CodeName ICS ROM with Matr1x Kernel for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

Here’s another combo you can expect some smooth performance with great battery life, CodeName ICS ROM with Matr1x kernel. I think this one, Crossbones, and Bigxie/Apex ROMs are probably the best I’ve tried so far.

The CodeName ICS ROM is super fast, I was getting over 3000 on Quadrant on couple runs. For those of you who need the best ROMs, you might want to give this ROM a try. It’s also available in both Nexus S and Nexus S 4G so that’s a plus.


Download CodeName ICS ROM for Nexus S 4G

Download CodeName ICS ROM for Nexus S

Download Matrix Kernel (works on both Nexus S/Nexus S 4G)

Credits – Link

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60 Responses to CodeName ICS ROM with Matr1x Kernel for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

  1. Darian says:

    So this will stop the phone rebooting issue? I have bigxie and I still have that issue

  2. Abhijit says:


    Can you review the Kangy v12 ICS ROM (built off AOKP). I am getting great performance along with matr1x 16.0

  3. CrodYe says:

    it didn’t work with me error in installation ?

  4. Ashwin says:

    Bro, did you tweak the voltages to get it stable?
    2ndly do you play games at performance or do you using your ‘interactiveX’ for gaming?
    Let me know, thanks 🙂

  5. Rudolf says:

    Thanks for your nice programs. I got the rooting update of my Samsung S (9023) with Android 4.0.3. but hang on the overclocking issue. The video is very nice but does not give guidance how to install. Since it is my first time here, I do not have experience on similar installations. Is it possible to have a step by step guidance as with rooting f.e.?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

  6. Runner Dude says:

    My phone seems to be taking a while to power up ICS. Is this normal? (This is the first ROM I’ve tried since I rooted my phone 20 minutes ago) If not, i guess i’ll uninstall and go back to 2.3.7. Also like Rudolf, I do not know if I installed it right…

    • Rudolf says:

      @runner dude
      what programs did you install and which sequence did you apply?
      I am very sorry, not to receive any answer on a step by step guidance.
      Maybe we can check on the challenge.
      P.S.: I unlocked my Nexus S in the meantime and have superuser rights (?). When I clicked on ROM Manager I got the advise to install “ClockworkModRecovery” (?) and ROM (?). After clicking on installation and confirming the model there was an error message saying “by executing privileged instructios a mistake occured…..”

      • Runner Dude says:

        I installed super user, and tried to install the Codename ICS rom after that. What ended up happening was that I went into a boot loop which lasted for several hours as I downloaded the files that I needed to unroot the phone. I believe that the reason I went into the dreaded boot loop was because I forgot to clear the cache. I’m currently researching what I need to do next time I try to update the OS software.
        Oh, by the way, I have the 4g version of the phone. It shouldn’t really make much difference, but who knows…

        • Rudolf says:

          Thanks for your advise. I will clear the cache in advance. And try to install “Overclock Nexus S”. Hope you could arrange everything and OC ist already working with you? ;o)
          Best Regards, Rudolf

          Nexus S 4.0.3, rooted

  7. Oonie2111 says:

    Can any1 please tell me that if i overclock my device to 1.46 ghz then what changes should be made to my voltages ? thanks in Advance … 🙂

    • Daas says:

      If you overclock it and it works fine then no need to change voltage. This rom already works great with its preset voltage settings so dont change it unless you have reboots. And try overclocks from 1200 to 1400 dont jump to 1400 straight. see which ones are stable. If you still want to change voltages just increase 15 to all current voltage settings and see and dont forget to take a snapshot of your current voltage settings just incase if you want to revert back to default.

      • Ashwin says:

        It seems to work fine, but I have random reboots on games, like Shadowgun at 1.460. Any suggestions?

        • daas says:

          1.4 is usually unstable in most phone try playing on 1.3 or 1.2 It should be fine. might lag initially but should settle down a bit later.

          • Ashwin says:

            Thanks man, I will try it with the Lastest Codename rom that just came out 1.4.0 ns.
            Do you see any difference when playing at the higher speeds and 2ndly when you play, do you use ‘performance’ ?

            • daas says:

              No havent tried out the new one im just running on 1.2ghz i might go back to bigxie i like few things about that one. And i use ondemand.

      • Oonie2111 says:

        Can you please Tell What if i change the voltages more than 15 …???

    • Rudolf says:

      Using setcpu I used 1600 mV and 1,46 GHz on my Nexus S with a stable Quadrant Benchmark.
      It is a pity that i cant paste a *.jpg file to send you the results…

  8. Apostolos says:

    It feels somehow laggy and unresponsive sometimes. I prefer Bigxie rom

    • Ashwin says:

      Have you tried the version 1.4.0? That just came out yesterday I believe. I have not updated it as yet. Might do it today.

  9. abhi says:

    Very nice run smoothly thank u soo much

  10. auro says:

    gud rom…b8 m gettin a slight lag almost everytime i open d app drawer…..i deselected d join with wdget app also….help me out plz!!!

  11. mr chink says:

    Here is a combo that i have found that give great battery life. code name android and the icup kernel verson 3.1.10

  12. Rudolf says:

    Thanks for the hint. Installed native Nexus 4.0.3 with together with setCPU_2.24.apk and reach more than 1.46 GHz with the suggested Voltage stable. Sometimes (seldom) I have a crash, even with no OC, which seems to be some inconsistency with some installation (matr1x).

  13. Aragorne78 says:

    Hello 🙂
    I found Codename 1.4.0 ^^ With Matr1x 16.5 cfs.
    that works great.

    Performance 800 ~1300 / interactiveX : i feel like a too much big step in the setting CPU use more batterie ( test in progresse..)
    I already tried Bixie and many others.
    But this one work great .
    Now i’m wayting a week to see if the batterie is stable.
    Because always on the first reboot Plate-forme android use more batterie than the screen so wait 1 or 2 batterie circle life to see the real possibilities befor to talk about draining batterie….

  14. Rudolf says:

    they question I have, is the OS for the different ROMs?
    I do not know yet, whether Codename 1.4.0 is a Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich version???
    I would prefer 4.0.3 OS for my Nexus S and appreciate any comment on this different ROMs.

    P.S.: Which ROM offers the “face recognition item” ?

    • Aragorne78 says:

      Codename 1.4.0 is based on ISC 4.0.3
      Only ISC Rom based (not all but CN 1.4.0 yes) is able to offer the face unlock.

  15. Rudolf says:

    thanks for the post! And Codename 1.4.0 is the same as on:
    Hope we stay rooted—;o)

  16. John says:

    Hey bro, very good to see you reviewing Nexus S ROM’s. Make a video review for the CyberGR|MOD v.8 with Matr1x kernel v.17. I’m using this combo and I’m very happy. My phone is smooth and fast like never before with any other ICS ROM!!!

  17. Rudolf says:

    thanks for the info. Looking forward to watching the video. CyberGR|MOD v.8 is new for me. Matr1x kernel v.17 seems to be brand new also. Could not find CyberGR|MOD v.8 on this page. Maybe you could give us location?
    Many thanks.

  18. Marius says:

    I have Bigxies Apex with Matr1x v17 right now. When i run Quadrant everything is pretty good, unless databse writes. It’s slow at yours, too. But I’m not getting more then 1600 in the quadrant score with 1,46 ghz and performance governer.

    Do you have an idea what could be wrong?


    • Marius says:

      Was the same with older and other kernels! Something wrong with Bgixies?

    • Rudolf says:

      I am not familiar with Bigxies ROM. But as John said, I would try the CyberGR|MOD v.8 ROM (where to download?).
      Maybe also the most recent version of Matr1x should be exchanged to V16.5? With my configuration and Quadrant I get 1506 points so 1600 sounds good…
      Maybe it has also to do with your memory available (Cache, programs installed, etc.)
      If you find a solution, let me know.

  19. James says:

    Does anyone know which kernel will work for v 4.0.4?

  20. Tree says:

    Does this mod work with Google Apps, Im running Crossbones currently but I want to try something else, I’ve noticed some bugs (extended texts are formatting properly, showing jumbled/encoded text when received, 4G won’t stay enabled, and some games just automatically crash out and wont reopen after they have ran once.) with it.

  21. bender says:

    I set cpu to 1.2gz and im getting almost 2000 in quadrant, but some time the response is still slow, and i notice that when the system switch between 3g and 4g is really slow.

  22. iceduze says:

    Awesome combo. Clocked it straight away to 1460, tried the Quadrant benchmark and got a score of 2574! My device has never run this smoothly.. Thanks!

  23. Rudolf says:

    Hi Folks,
    many thanks for the continous effort of improving performance of Nexus S.
    I have the impression, that ICS 4.0.3 has many bugs instead of 4.0.4 version, which I downloaded recently as ROM on
    It runs quick and smooth and I am very delighted.Maybe a challenge to improve performance of this most recent OS…I would also suggest again to mention the OS of the different ROMs to choose and the release version of the programs involved. Honestly speaking, I tried some ROMs and could not recognized an improvement with boot time and app pop up. Benchmarking is better – no question – and very useful for gamers….But bugs are contraproductive and even worse, when triggered. So lets strive for the best….BR

  24. bender says:

    also notice every time when its slow, i check the cpu speed and is 800, this might be a governor issue. im switching between the smartassv2 and performance governor, still same issue.

  25. Olim says:

    Anyone have a step by step installation of a Rom using de twrp.
    I think i´ve done something wrong in the installation cause the Rom is too laggy.
    tks guys

  26. Kristian says:

    hi .. I’ve downloaded this rom .. can you please advise which kernel it is on this mirror link

    thank you

  27. karajim86 says:

    Thaks for all of these stuff.
    The kernel works fine and very stable with 1360Mhz cpu to me. Nexus s.
    Face unlock works fine.
    All issues works very well BUT!!!
    I want to install ringtone but i can’t, pick only from system list.
    Google earth is gone.
    If you have a solution please contact me.

  28. karajim86 says:

    It works!!!!
    Thanks my friend.
    Can you tell me about google earth?

    • Aragorne78 says:

      is it installed on your phone ?
      if yes uninstall it using titanium and make a new install from Play store (“New” Market).

      Excuse me but actually i’m using CM9 from Max Lee ( our great writer 😉 ).
      So i don’t remember all of this Good ROM.

  29. Máthé Dániel says:

    I’ve installed this combo, but at the first time I installed the kernel, and after that I installed the Rom. And now I can’t customize the cpu performance, and I can’t take it to 1400mhz. Plus it doesn’t show that the kernel is Matr1x. What can I do?? Would I install the kernel again??

    • Aragorne78 says:

      It’s normal installing the Rom with his own kernel u overwrite ur rom.
      U must instal ur kernel after wipe devil cache.

  30. Daniel Mathe says:

    Thank you for your help. Will I get the android updates?(for example the 4.0.5 which will come out in weeks)? And if I’ll get it and install it will my Kernel and Rom stay what I installed (eg.Codename+Matr1x), or I’d install them again??

  31. Pingback: ICS ROMS for Nexus S (CDMA and GSM) « Know Technology

  32. daas says:

    if your coming from bigxie then im sure you wont like it. Compared to that codename is just slow. Im restoring my backup to bigxie rom.

  33. kelvin wong says:

    Ive tried CodeName ICS ROM and matrix v18, even i nvr clock it, remaining at 1460mhz on my I9020A, the benchmark i get only 1800++ without clocking it, i merely get 1200+ on benchmark unlike the 3000 benchmark you have mentioned. is it due because of the version of the matrix kernel? and the battery life is kinda bad compare to my Gingerbread on 3G, normally your phone can last how long per charge? will wiping my battery data during recovery will make any difference?

  34. Flanders4212 says:

    Great site, great how to’s, and just a ton of good stuff for my Nexus S 4G

    So I installed Codename today, and the Google Apps, and then loaded Matr1x kernel after that. Everything is running great, not too interested in OC’ing this thing. My only issue is that my Nexus won’t connect to 3G anymore. WiFi works great, and I’m getting 1x speeds, but it’s not connecting to the 3G network at all. Any ideas guys?

    • Aragorne78 says:

      Go to configure APN.

      • Flanders4212 says:

        How do I do that? There’s nothing in the Networks section about APN or anything. The phone is on Sprint, if that makes any difference.

        • Aragorne78 says:

          That depend of ur opérator u can found it on google taping configuration apn android “name of ur operator”.

        • Aragorne78 says:

          U have to creat the in the with the option new APN of course.

          • Flanders4212 says:

            I have no option for anything APN related, no ability to edit, remove, or create a new one.

            • Aragorne78 says:

              menu, settings, wireless controls, mobile network settings, access point names, menu, new apn

              Et voilà 🙂

              • Flanders4212 says:

                The access point names menu is not present

                • Aragorne78 says:

                  Sorry and my english is limited.
                  How to tell u… as when u are in the empty black sreen using the second tactil touch of the phone ( with the 4 stripe ..).
                  If someone understand it…

  35. Charmain says:

    Now my weight appears to be in free fall.

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