ICS Kang ROM for Rooted Nexus S!

Also for people with a regular Nexus S, you can try the ICS Kang ROM too. I think this is one of the better ROMs out now for the Nexus S now.


Downoad ICS Kang ROM
Download GoogleApps

Thanks to XDA user HAKA for the ROM!

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14 Responses to ICS Kang ROM for Rooted Nexus S!

  1. GB says:

    Why don’t you try CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN ICS v.4 Hybrid+ICUP Speedy 5|CM9+AOKP|STORMY!! ?

    • Simran says:

      I’ve just downloaded and tried out the CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN ICS V.4; and I’ve got to say it’s brilliant! Superfast; but i experienced the same with the nexusbeam rom, which then slowed down and led to me to frash this rom. Hope this doesn’t slow down and lag after a weeks usage like the Nexusbeam. (Had around 80 apps installed).

  2. PM says:

    I tried this ROM. Its been working very smooth, however battery life not very good. I tried different kernels (Matr1x 14.5, Eugene’s ICUP-Speedy 5 and SG-NS-ICS) found that SG-NS-ICS drained my battery a lot more. When I tried going back to Matr1x or Eugene’s I would always get a reboot before the device even starts up properly. I can only successfully install SG-NS-ICS kernel and use it. Is there a solution to this?
    Also, while the phone is running, I checked under Battery stats that Android OS uses about 45% constantly. Is this okay?

    • MC says:

      It is. Have you tried “[KERNEL][GPL][22 JAN] franco.Kernel | 3.0.8 | Cookies Inside” ?
      If you don’t need overclock, this is the perfect rom for you!

  3. David G says:

    I downloaded this rom and its great. My issue though is the fact that my market place is not on the os. Did i do something wrong? It is crucial to find the problem because i wont be able to get any applications on to my phone. I tried downloading via browser but it did not work. From your video how did you get the market place to be on your phone with this rom build.

  4. mucking4on says:

    i’ve been using this with matr1x 14.5 for quite some time now .. overclocked to 100/1300 with smartassv2 .. getting upto 18 hours battery life with all radios on ..

  5. sbm says:

    best rom smooth running one week, best battery life

  6. Oonie2111 says:

    AOKP Milestone 3 released…!! Please check it out…!!

  7. MaxPower says:

    Works well, except one BIG problem! I don’t know if this is google’s fault or the ROM’s but I can’t get on the google server (my data connection and wifi icons won’t turn blue), so my gmail isn’t auto-syncing and google talk can’t connect.

    Can anyone help??

  8. Mitesh says:

    tried it. but force closes whatsapp. unistalled. also couldnt find exciting themes

  9. chris says:

    Tried it since yesterday, running smoothly in my nexus s. A bit of help though, how i can add an mp3 as a ringtone? Lame question, but thanks anyway….

  10. byandriw says:

    i flashed this ROM with the gapps as well and i found my phone always force close when opening any application. even i can’t write any data inside my internal storage now. did i do something wrong? i can’t reflash my phone with another ROM now due to internal storage problem.. anyone have a solution??

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