JellyBAM ROM for Nexus S!

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For this week’s Nexus S ROM of the week, check out the latest version 7.4 of JellyBAM ROM.

Mix of latest AOKP MR1 Build 6, CM10.1, and ParanoidAndroid 3.15 ROMs, JellyBAM ROM gives you the best of the 3 ROMs all-in-one.

Since there’s no AOKP MR1 Build 6 for Nexus S GSM at the moment, you can get it by installing JellyBAM ROM. In addition, you will get all the features from ParanoidAndroid 3.15 and CM10.1 RC0.

If you haven’t tried the latest JellyBAM yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know how it went for you!


Download JellyBAM ROM

No Gapps needed.

To fix GoogleNow not working, simply update the Google Search app in Play Store.

Credits – JellyBAM <--- If you like this ROM, please like their Facebook page!

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20 Responses to JellyBAM ROM for Nexus S!

  1. Ibrahim says:

    I have Tried this rom despite the previous version of Jelly Bam was better in terms of launcher and app interface but if we compare the customisations and functions this rom is king over all roms but When it comes to GAming or Browsing this Rom fall short of Ram and Lags alot……………..I have tried kernel combinations like devil,air,and matrix but this rom is A complete Failure

  2. Ibrahim says:

    Max can u tell me a rom with or without kernel combination which is Best for gaming and alot of apps, having more than atleast 250mb+ free ram………dont want any customisations just want Smooth interface for 3d Gaming!

  3. says:

    Hi.I have tried jellybean ROM for my nexus s then I got jellybam here.
    I want to install that but after click on recovery In fastboot and Google logo came on it stop there and l’ve to take my battery out.
    What am I gonna dooooo?

  4. posting it to xda-developers forum will be a big help for more people out there i will try this rom for this week thanks!

  5. Oliver says:

    I have installed the ROM and it worked perfectly. However, after I select Tablet UI in Paranoid Preferences I get the new DPI for the rest but in the launcher’s home screen the dock on the bottom doesn’t disapear and I can’t access the notification panel. This happened recently and it used to work a few days ago. Anyone else experienced this on their phone and knows how to fix it?

  6. Evnest says:

    In the video, did you use the nexus s 4g, cause I saw you touch the hardware key “Home”. But I didn’t see the led light. Am i wrong?
    I use the nexus s 4g but still can install this rom. Could you show me how to turn off the led light of the hardware keys?

  7. Pedro Dias says:

    Hey Max, I have been trying this rom for a couple of days now and I have to say that it is a very complete Rom. I mean, it has everything you need in terms of customizations, but as I see it’s not very well suited for the Nexus S. Because it has lots of things the phone is always trying to free up space on the ram ending up filling up the 400 or so mb of space…

  8. Bart says:

    Hi Max,

    Thank you for your great posts! Nevertheless, this ROM is not quite what I expected: over the past few days I conclude that it is slow and laggy. Now going back to HellyBean.

  9. Dan says:

    This ROM is great for customization but my god its awful for performance.. i’ve tried everything i know to try speed it up but nothing works its the worst rom i’ve had in terms of lag and apps crashing also, Raspbeanjelly ROM and Slimbean are my two favourite ROM’s so i think il be going back to one of them 😛

  10. Thomas says:

    Though this bloated rom is full of “features”, most of which are unnecessary and several that don’t work for the NS, it is sluggish and ram hungry… Features be damned if my phone is reduced to this tortoise existence… There are new rom’s available that are fast and have the features you actually need and work, without sacrificing the NS’s precious ram and suffering from lag… Carbon is a new edition to the NS rom family and Gamerz as well, both are fast, virtually lagless and offer an array of useful features.. Other rom’s have been updated and are also quite good at offering more than bells and whistles…

  11. karajim86 says:

    Great rom but my opinion is the phone is very slow after instalation of this rom.
    I trying to download apps from BAM Modder but in destination folder there is nothing. do something wrong?
    one more question.

    Can you tell me if is possible to install a rom with native (carrier) video call because i have free minutes of video call from my carrier?

  12. Vijay says:

    Any ROM also has to have the correspondingly right KERNEL for it to perform at the best. Some Kernels allow you to use the full features of any given ROM. Its always the right combination which brings out the best of your phone. If you do some research before installing a Custom ROM to find the best combination it is always better. This does not mean that this rom is the best. But some ROMS work good work with some kernels only and that combi has to be right along with your device.

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  14. Neethi krishnan.G says:

    I’ve tried 4.4. even i came from 2.3.6. with help of Nexus hack website. I tried all ROM up to this date.Finally i found this is the ultimately suitable for Nexus s. My advice is there no more to try find better ROM than this. Thanks to developers,

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