Ice and Fire ROM for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher!]

Want a cool Galaxy Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich launcher running on your rooted Nexus S or Nexus S 4G?

Check out Ice and Fire ROM, which comes with that and ton of other great tweaks like battery and performance optimizations.

One warning though, I haven’t been able to flash Trinity kernels on this ROM so there’s no overclocking here but it’s a great ROM if you don’t need OC.

Download ROM for Nexus S:

Download Ice and Fire ROM for Nexus S

Download ROM for Nexus S 4G:

Download Ice and Fire ROM for Nexus S 4G

Download Google apps:

Download GApps

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15 Responses to Ice and Fire ROM for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher!]

  1. edgar do says:

    I tried this ROM but, it looks like the Market isn’t working. I tried downloading it from the web but it just kept force closing. It looked great, is there any way to fix? BTW love your videos, wish there was more rom reviews for the Nexus s 4g

  2. Ed says:

    I tried this ROM but it doesn’t seem to be able to be installed on rooted Nexus S keep getting an error ”in /sdcard/ (Status 7) Installation aborted” message. Thinking this can only be installed on Nexus S 4G.

  3. Ed says:

    My mistake I just located the zip file for the Nexus S download. Works a treat. Thanks.

  4. sbm says:

    whoo, working great, best rom for Nexus S

  5. Aaron says:

    I have loaded Ice and fire but for some reason cannot add my google account, its gets to the domain page and doesn’t go past… any clues?

  6. X5abeerX says:

    What is the best rom for Nexus S ,,,, Thank’s

  7. AjnabiZ says:

    Just got a new Google Nexus S

    I wanted to know if It would be better to wait till google releases the new ICS 4.0 Andriod and get it updated and then go with New Roms
    Should i install a new ROM now for better speed and stability ?
    If yes, which ROM should i start off with as i am a total beginner with Rooting/Flashing etc.

    I dont mind waiting till 4.0 Android is released…

    Any suggestions ?

    Have you tried Ultimate Crespo v1.0 ROM ? ->

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      You can try ICS first if you don’t like it, I recommend CM7.1 or NSCollab. Will try that ROM soon!

      • AjnabiZ says:

        Thanks for the reply

        Can you create a video tutorial on installing Ultimate Crespo ROM ?

        I would like your comments on it as well.

  8. Pratik says:

    hi as u said trinity doesnt work so u think the apocalypse kernel will work on this as it says in the kernel that apocalypse works best on ice and fire roms? i really enjoy the overclocked 1.44ghz..

  9. Joshua says:

    Is there a google wallet zip I can flash with this rom? If there is, I’ll definately keep it! 🙂

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