CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM + Trinity Kernel for Rooted Nexus S! [4000+ Quadrant][1.44Ghz OC]

I’ve always felt good about CyanogenMod ROMs for the Nexus One or the Nexus S, as one of the first/best ROMs for the Nexus series has always been CyanogenMod ROMs.

Well, CyanogenMod 7.1 just came out for the Nexus S, added with Trinity Kernel at 1.44Ghz OC gives you “wings”.

Download ROM here:

Download CM7.1 ROM

Download GoogleApps here:

Download Gapps

Download Kernel here:

Download Trinity Kernel 1.44Ghz OC

You can try both 1.44Ghz or 1.544Ghz to see how far your Nexus S can go. Mine maxed out at 1.44Ghz

Download Trinity Kernel 1.544Ghz OC

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31 Responses to CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM + Trinity Kernel for Rooted Nexus S! [4000+ Quadrant][1.44Ghz OC]

  1. Maciej says:

    hi, great job on this page ๐Ÿ˜€ i have a question about trinity kernel, is it possible to install this kernel on rootet stock ROM? Stock + cyangoen recovey?

    thanks for answer ๐Ÿ™‚
    keep ut the good work!


  2. Maciej says:

    i also forgot, if it is possible will OC work on stock rom? i was using stock for 6 months without problems, cm7 makes couple… but OC rocks! mine Nexus S i9023 got 5896 on trinity kernel 1,544 :D:D:D what do You think about trinity kernel in stock rom? (if it’s possible)

  3. Maciej says:

    i have problems with couple programs when my nexus s is overclocked to 1,544 or 1,44… for example sygic aura is rebooting phone :/ dunno why, propably cause it’s OC’ed to high.. do You know how to maka a oc step between 1000 and for example 1444? i can only choose this, nothing like 1200 or 1300

  4. jbandroid says:

    ok ok ok …. does the mms work with the rom on sprint’s network… ns4g.. like sending pictures, etc?? and like ol’ dude asked above can you just use a kernel with the stocked gingerbread os?? i have played around with cm
    wiht my htc desire when i was with US.Celluar i like it A LOT!! H ave not had the chance to play with cm7.1 with my ns4g.

  5. Chris says:

    Hey how do I get google wallet , Im on the Nexus S , not 4g , any help ?

  6. Fil says:

    Could you PLEASE show how the Flash-Performance is? Can you play 720p or even 1080p Flash-Videos while at the same time scrolling smoothly trough the web page where the flash-video is embedded?

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Not sure if you need to do that, the resolution on Nexus S is 800×480, even if you played 720P, it would still be 480P in reality. No need to go beyond 480P?

      • Fil says:

        And i am not sure if a Phone really need 1.5 GhZ ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I am thinking of buying a nexus s like my friends one but there is one thing which i dont like on his phone. Everytime he plays an embedded flash-Video the whole browser starts becoming really laging. Scrolling, opening new pages… everything becomes laggy

        Then i saw you scores here and i just would like to know if your phone is able to play flash and scroll smooth simultaneously. And just for curiosity i would like to see not only the basic resolutions (360 and 480) but also if its capable of playing higher resolutions (even knowing the Resolution is still 800×400)

        Thank you.

  7. StanDroid says:

    I’m running a very stable rooted Nexus S with CM 7.02 and ClockWorkMod Recovery. When I flashed the 1.44 Trinity and rebooted, it hung at the Trinity sign-on. Any ideas on source of problem?

  8. StanDroid says:

    Thanks for the response…but now I have a puzzle about the role of Trinity.

    Based on this webpage, it occurred to me that perhaps I needed CM 7.1; I was running 7.02. So, I flashed 7.1, but did not flash or reflash Trinity. On reboot, SetCPU expanded to include speeds to 1500 MHz; and, the benchmark test showed the variation — including crazy fast — that could be obtained.

    Question: did the current CM 7.1 kernel include speed acceleration and thereby obviate Trinity; or, does Trinity offer something in addition to the 7.1 speed acceleration? Or, is there some other explanation?

  9. babloogta says:

    sir plz tell me this guide work for nexus s i9023 android 2.3.6 grk33f thanks

  10. Pratik says:

    So i installed the cm7.1 with the trinity kernel which oc’d my phone to 1.544 ghz..It works like a charm and my phone has never been quicker…absolutely love it…just one problem though ,i use the app orbot to connect to pandora as i live in india and every time i turn it on it reboots again and again…i thought maybe i should re install but again it just keeps rebooting…is there anysolution to this coz i loooveeee pandora.. thank in advance..

  11. babloogta says:

    sir as u saw me to flash cyanogen mod on my nexus s i9023 using rom manager but now my nexus s stock on cyanogen mod logo i have flashed thanks

  12. babloogta says:

    I tired to cleaning cache but nothing effect always stock on cyanogen mod logo as I know that this guide is now compitible with my nexus s i9023 so plz tell me there is anotherway to overclocked my nexus s upto 1 ghz. I saw there is another guide is about trienty if trienty is comitable with mynexus s so place provide me the informantion I am running android 2.3.6 nexus s i9023

  13. Demetrius says:

    I have a nexus s 4g and I installed the combo as you’ve suggested and it works great. Three things trouble me though, first, I’m not able to use Tango or Skype. Secondly, what over clock app do I use, and thirdly how can I get the Google wallet app to work with the nfc chip.

  14. jon says:

    lags up then stops when I switch CPU to 1440. I then have restart. what should I do

  15. Faisal says:

    Hi..I flashed it and its very good…What I have to do in case if I need to go back to stock rom…? If I download a 2.3.6 rom from google and just flash it…? Please help

    Nexus S i9023

  16. Ralf says:

    after i flashed the rom i miss gmail app, i installed gmail but it doesnยดt work
    could you please give me a hand

    regards ralf

  17. Clement says:

    Hi, I just followed your latest guide on Rooted Nexus S ICS/Gingerbread (The TWRP one). I am running 2.3.6, with a i9020A (AT&T version on the Carrier 3 in the UK) and I was wondering if CM7.1 + the Overclock would work with my nexus s. Also, do you have a guide on how to install both these items with TWRP, as that is the recovery I installed when I followed your rooting guide. Anyways, I would love to be able to get CM7.1 + OC on my Nexus S working with 3G working and WiFi working… I just don’t want to brick my phone :).

    P.S. Very new to this… I have had 4 iPhones (have 2)

  18. Clement says:

    I’ve got this working and it is stable for the first 5-10 minutes but then weird things start to happen, everything lags, I’ve had graphics severely glitch up, etc… Until it complete freezes and I have to remove the battery. Is there a way for me to over clock it to 1.3? It will only let me slide it to 1.0 or 1.44 :/

  19. Latasha Quick says:

    Will trinity work for the galaxy nexus since it runs ice cream sandwich 4.02? If so how do i back my phone up and how do i download the kernel?

  20. ad3el says:

    i dont like trinity colors shity blue…is there anyway to change them? btw thnx for upload grt work

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