Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Rooted Nexus S!

For folks with a regular Nexus S, you are not out of luck either as there’s a fully working ICS ROM for a rooted Nexus S.  Most things are working on this ROM except for panoramic camera, NFC, and other minor things.  But it’s a completely usable daily driver ROM.

The ICS ROM is a bit laggy due to the fact that it’s a ported ROM but things should get better in the near future and I will post updates on future versions.

Try it out and let me know how you like ICS!  Nexus S is one of the best devices for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Download ROM here:

Download ICS ROM for Nexus S

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32 Responses to Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Rooted Nexus S!

  1. dani says:

    I tried ICS yesterday….this is awesome, I cant wait for the stable version, there are some bugs as notified earlier.
    I m on 3g so I had to revert back to cyanogen rom.

    • Giannis says:

      But the 3G working on this ROM, I have it for three days now! The only think that you have to do is to insert manually the APN setting and the 3G Data working!

    • DrGadget says:

      Yes, 3G does work … let it find the telcos and choose your APN.

    • rahul says:

      hey bro I also installed the ICS on my nexus s 3g . but want to downgrade it to 2.3.4 or 2.3.6 as there are some bugs in ICS preventing the full use of the phone . could you please tell me how can I downgrade ?? I will really appreciate


  2. paolo1541997 says:

    I installed like u show on installing new rom and it dont works,when i turn on my phone its just loading,help me please

  3. zah says:

    I have the same problem (((

  4. Nich says:

    I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting the .zip redownloading and reinstallng. Everytime it installs successfully then when I go to reboot, I just get the fancy Nexus S firefly loading logo. I definitely appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this project. I’d love to test it out.

  5. DrGadget says:

    Installed cleanly on a i-9023. Love things like the graphic equalizer. Sadly, Bluetooth and GPS do not work. Nor did contacts come back. Let me down badly and I was nearly late for a wedding yesterday … Tom Tom to the rescue LOL.
    I could not get Titanium to restore apps data which surprised me.

    • DrGadget says:

      Contacts did come back. Also sorted out the Titanium backup issue. Bluetooth and GPS still not active. I thought it might have been file permissions, but now think it is just the wrong drivers. Data is much faster, using achieved 6,267kbps on WiFi and 4,137kbps on 3G … which is a marked improvement on GRK39F. Like Android 4.0 (even the port) a lot.

  6. Aundalius says:

    Rooted my phone for the first time and set this up immediately. Looks amazing and i’m glad i took the time to learn this.

  7. Carter Porier says:

    for tmobile users, you have to set the APN to get 3g working, go here to set it up manually.

    make sure you fill it out corretly

  8. dani says:

    To install new rom, use ROM manager latest version ( Recommended), while u install custom rom make sure back up ure all data, and during installation, wipe dalvik cache, data and cache partition to work new rom flawless. Wiping just dalvik cache may cause in in several hang ups and force close apps.
    However my new installation was quiet smooth but several features not working as already notified, that made me disappointed so I decided to wait until the stable version arrives.

  9. Dee says:

    Are the ICS Ported ROM come from the XDA?
    because it had alot of bug and they are still working on that.


  10. Garo Mangoyan says:

    Not working on my GWK74! Not going past the boot screen animation! I admit it’s beautiful but it’s not useful!

  11. Paul E says:

    Same for me. Not getting past the boot screen animation.
    I deleted the caches, reset to factory, etc.
    No luck.

  12. Hank A says:

    I really liked the look of it, and the way they set up folders, but it got a little too laggy for me. I switched back to NSCollab, but I might check Matr1x out.

  13. Tula says:

    I rooted my Nexus S for T-Mo and I got ICS to work for a day and I wanted to update to the newer version of ICS that was released. I went to do so but instead it completely deleted ICS from my NS and now, no matter how hard I try or how many different ways I try, I can’t get it back. I just want to get ICS working on my Nexus S. I’ve tried everything from wiping the device and reinstalling to even purchasing a ClockworkMod app that allows me to upload ROMs without having to reboot but it keeps saying ABORTED. SOMEONE HELP.

  14. sbm says:

    good work, but very slow, bltoth not working

  15. JohnnieG says:

    Just installed ICS for Nexus S 4G. Very responsive overall and love the GUI. Performance observations thus far:
    – WiFi and WiFi tethering are working
    – GPS not working although Z-DeviceTest appears to be registering some live data
    – Camera takes photo but does not display it. Possible to navigate to it with a file mgr.
    – Marketplace seems more responsive, with no hangs thus far when downloading and installing apps
    – Google voice recognition excellent even at low volume and somewhat muffled speech
    – Love the ability to sort Gallery by time and location
    – Google Maps and Navigation very responsive even though GPS cannot be found
    – YouTube video quality excellent. No lag or stuttering.

    Love this ROM and can definitely wait for the improvements to come. Making it my daily now.

  16. Glen Lockman says:

    Works OK!
    A few bit not working but OK none the less.
    I have gone back to my old ROM though as it still laggy.
    Looking forward to real ROM coming for the Nexus though..

  17. hisham says:

    The first impression is that it is amazing; thanks a lot. It has native Arabic support, which is important for me.
    Issue: I still can’t sign in my Google account! This prevents me from using market, calender, and other apps.
    Any help?
    Thanks again.

  18. Storm Net says:

    Please Let us know when you get ICS fully working and not laggy 🙂
    we are waiting you Pro 🙂 Good job


  19. rahul says:

    hello can anyone please help me to downgrade my nexus s 3g from android 4 , back to android 2.3.4 or 2.3.6 .. please help me out I am missing a lot of things which make phone very annoying some time , I would rather wait for the official update for my device …. can anyone please help me …

  20. Storm Net says:

    Please Let us know when you get ICS fully working and not laggy 🙂 with Bluetooth and panorama 🙂


  21. saad el oulladi says:

    bluetooth is not working ,but the worst is that i cant access to my phone from usb so i cant downgrade it or install more stable ics ROM ,please help ,

  22. Ben says:

    would you recommend this over CM9?

  23. Jone Marbus says:

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