CM9 ICS ROM Android 4.0.4 for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

For this week, check out the CyanogenMod9 ICS ROM, which has been updated to Android 4.0.4 for both Nexus S and Nexus S 4G.  CM9 is certainly one of the best ROMs you can run on your Nexus S and Nexus S 4G and right now is probably one of the best times to flash this as everything works flawless.  Get your overclock on to 1.46Ghz too with Matr1x kernel or your favorite Nexus S kernel!


Download CM9 ROM for Nexus S

Download CM9 ROM for Nexus S 4G

Download Matr1x Kernel (get 18.5 CFS, works on both Nexus S and S 4G)

Credits – XDA, XDA

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35 Responses to CM9 ICS ROM Android 4.0.4 for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

  1. Nick says:

    Nice! If I’m flashing this over a recent CM9 nightly, is it OK to only clear dalvik cache + cache before flashing to save me the effort of setting everything up again after?

  2. Joao says:

    I’ve installed CyanogenMod v3 .. can I upgrade without losing data?

  3. Jwach says:

    When I change roms the boot screen animation does’t change. Anybody know why this would be.

  4. heliox69 says:

    Running the 9.0.0 RCO crespo SKANK version at the moment o/c to 1300 , runs faultlessly , why wait for the official version when these ROMs are about .Cheers Max and everyone at Cyanogen.

  5. DAAS says:

    I have to admit im loving cm9 initially it was a lil hard to adjust but once i got it on stock cm9 kernal its amazing but i had issues with battery in cm9 v5 to went back to cm9 v4 with reloaded mod. I tried cyber gr mod but just didnt like it. cm9 is just soo much faster and snappier. Plus cyber grmod didnt have sleep toggle and that counts for me.

  6. Sydney says:

    Just flashed this rom from the second newest version of CWM Recovery because the latest one doesnt go into CWM Recovery boot page.So i flashed the CM9 V5 rom and the ICS 5.0 Google apps. Now when i press system reboot it has the reboot animation, but this continues on into the “blue space” like forever, it doesnt stop. Before hand, i wiped my data and cache. Any ways to fix this. I might try restoring it to my stock rom and try it again.

  7. Bhupinder says:

    this is stuck on the Splash screen, any solutions ?

  8. Daas says:

    I didnt have boot issue. I had battery issues coming from v4 to v5 but went back to v4 cuz it was very stable and had good battery. Now i just did delvik and cache wipe and upgraded to v6. Battery seems stable till now and performance is good too. Do a complete clean install for v4 and then try doing what i did.

  9. F says:

    Hi Max!!!

    Can you add to a custom ROM theme review and how to apply them specially for CM9?


  10. frizzen says:

    I just flash the ROM, i got the 3575 quadrant on the maximum setting, and the second time testing it force to restart…

  11. riad says:

    i flashed the rom two days ago .it’s fast and there is no force closes or any other broblems until now .thanks for your good work .

  12. Ken says:

    I had issue with this rom. Smooth most of the time, but it wouold glitch up on me sometimes and every once in a while performance would be laggy. AOKP build 31 is by far the smoothest rom ive tried, its running 4.0.4, and it has way more features than cm9. Im usually a big cm fan but AOKP team has them beat right now

  13. Monty Blanco says:

    is this ROM requires you to flash Google apps separately?

  14. Michael says:

    just installed the new cm9 mod but now i cannot send or receive picture messages .. any fixes for this ?


  15. Jaiguhu says:

    Hi there. Why is it that when i want to tweak some preferences, i would get a message saying Preference Stub- Temporary placeholder until functionality merged. Why cant i access it, or how can i access it.?
    Thanks =)

  16. met.lord says:

    Hi there. I’ve just ended installing this ROM in my NEXUS S and suddenly I have no data connection, only through Wi-Fi. The APN is fine. I also tried the SIM Card in another phone and it gets 3G. Tried with a second SIM and realized I’m only able to get EDGE with another operator. There’s something wrong with the radio or something. Anyone else with this issues?

  17. auroorcks says:

    i installed d new nightly of cm9 d 1 released on 24.4.2012 ….i flashed air kernel 4 nd i cant turn on my wifi..ne1 else facing the same problem?????

  18. syed humayoo says:

    just downloaded the cm-9.0.0 Version 5
    working pretty smooth and i dont think i would go for the matr1x kernel. CM9’s stock kernel is way more stable at 1400Mhz . giving the the quadrant score of about 2015 is enough for me
    Cynogenmod team is far better than crossbones.

  19. vikas says:

    installed rom in Nexus S 4.0.4 rooted (i9020)
    all Network Lost
    how to fix it
    I’m from INDIA

  20. frizzen says:

    i just flashed version 5, it sucks
    can’t share bluetooth files

    the earlier version still far better…

  21. Andy says:

    It s suck …not work ! Don’t try this Rom.

  22. Greg says:

    like all other cm9 roms I’ve tried, the clock in the status bar will stop working at some point. very annoying!

  23. P--L says:

    Pixel was slower on my Nexus S than CyanogenMod 9 v3.0
    Reaction time was longer when pressing app icons,
    and boot time was 70 sec as opposed to 50 sec only on CyanogenMod 9 v.3.0
    I like CyanogenMod 9 v.3.0 and I’m using it now.

  24. Tauseef says:

    I have just flashed the CM9 ROM of Android 4.0.4 on my Nexus S and believe me guys it is really one of the best custom ROM available in market for Nexus S (Great performance and Better memory management)

  25. reagan says:

    I’ve installed this on my phone but somehow it’s more laggy than stock ROM 🙁
    everybody says that this is much faster than stock one, how come ? the lags are quiet noticeable and it’s quiet annoying

    I use default kernel and minimum clock 100 MHz, max 1000 MHz, ondemand (which is said to be “standard”) and installed only few additonal apps for my rooted NS (mega jump, gravity project, sushichop, app2sd, titanium backup, adfree) and some apps which comes from the CM9 by default. have moved every app data if possible to usb storage. settings almost as same as my stock ROM. any solution ?

    thanks 🙂

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      You can try setting min clock to little bit higher. Even with 500Mhz, you can get great battery life and no lag.

  26. thomas says:

    Recently installed the newest CM9 on my nexus s. It gets really hot when I use the internet and drains the battery fast. Anyone else seeing this problem?

  27. Mihir Karmokar says:

    I am using Nexus S i9020,
    I have installed this rom . So long have not faced any issues with it but there is a problem that i am concerned about and its the Camera.
    After installing the rom the camera becomes very bad, its quality reduces with noise. I have to say that the Camera comparison of same phone running Jelly bean becomes bad in the one running CM9 rom.
    If you are not concerned about the camera then the rom is very good.

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