Crossbones ICS ROM + Matr1x Kernel on Nexus S ans S 4G!

Here’s an updated overview of the Crossbones ICS ROM for both Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. I know this was one of the best ICS ROMs when custom ICS ROMs were first available on the Nexus S phones and still, I kinda like it that it gives you “pure” ICS experience without any additives.

If you are looking for a pure ICS experience with great battery life and performance, give this ROM a try and let me know how it works for you.

How to Install this ROM:

Download ROM for Nexus S

Download ROM for Nexus S 4G

Download Matr1x Kernel for both Nexus S or Nexus S 4G (use latest version like CFS 17.5)

Credits – XDA

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20 Responses to Crossbones ICS ROM + Matr1x Kernel on Nexus S ans S 4G!

  1. Sjoerd says:

    Why would i want this instead of the official stock version? I believe that the official version is probably better due to budget and testing. Why would i prefer this one?

  2. rolanbc says:

    Will flashplayer work on this one? Thanks.

  3. Chan Myat Oo says:

    wifi is not working, my nexus s have the same problem when i flesh Bigxie rom , i hoped crossbone can solve this out but it’s not. apart from that very nice rom , very smooth and fast. special thanks to developer and max lee

  4. Carlos says:

    Installed the crossbones ics rom. Looks great but no wifi. installed the apps and Matr1 kernel 18.0

    get “WIFI not in range”

    when flashing to android 2.3.4 rom everything works fine .

    Is there a solution.

    Kind Regards.

  5. Norway says:

    Did a full and clean install, wiped everything and reset to factory. Gapps didnt run, and lot of buggs in settings. Ringtone always on silent, and other buggs that made me go back to CM9 Nightly. Sorry, was looking forward to test this.

  6. Jo Ho says:

    It’s really a great ROM never seen before, thanks.

    But I have a little question. When I watch rmvb movie with MOBOPLAYER in my Nexus S, it couldn’t play and always REBOOT automatic.

    Can you help me to solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot.

  7. brian says:

    Alot of my apps close doesn’t say force close the just shut

  8. Navid Danesh says:

    hey man! tnx for ur great job! but some bugs exist:
    1) the speed of file transfer from PC/Laptop to Nexus S with this ROM is too slow!!!!!!!! ( about avg. 283KB/s )!!

    2) some apps shut down suddenly!

    3) and another not a bug …. a question… can I uninstall/remove system installed apps?? like Music or Dev Tools and GooManager?

    again tnx!

    • Garrett says:

      Navid, to answer your first question, that’s because ICS 4.0.3 does NOT support mass storage. I had to wait 2 hrs for a 300MB video. I even tried using an FTP to see if i could download it to the internal memory faster then transferring to the SD, but nothing worked. Just gotta wait it out, or hope google changes it.

      Does anyone know the best governor (in there opinion or fact) for longest battery life possible and maintained performance. I’ve been sticking to ondemand mainly because I’m unable to find more information about the newer governors included in the matr1x kernel. Sorry if this is a dumb question, just need to get pointed in the right direction. Thanks
      (Nexus S 4g Rooted)

      • Navid Danesh says:

        Tnx Garrett! another issue is the visual effects in Camcorder section does not work! if I select any effects such as big mouth/big eyes …etc.. the program shuts down!

        Garrett! can u answer me how can I watch Full HD 1080i / 1080p videos on my Nexus S??
        I think the cpu is good enough to play 1080 videos! I have a DVB-T reciever (set-top-box) with 400Mhz cpu that can play 1080 videos without any problem!!

        • CALEB says:

          its the screen reso. that wont let you watch 1080p videos. nexus s 4g has 800×480.

          to make usb storage faster. REBOOT INTO RECOVERY AND MOUNT AS USB STORAGE. i was able to get upto 7mb/s.

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  10. Eric says:

    Thank you!! I don’t know how this works but it just does. Followed the instructions to the letter and my NS4G now generates its own wi-fi signal and my iPad (3G) played youtube videos just like it was on my home network. I turned off the home wi-fi just to be sure and yep the NS4G is doing it all by itself. The only problems I had were that ClockworkMod Touch Recovery won’t open and that my apps wouldn’t download on their own like before so I spent an hour downloading but other than these two issues its working perfectly. Thanks again!

  11. Kyle says:

    I haven’t had any of the problems listed in the comments. I was able to get on Wifi and I haven’t noticed any random crashes. Battery life has been great along with overall performance. I like that this is a very lightweight ROM. My favorite feature is that I’m able to make the hard buttons light up when I have a notification. I really hated how the NS4G didn’t have a notification light. I’m using this with the Matrix cfs18 Kernel BTW.

  12. Yashar Rashedi says:

    1) USB data transfer rate is too low (130~150KB/s)
    2) No WiFi
    apart from these problems I faced in testing for 15 mins other tweaks are great

  13. Pete says:

    well.. installed the lastest and greatest crossbones for the 4g… (ver 3.0)… works ok.. there is no overclocking with the default kernel in the crossbones rom but the apps seem stable….. now.. the problems start with the matrix kernel.. as soon as i install it (ver 18.5).. apps start to shut down… the gallery will start to load pictures and just as it finishes.. bam… the camera app will open.. but within a few seconds.. bam.. shutdown.. i had this happen with kernel 17.5 aswell.. it took like 3 or 4 attempts at installing the kernel before apps stop crashing/shutting down….. and yes.. i took all the steps.. did a factory reset.. wiped everything (dalvic, cache..etc).. installed the rom…. and gapps….. onces installed.. repeat the above.. factory reset….etc..etc…etc… install the kernel.. i may give it another try tonight.. but i find the kernel abit unstable.. and this is the CFS version…. im on the crossbones rom default kernel right now..

  14. jeff says:

    keeps saying cant open/sdcard (thefileneme)
    installation aborted.

    any help?

  15. Rishiraj Thorat says:

    after installing apex rom my mass storage is not working plz tell me solution for this i am having lot of problems

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