CyanogenMod 9 ICS ROM with Matr1X Kernel for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

CyanogenMod 9 is probably one of the faster setups for Nexus S on ICS right now, overclocked to 1.46Ghz with Matr1x kernel, if you know a better setup, don’t hesisitate to let me know.

This is a pretty “pure” AOSP ROM with minimal bloatware plus it comes with DSP Manager for those of you audiophiles.

There’s a lot of ICS ROMs out now so I will keep you posted.

For Nexus S, flash ROM, GoogleApps, and Kernel.
For Nexus S 4G, flash ROM and Kernel.

Download CM9 ICS ROM for Nexus S:

Download CM9 for Nexus S

Download CM9 ICS ROM for Nexus S 4G:

Download CM9 for Nexus S 4G

Download Google Apps

Download Matr1X Kernel (If you want Overclocking)

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32 Responses to CyanogenMod 9 ICS ROM with Matr1X Kernel for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

  1. William Lewis says:

    Everytime I try to flash cyangenmod 7 I get a repsonse that says installation aborted

    • Ben says:

      i got this so much as well, it really frustrated me. I flashed a different version of CWM and it worked

    • Prink says:

      Yes, I too get the same error!!

      • Joshua says:

        Download the other (4g) link version… it’s just backwards.
        The link for the 4g, is actually for the NON 4g Nexus, and the link for the NON 4g, is for the 4g.

        Mildly confusing for those who don’t pay much attention.

  2. William Lewis says:

    I mean 9 the above was an error

  3. Oliver says:

    Doesn’t work for some reason, it just put cm7 back on? Tried from clockwork ron manager same thing..

  4. Jwach says:

    when trying to flash i got an “installation aborted”

  5. Pieterjan says:

    The links to the ROMs are wrong.

    If you have a nexus s , instal the rom for nexus s 4G
    And if you have a nexus s 4G, instal the rom for the nexus s.

    If you look closer to the ROMfiles you see that they’re mixed up.

    • jr says:

      Dang man thanks… didn’t even notice this… this should be fixed though…Anyone know if its fully functional face unlock wallet etc?

  6. Rakib Hassan says:

    this rom doesn’t look very useful…. plz test the new miui ics rom and let us know about the better modded rom for ics; brainmaster, cyanogen 9 or miui..! thank you

  7. Chris Cortes says:

    not very useful. switching back to CM7.

  8. M1x says:

    A comparison between cm9 and miui ics rom would be very useful!!!!

  9. M1x says:

    I think the best setup for nexus s right now is stock ICS with GlaDOS 2.5
    Just try it!!!

  10. M1x says:

    It is old~~~~~~~~~~

  11. Khemist92 says:

    Stock OTA rom i9023 with Glados kernel , works like a charm:)

  12. lawlietl says:


    the links are in wrong order

    Download CM9 for Nexus S 4G ( is linked to Nexus S)

    and Download CM9 for Nexus S ( is linked to Nexus S 4G)

  13. Rosen says:

    hi guys, and what happens now…
    i have obviously downloaded the wrong rom and my Nexus S stacked at boot screen?
    will i brick it if remove the battery or…..

  14. galaxxxi says:

    works great! thanks.

  15. Colin Tudor says:

    Max loks like hes having some trouble on his Nexus S. I havent updated my rom yet but want something which runs smoothly without too much lag or too many bugs. Does Cyanogen 9 work ok on the nexus S?

  16. lawlietl says:

    can someone tell me if i can install this on other android devices…. stuff that are made in china 🙂

  17. Nick says:

    Hey Max, I have a rom/kernel combo for you to try out! UltimateICS v2.0 from iceandfire and the matrix-cfs 14.0 kernel, or stock kernel. and I have on screen buttons enabled, try that out to if you want.

  18. Oonie2111 says:

    I tried the Rom/Kernel Combo as u said…It’s Really working Fine & smooth 🙂

  19. Alan says:

    I’m running the suggested ROM, but with the cfs 14.0 Matr1x kernel instead of the bfs 13.0, it’s supposed to be more stable. So far everything works great!

  20. AJediIAm says:

    CM9 20.p1 alpha is out:

    Use with ics gapps v8 and be sure to wipe your data.

  21. Adam Carter says:

    so, i’ve had this on for a few days, and a few things i’ve noticed:

    – no google voice integration with visual voicemail.
    – no way to change the grid of ICS to remove icon labels or allow for 5×5 *and* raise the screen density; because of this, i’m relying on ADW/GOLauncher for further customization, but this adds latency/stability issues to my experience. using these programs provides a gingerbread interface by default, so i’m having to use an ICS theme on both to remind me that i’m using the newest version of android, and those apparently have no compatible option to get the consistent ICS google search bar. the ICS themes are the only constant reminder i’m using ICS other than the bad ass new camera features.
    – tumblr,, and various other apps that worked fine with CM7.1 don’t appear to work with CM9/ICS.
    – still only 3G wifi hotspot; 4G only works for data to the phone.

    it is rather fast when it wants to be, but almost wish i would have just left CM7.1 on it until a more stable/customizable version became available.

  22. Voyn says:

    For T-Mobile users: Apparently CM9 installs the AT&T radio files, so you only get limited wireless data options (I think the phone has to work out the best compromise it can between the 2 networks). My 3G connection disappeared completely ever since I installed CM9, and I had no idea why. I seemed to be stuck on the EDGE network, and it was painfully slow. I finally saw someone mention going to to download the correct radio files for your phone/carrier. I eventually found them: Go to the main page, click on “Forums”, then scroll down to the “Nexus S/Nexus S 4G” section in the Samsung group. Then look for the “RADIO/GUIDE/TWEAK” thread and download the proper radio files. I downloaded the “Radio KD1 =>> KF1” which is for i9020T only, and is towards the bottom of the list. Installed via CWM, and now I have 3G again. Yay!

    I never saw this specifically addressed anywhere, so figured it was worth a mention here.

  23. Sagar Mehta says:

    I just flashed CM9 with the matrix kernel and i must say that my battery life has improved alot!!! previously i was getting a max of 13-14 hrs of my nexus s and now i am getting about 26-30 hrs…i am just loving this!!!

  24. Rom says:

    can anybody help please, everytime i try to flash i keep getting abort bad and ive downloaded both files still all the same, please help someone

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