CyanogenMod9 ICS ROM v3 for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G with Matr1x Kernel!

Here’s an update on CM9 ICS ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. Last time I installed it, it was one of the first ICS ROMs available and very buggy. Well, the recent version 3.0 ROMs are probably one of the best out there. One of the things I noticed about this ROM is that the camera/camcorder start-up lag is almost non-existent, something I was wishing to be fixed on the ICS ROMs. Other than that, there’s only great things I can say about CM9 ICS ROM, it comes with loads of customizations like the launcher, ability to add CM9 themes, and tweak CPU overclock/underclock settings.

For those of you wondering, which ROM is the best for your Nexus S or Nexus S 4G, I think they all have their own merits. You can really give this guy a go or any of other ROMs I’ve reviewed in the last couple months including Bigxie, Codename, Crossbones, etc…etc…

For goo results on this ROM, try this:

Good combo for Nexus S: CM9 + Matr1x @1.3/1.46Ghz OC with Min/Max or Lulzactive/intellidemand/wheatley/Lionheart

Good combo for Nexus S 4G: CM9 + Matr1x @1.46Ghz OC with Lulzactive/intellidemand/wheatley/Lionheart

*Note – Try Min/Max governor for anyone getting reboots first then lower CPU frequency.

Download ROM for Nexus S

Download ROM Nexus S 4G

Download GoogleApps

Download for Matr1x Kernel (works on both Nexus S and S 4G)

Instructions for flashing – In CWM, wipe, install ROM, install GoogleApps, then install Matr1x kernel.

Don’t know how to install ROM? See How to Install ROM on Nexus S or Nexus S 4G!

Also refer to Nexus S Cheat Sheet.


CM9 v3.4 Nexus S
CM9 v3.0 Nexus S 4G

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31 Responses to CyanogenMod9 ICS ROM v3 for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G with Matr1x Kernel!

  1. Aragorne78 says:

    Thanks !!!
    I was looking for this rom more than 2h now.
    I’m going to instal it !!

  2. GG says:

    Nice, but I wanna see you showing us the new miui

    • Joe Kennedy says:

      Fyi I’ve found Kong’s ‘stuffed crust’ MIUI pretty good for daily use. Essentially a stock build of the latest MIUI with the added bonus of running android 4.04 (latest version).

      Not attempted overclocking or anything, just so as you know but seems overall much more stable than codename.

      You can find the XDA thread here, with download links etc.

  3. Sufyan says:

    wonder what took you so long to review this beautiful ROM..been using this ROM for about a month now already.. πŸ˜‰

  4. Crowsby says:

    So with all the roms that you’ve been reviewing, I have to wonder: what do you use as a ‘daily driver’?

  5. Simran says:

    Think you should give the new CyberGR-MOD a try…I recently left that rom for Codename, but from the looks of it, it looks like its been improved greatly.

  6. DIEGOL85 says:

    which governor would be the best when it comes to battery life?

    • Joe Kennedy says:

      Hi man, as far as i’m aware governors do not significantly effect battery life. there’s a spreadsheet somewhere in XDA to prove that but i can’t find it atm πŸ˜€

      Kernels do, tho.

      As far as i’m aware matr1x kernel is quite a way out infront in terms of battery life.

      I was using eugene’s speedy 7 kernel until recently and found it to be more stable than matr1x, and with comparable battery life.

  7. King of Norway says:

    Can’t run over 1300Ghz on my NS, what ever rom I use.

  8. Hadi says:

    No wifi on i9023 πŸ™

  9. DJNomad says:

    Matr1x Kernal “bfs” vs “cfs” whats the difference? I am installing on Nexus S 4g and I dunno what to use.

  10. Nelsonhtb says:

    Just flashed cm9 with minmax 200/1460 unstable. Change governor to interactive and seems stable for now.
    Thanks for video guide, it’s a great help to first timers like me to adventure out and try flashing roms.

  11. Mazmatt says:

    Great ROM went with your recommendation CM9 + Matr1x and love it nice and stable and responsive.

  12. elcubano01 says:

    where are the themes?

  13. Mazmatt says:

    Just as well I can grab Cyanogen roms from here because their forums seem to be infected up to wazoo with trojans.

  14. Getz says:

    Hey man, i just installed the rom successfully but one thing i felt weird was the gapps doesnt contain google+ and maps. nexus s hack, pls help me

  15. PS21 says:

    Nice job. I installed this rom 4 days ago. Runs smoothly. I have min100 max1300 (smartassV2). Very stable combo (not a single reboot) with good battery life. Scores 2500 – 2670. Some interfaces still not available ( Themes, etc).
    Ideal for everyday use. I think it works better with kervel CFS 3.0.22 (v17.5). I have tried kernel matr1x 3.0.24 (v18) but i was not very happy.

  16. Snapg2 says:

    I really hate this rom because its rly slow and battery sucks so i was wondering if i can switch from this rom to cyangenmod 7.1 btw im new to android

  17. allen says:

    please help, every CM rom i tried would not give me an option to log in to my google account, do you have any alternate way to do it?

  18. melty says:

    USB transfer speeds in ICS or in recovery mode are less than 1mb/s. Any idea how to fix this? Other than that this is a great ROM.

  19. daas says:

    Bigxies a better and complete from this one is a lot unstable and incomplete I can tell you just writing this comment with it is an impossible task. I dis a complete clean install but that just goes to show you that this ones needs a lot of work .

  20. daas says:

    I stand corrected cm9 v6 with matr1x has no equal in roms right till this moment.

  21. kelvin thomas says:

    my mobiile data isnt working ??? why is that?

  22. Jaiguhu says:

    Hi there. Why is it that when i want to tweak some preferences, i would get a message saying Preference Stub- Temporary placeholder until functionality merged. Why cant i access it, or how can i access it.?
    Thanks =)

  23. Brigham says:

    I just installed the cm9 ROM on my nexus s 4g with the matrix kernel and am unable to set up my apple email account. It is an IMAP account and when it comes to the smtp settings I get the error message:

    Can’t safely connect to server. (
    SSLProtocolException: SSL handshake aborted:
    ssl=0x963eb8: Failure in SSL library, usually a protocol error error: 140770FC:SSL routines: SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO: unknown protocol (external/openssl/ssl/s23_clnt.c:683 0x4026bc99:0x00000000))

    Can anyone help with this. I am very new to android. Thanks.

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