CM10.1 ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Android 4.2.1]

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Looking for a solid Android 4.2.1 ROM? Try CM10.1 ROM nightlies, which are pretty solid, available for both Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. These are official nightlies directly from CyanogenMod Team. You will find the latest CM10.1 features and stability/speed you can expect from CyanogenMod. If you are looking for a good daily driver without all the additives, give CM10.1 nightlies a try and let me know what you think!

My current favorite ROMs on the Nexus S are Rasbean Jelly Bean ROM and CM10.1.


Download CM10.1 for Nexus S

Download CM10.1 for Nexus S 4G

Download Android 4.2.1 Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot.

Credits – CyanogenMod

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31 Responses to CM10.1 ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Android 4.2.1]

  1. BryAn says:

    Hello max! My current rom is MIUI and my kernel ver is trinity, is it ok to use this rom on my nexus s(i9023)? What kernel ver is the best for CM10.1?

  2. Locutus says:

    I installed this last night after my failed experience with the Xenon ROM and it works beautifully. And for those it may interest, I’m running the Matrix kernel, good, bad, or indifferent…

  3. Malcolm Ekeh says:

    What version of matr1x kernel would I install with this rom

  4. Shahzeb says:

    Is it better than Rasbean Jelly ? coz I am not going to give it a try unless I am sure its better as I tried XenonHD and that was the worst one and had to restore my data many times and wasted my time. Till now my favourite ROM is Rasbean Jelly

  5. Akshay says:

    I had my nexus s for over a year now-a year and 3 months- and I never rooted it for fear of loosing warranty support and high confidence that I would brick it. A few weeks back the google’s people app started malfunctioning and my phone got really slow. So I started thinking about buying a new phone. With nothing to lose, I decided to root my phone and see what happens. I followed your guide to root it and install the custom rom cyanogen 10.1 and, everything went smoothly with no glitches. I just did not use Clockworkmod to install the custom rom as you pointed out but stuck with twrp since ROM manager would not install clockworkmod on my phone. It kept giving an error message. Nonetheless, twrp worked perfectly and now, I have postponed my new-phone-buying ideas. I just wanted to say a BIG thank you!

  6. Pascal DW says:

    I installed CM10.1, trebuchet is perfect, my application works, but I do not know root Nexus S.
    I tried the wheel with Nexus Root toolkit, to no avail. Yet my Nexus Root Kit already well help to other ROM.

  7. LB says:

    I flashed this rom, and so far so good. I initially flashed it without changing my kernel (which was Matr1x 24.0, then Matr1x 24.5), I noticed after re-booting that the lag was horrible on the boot animation. To solve that problem, I just simply flashed my AirKernel that I had on board, and wah-lah 🙂 the lag disappeared. No lags as of yet. The rom itself is very custom, and that I like. Hopefully it’ll be one that I can keep for a while. I tend to switch up often, just to find a good one that I like. I wouldn’t recommend using Matr1x kernels AT ALL!!!!! They cause extreme lag…..

    • Priyanka says:

      I too faced the exact problem! Thought that it would not happen when using it!.. Unfortunately, it din work either!… Can you share the link to the AirKernel ? or can you suggest any other kernel that could do the fix??

  8. Bryan says:

    Running smoothly! 😀 what kernel ver did you advise for this rom?

    • Christopher says:

      If it is running nice and smooth I wouldn’t bother too much with a kernel, I’ve been trying to get the recommended airKernal to work well on my phone for a couple hours and I’ve seen absolutely no improvement. That’s just my experience though, I got fed up and reloaded just the ROM again and it runs great. There is already a small update available once it’s installed as well.

  9. Bryan says:

    Hi Max, Can you show to us the latest installation of MIUI Jelly bean ROM?

  10. Nelson Fernandes says:

    Everything seems to work fine except for Calendar and Play. Play keeps crashing, even when I’m not using it. Also, Google Calendar shows that it’s synced in the settings, but the widget nor the app show any of my events. I just flashed it back to 10.0.

  11. Ivan says:

    Very stable and fast! I confirm problem with Calendar but Play it’s ok for me! Only big problem is draining my battery on my normal usage: no media files, wifi off gps off data on!!
    Do you suggest a different kernel??

    • ivan says:

      Very unhappy with this rom for battery problems! I tried different kernel with same results!

      Im back to JB aokp milestone….waiting for a better 4.2 rom!

  12. Hotma Hutagalung says:

    ive installed 10.1 16/01/13 nightlies..everything going smooth..except apn..system wont save every time i add new apn..

  13. C0x says:

    i instaled the nexus s cm 10.1 on my I9023 and i got some problems.

    1 – The Phone it`s allways give me erros from lucher
    2 – The Phone is not starting any aplication and the Play Store is not Working ..
    3 – The Phone is rooted .. in Nexusshacks mode 😀
    Any Ideeas ??!

    Sorry for bad English !

  14. KUUN.K says:

    I’m currently running JellyShot on my nexus s 4g and getting over 2000 for quadrant. and everything smooth and snappy. con is that there are not much customization to do. is there anyone who tried both JellyShot and 10.1 Nightlies? please leave some comparisons or someone tell me how this nightlies scores. thankyou!

  15. Ibrahim says:

    Sir please Help me i REally REally want to degrade my Nexus s m-200 device from 4.1.1 to 4.0.4,,,,,,,,,,,,,My device is Stock and unrooted
    PLease Help ME

  16. Malcolm Ekeh says:

    I had this ROM, and I loved it I didn’t have problems with my Google play or calendar. But when I tried to us the voice feature for anything it said Google search has crashed. And when I tried to install the update from ROM manager ROM manager kept crashing. Max help me please!!!!!! This is the best ROM I’ve ever seen far surpasses the rasbean ROM

    • KUUN.K says:

      I know stats cannot determine the built quality but how is the battery life and smoothness? lag? and if you’ve tried, please tell me what you got for Quadrant benchmark. Thank you

  17. christian says:

    que kernel es buena para esta rom

  18. Shahzeb says:

    This ROM has some serious issue with the battery. Though the ROM is perfect in all aspects but I dont know what is wrong with the battery. Even I installed task killer application but still it consumes more battery. Kindly fix it other wise this is best. 🙂

  19. KUUN.K says:

    This might be just a general Nexus S/S 4G ROM question.. or problem. I’ve been searching around but could not find a solution. I’ve concluded as a kernel problem but here’s the situation. all of us use voodoo color right? but right before the screen dims (lets say I set the screen to go off after 1 min inactivity) the screen turns yellow/green and then about 10sec later screen turns off(goes to sleep). Normally, i believe, the screen kinda dims right before to let the user know that the screen will go off but that dim part goes yellow/green if i’m using best voodoo settings. I’m running January 30th released CM10.1 Jellybro Nightly Kangs ROM with latest Matrix kernel. I might be trying changing kernels but if there is a solution, please please let me know.
    Thank you.. please help

    • KUUN.K says:

      Fixed! well,, not quite but Air kernel fixed the green/yellow on dim. but voodoo gamma setting is limited. Green only goes down until 27. and even if I pull it down to 53, it automatically goes back to 27. Red and Blue is fine. Now, I’m set with RGB = 24,27,18 which is same ratio as the best voodoo setting but not very satisfied with it… Any suggestions?
      Thank you

  20. Minh says:

    I almost install this rom on my MS200 I have a problem is message and the keyboard have erro, maybe the keyboard have erro sometimes the text when I typing not true

  21. Bryan says:

    I noticed about this rom that it cannot handle chainfire3D. 🙁
    When you install it, it get stock on the boot animation.

  22. Robbie says:

    Every time I try to flash a rom I get a failure. MD5 missing on every single rom!!! What am I doing wrong?

  23. sajjad says:

    whenever i try to set specific ringtone on SMS for a contact it rings on all SMS, notifications instead of that specific contact… to fix this problem?

    Google Nexus S
    4.2.2 Jelly Shot crespo v3.3
    baseband I9020AUCKJ1
    Build JDQ39

    Any help….am I missing something or I have reinstall the OS?

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