Helly Bean ROM for Nexus S/S 4G! [Android 4.2.2]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Helly Bean Android 4.2.2 ROM.

If you are looking for a good, stable CM10.1 port to Nexus S or Nexus S 4G, definitely check out Helly Bean ROM as it’s one of the most solid CM10.1 ports out there in my opinion.

Helly Bean ROM also ships with its own “devil” kernel for super-fast performance and stability you expect from an official CM10.1 ROM.

There are some extras also added in to the Helly Bean ROM like customizable long-press-back-to-kill button, customizable status bar, and some more options in addition to CyagenMod Settings.

Try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Helly Bean ROM for Nexus S

Download Helly Bean ROM for Nexus S 4G

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (make backup ROM and backup apps beforehand!!!), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – Nexus S, Nexus S 4G <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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33 Responses to Helly Bean ROM for Nexus S/S 4G! [Android 4.2.2]

  1. Deden Fardenan says:

    yeah i’ve been using this rom for a months. it’s good rom with many cusmizeable. (since there are not many developers that supports nexus anymore :D)

  2. Eddie says:

    I just wanted to know how to turn off animations. Fast ROM for a dying constantly rebooting phone.

    • Aidan Hall says:

      Order a new one through sprint. i had the same issue. your phone will eventually not start anymore. its 100$ for a replacement, but its whatever. trust me, your phone will give out and it would be better to have the new one now, rather than later when you need it most and it wont work. then you have to wait a few days for the new one..
      The nexus has an issue with the internal memory where it comes detached somehow and thats why is keeps restarting. When it gives out, not even sprint tech can fix it. My tech told me the phone had no data on the drive whatsoever. wierd.

  3. Richard says:

    Anyone know of the changes in this Helly Bean ROM compared with the one that came out last month? Cheers, Rich

  4. Pascal DW says:

    After have trial Avatar ROM, I prefer Helly Bean, because of my Nexus S Avatar Rom is slow and often a black screen for a few seconds. With Helly Bean my Nexus – s has found its fluidity.
    Trebuchet is perfect, the choice the number of column, hide under little used.
    The superuser directly in Helly Bean is a more, the System interface in very complet.
    I keep Helly Bean pending better. Thank you for your work.
    Sorry for my English, I’m Belgian.

  5. Med says:

    Since I’ve installed this rom, my nexus S restarts often ! What it can be like problem?
    Thanks in advance

    • Tom says:

      That will happen the first few times. I have found that after using for about a week it really stabilizes. It is a great rom, athough it is mainly written for the s instead of the 4g. I would also recommend that if any apps that run a white background, including browser, switch to a dark theme or dark background. The reason is that the screen runs too bright, causing severe heat generation and completely draining the battery, or so I have experienced with my 4g. Thanks to all the devs and hacks for the update.

  6. saad says:

    i was thinking about installing the rom but was wondering about the battery?
    how long does the battery last?

  7. arya says:

    I cant get my bluetooth headset device to work with this rom 🙁 , anyone else facing this problem?

  8. Tom says:

    The main problem that I have and the reason I believe it is programmed for the s instead of 4g is because I cannot change my voicemail number. It is set to *86 and for whatever reason I am not able to change it to my number.

  9. ngok says:

    And I wonder why after up this rom, when I lock the screen for a long time, my phone is down the source.And can not reboot using the power button but to remove the battery, reinsert and then press the power button, the new machine to boot! People tell me the cause and how to fix it ..

  10. 3kash says:

    Hi Max,
    Thank for posting this rom.
    I noticed that gapps (20121212) does not come with photosphere.
    Do you advice using another version of gapps with this rom?
    thanks guy.

  11. Kenneth says:

    Hello there kind sir. As I was watching your video attached in this article, I realized that the backlight of the buttons (you know, the back-menu-search-home) of your Nexus S were completely off. I may be mistaken but that’s how I see it from the video. If you may be so kind, could you tell us how you were able to do that? Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  12. Papasito says:

    Hey is there any way to use matrix kernel for jelly bean with the helly bean? If not is shank plan on making a matrix for helly bean thanks. I like this rom but I want to OC.

  13. Aske says:


    ROM is the best so far I’ve tried. It would be nice to continue to update and improve some more. Make it more faster and battery efficient.

    noticed that gapps (20121212) does not come with photosphere.
    Do you advice using another version of gapps with this rom?
    thanks guy.

  14. Arya says:

    my bluetooth audio headset device aint working 🙁 please help!

  15. vens says:

    Guys, is it just me, or are all of the 4.2 roms (including AOKP) unstable and slow? I have tried lots of em, but my phone seems almost unusable. Very slow, freezes all the time, browsers take, like, a decade to load a page, apps take 1-2 mins just to start. May i add, had my nexus on service about a month ago, they changed everything, but the battery. Same response then, same now. Do you think, maybe, at some point, it could be the batterys’ fault too?

  16. ernchesto says:

    Thanks for posting this. I thought I was going to have to buy a new phone, as it was getting just too frustrating to use under standard 4.1.2. With root + Helly Bean, it’s like having my excellent little nexus s back!

    One small issue I’ve found is that the navigation bar (standard nexus s one) often stays ‘on’ when I’ve shut power off/sleep. Sometimes, and it seems to eat the battery. Anyone experienced this/know a fix?


  17. Laslotoz says:

    The rom works flawlessly, very fast and responsive, but i keep having problems with the gps.. it does not work at all: it seems that it can’t connect at any satellite..i’ve installed many utilities for the gps which can’t make a fix and find satellites either

  18. CĂ©dric says:

    GĂ©nial , mon Nexus s commençait a souffrir avec des roms de plus en plus lourde , et bien c’est terminer ! Quelle bonheur de retrouvĂ© la rapiditĂ© , la fluiditĂ© et la stabilitĂ© …Je la conseille vivement .

  19. yogesh says:

    i m nt able 2 use usb mass storage after installing this rom please any1 help me plzzz

  20. FEROZ KHAN says:

    When downloading apps from play store is toooo late and error 923 shows. How to solve plz help me

  21. Joe says:

    So far every rom other than Illusion wont work. It just sits on bootup after the google logo or is a black screen after google logo. Cant boot anything

  22. Eric says:

    Not able to change the voicemail number on this mod. Someone else mentioned it earlier, but I couldn’t find a solution. Whatever you type in for the voicemail number doesn’t save…it just stays at *86 which doesn’t seem to work with Sprint.
    Has anyone found a solution for this?

  23. download says:

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  24. baslhamed says:

    thank for help me

  25. baslhamed says:

    Iam very happy to help me

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