail or a missed call.


(Light will turn on if new notifications are available and turn off when there’s none.)

Also, the Matr1x ROM comes with Voodoo control app, which I love using for my earbuds to maximize bass and decibels. (I like it loud and bumpy.)

There’s also Spark Mod Manager app that it comes with, you can enable features like Touch Wake, which allows you to wake your phone from sleep when you didn’t press Power key to lock it.  I find it handy when my phone is on my desk and feel too lazy to pick up my phone.

The Matr1x ROM also can be overclocked to stable 1.46Ghz, which is probably recommended with “ondemand” setting for best performance/battery life.

Other than that, this is a really great ROM built on top of CyanogenMod 7.1 with additional features you might find worthwhile flashing.

So try it out and let me know what you think!

Download ROM for Nexus S:

Download Matr1x ROM for Nexus S

Download ROM for Nexus S 4G:

Download Matr1x ROM for Nexus S 4G

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8 Responses to Matr1X ROM for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [ROM of the Week]

  1. rohan jit singh says:

    Sbrissen’s TSM Pool Party v1.3 .. review this rom ..

  2. rohan jit singh says:

    u shud even review ultimate crespo .. the latest build with latest matrix kernel perhaps

  3. Demetrius says:

    Max you hardly ever respond to emails. What gives? Are you going to find a kernel ROM combo that will support android 2.3.7 to allow us to use Google wallet? I’m currently running the Trinity cm7 combo but can’t utilize Google wallet. Are you also going to have a ice ROM? I was watching your you tube post for the galaxy. Thanks for all of your helpful videos keep It up.

  4. pratik says:

    max doesnt give a sh#t about u or anyone else…this site reallly suc#ks i suggest u go to other,better sites like xda

  5. Gevon says:

    i downloaded this ROM and now my phone wont boot up and when i try and go to recovery it freezes and stays on the google boot up i can only get to the original reboot bootloader reboot recovery and power off screen thats all i can do can you please help me.

  6. manjit says:

    hi friends,
    i flashed the matrix rom for nexus s but actually that was for nexus s 4g now my phone is working as cdma . what can i do now please help can i get my phone back now…..

  7. Darian says:

    this doesnt work for my nexus s. Ive tried installing it via CWM recovery and it aborted the installation. Then i tried installing it via TWRP and it says its installed but when i reboot the phone, it keeps looping. ikno its not the kernel because it works fine with the MIUI rom. Thank God for backup.

  8. andres says:

    Dude !!! This ROM frequently was crashing then finally stuck me in a boot loop. Had to scrap the image and revert back to my old ROM. WTF ? All very nice and pretty with lots of “goodies”, but if it don’t work, then what the hell ??? Need stability please !!!! You need to stop reviewing thousands of ROM’s and concentrate on a few of the stable ones.

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