CyberGRMod ROM for Rooted Nexus S!

The CyberGRMod ROM is another great ICS ROM for your rooted Nexus S. This ROM actually was referred to me by users on YouTube very often. I apologize for the delay for getting this ROM reviewed on but believe me, it was well worth the wait.

The CyberGRMod ROM does remind me a lot of CodeName ROM (which I reviewed last week) and there’s many similarities plus more tweaking. You can also load Matr1x kernel up for your flashing pleasure, works flawlessly.

If you are looking for a ton of tweaks and hackability, the CyberGRMod ROM might just be for you. Give it a try and let me know how it compares with other great ROMs out now for the Nexus S.

Download ROM:

Download CyberGRMod ROM

Download Kernel:

Download Matr1x Kernel

Credits – Link

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31 Responses to CyberGRMod ROM for Rooted Nexus S!

  1. Stan says:

    the main problem with those latest roms is the Mobile Network internet will never even be work, so what’s the point to use it.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Most likely your APN settings, they will work if you set the APNs on ROMs that don’t have mobile network out of the box. Some ROMs do require manually APN settings. You can easily find you APN settings by googling it, e.g. google for “T-Mobile APN settings”.

  2. Avinash says:

    I want to join you on Facebook but there is no such page or group…..
    The link you send in email is also not working.

  3. brunno says:

    for some reason when itry to flash this it says is aborted.. i was on 2.3.7 fire and ice what seems to be the problem??

  4. John says:

    Maybe you have then 4G version? This ROM I think that it’s not for Nexus S 4G. Also I think that you should keep the kernel that comes with CyberGR|MOD v.8 because I think that this way this ROM has better performance.

  5. rokkie says:

    Thanks for the review! still, after testing these roms that u posted (bixie, codename, cyberGr) plus cm9, i personally used to like the bixie one but the codeName that i’m using at the moment surprise me more – better battery life and seems to be a better performance in games (like gta3, oc 1.4ghz it’s almost smooth.. :P).

    GREAT WORK!!!!

  6. Doug says:

    I have never had a problem installing anything from this site. After looking at other sites, to me, this site has a lot of easy to follow ,barney-style, instructions that made me feel a lot safer about rooting my phone and installing roms. The only rom I have had a problem with was Codename. I could not connect to my mobile network even after inputting the correct APN settings. I’ve had to do this on a few other roms and it worked so I know it’s not the settings. Nexus s, Cincinnati Bell

  7. Kenneth says:

    Hello Nexus S Hacks

    Excellent work on this page 🙂

    This is the best Rom I ever have tried.
    Fantatike many sets and good launcher and really fast Rom
    and received the best scores with this ROM in Quadrant test, in using (Bixie, Code name, CyanogenMod)

    Sorry my English

  8. prvn says:

    touch to focus on camera app is one of the cool features specific to this one and codename..u ought to have mentioned it !

  9. Getz says:

    which kernel version should i get since it has a lot there inside the link you gave

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Try the latest version of course, I think latest is 17.0 right now.

      • Getz says:

        I tried latest version but it keep rebooting without OC. After i power on the phone and enter the home screen, it take about 1 mins and it reboot and i have tried lot of times. i’m using 17.0 cfs. (sorry for my english)

  10. Getz says:

    why there is no link for google apps? is it included?

  11. Leonardo Brett says:

    Awesome Rom, i love all the tweaks!!! ´´BUT´´ why doesnt work the calendar?, it just does not gets install. I try the Rom, its great, but the problem is the calendar. I got back to Bigxie another great Rom but i really want to use this one. If there’s something i’m missing to make the calendar work, it would be nice to tell me.

  12. NexusDancer says:

    tried it again and zip file is ok now…thanks. PS great site, thanks for the work you put in!

  13. Mazmatt says:

    Love this site, everything is explained or shown clearly.
    Newb friendly whilst still providing enough info for the tech heads.

  14. michaeljiz says:

    n00b here. I installed kangy rom, and i don’t know what changing the kernel does to a phone (I want to say mine is clockwork), so i’m not playing with that.
    I tried cyanogenmod9 for nexus s, but it’s still in alpha and very very laggy. Kangy is good, but i’m just wondering if you have something better (perfect combination of full functionality, better battery life and silky smooth), without over-clocking the phone (i’m not a big fan of that).


  15. Nigel Moss says:

    reboots and deep sleep problems, way too buggy. back on NexusBeam as I need the stability

  16. r.p says:

    hi…….. i’m not able to perform AnTuTu test it stop’s after reching 65%……………..was good with bigxie……..and not getting 12/12 cpu only 8/8 cpu in quadrant standard……have i done n e thing worng…….. using matix17.5

  17. Kenneth says:


    I have updated to the new version v9

    But can not remove the buttons are in the bottom of the screen
    (back, menu, search, home)
    so there is double the buttons on screen and on mobile.

    If I go into settings and press the remote buttons
    done nothing Help

    Sorry my English

  18. Kenneth says:


    I have updated to the new version v9

    But can not remove the buttons are in the bottom of the screen
    (back, menu, search, home)
    so there is double the buttons on screen and on mobile.

    If I go into settings and press the remote buttons
    done nothing Help

    Sorry my English

  19. Darius says:

    CyberGR v10 ics 4.0.4 was already released and is now the fastest nexus s rom.

  20. Adam says:

    Honestly the worst ICS rom I’ve ever used yet. CONSTANTLY crashes and messes up and continually restarts my phone randomly, and when it does never makes it past the boot screen until I rip the battery out. Also picks random apps and just won’t let them run until I restart the phone. Happens a lot with Music and Text messaging.

    Can say for sure I’ll never use it again and sad I ever did.

    All sounds a bit harsh but its my own review so take it however you want.

  21. daas says:

    For me not having sleep toggle in notifications just cuts this rom off my list. Tried it lots of mods but i need that the most. It save me time and i avoid using power button. CM9 with reloaded mod is just awesome 😀

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