Bigxie ROM + Matr1x Kernel for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Best ICS Combo]

Looking for a really good ROM + kernel combo on ICS that can make your Nexus S or Nexus S 4G run really fast?

Well, I think I’ve finally found a great combo for my Nexus S and also Nexus S 4G (For Nexus S 4G, the Crossbones ROM + Matr1x Kernel is great too).

I was talking to Matr1x kernel developer MathKid95 on XDA the other day on Google Talk and asked him what the best combo was. He told me that Bigxie’s ROMs run really good with his kernel.

I tried it and let me tell you this is the best ROM/kernel combo I’ve seen for both my Nexus S and Nexus S 4G.

Face Unlock works really well, both of my Nexus S and Nexus S 4G can be overclocked to 1.46Ghz stable, and everything is every smooth.

The best part?

The latest Matr1x kernel comes with Wheatley governor (you can choose this in SetCPU app), which gives you best performance and battery life.

For now, I think this is the best combo that allows me to overclock my Nexus S to 1.46Ghz stable. I’ve been trying many other ROMs/kernels and my Nexus S would reboot everytime I overclock but with this ROM/kernel, the issue is totally gone.

As for Nexus S 4G, I think this ROM and the Crossbones ROM/Matr1x kernel are both great choices.

You can test this ROM/kernel combo out yourself but I tell ya, you will be happy with its performance, the best ICS Combo I’ve tested so far. Let me know how it works for you.

Download for Nexus S:

Download ROM
Download GoogleApps
Download Matr1x Kernel

Download for Nexus S 4G:

Download ROM
Download GoogleApps
Download Matr1x Kernel

Flashing instructions – Flash all three files, ROM, GoogleApps, and Kernel, in that order after a full factory reset/wipe.

See How to Install ROM

Bigxie – 1, 2

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136 Responses to Bigxie ROM + Matr1x Kernel for Rooted Nexus S and Nexus S 4G! [Best ICS Combo]

  1. Dane says:

    It’s funny that you say that. I saw your video on YouTube, and have installed everything. Ha ha ha. It’s awesome so far! Thanks very much.

    Right now, the only thing not able to download is Grooveshark. Hope it’ll be able to do so soon.

    Thanks again!! Cheers!!

  2. Laurent says:

    My nexus s aborts the installation… Do you have an idea why?

  3. Jwach says:

    i have the crossbones matrix combo, is it worth switching?

  4. Simran says:

    I Don’t think it’s stable on 1.46Ghz; when I first installed it about an hour ago it was fine; I then uninstalled it and i had to restore my backup to retrieve some information; once I installed this Rom and Kernel again; it was not stable at 1.46Ghz at all I have not reinstalled it around 3 times and still the same problem. I think once the phone heats up; the Overclocking is not capable. Is anyone else experiencing simular problems? Get back ASAP. Thanks.

    • Simran says:

      Actually…This isn’t stable at all for me. Even with not overclocking the phone, I still experience random reboots while using the phone which are constant. So I’m currently restoring my previous rom which was – [ROM][24JAN]CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN ICS v.5 HYBRID|

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      You might want to raise the voltage a bit if your phone keeps rebooting when overclocked. Just be careful not to raise too much but a little bit at a time.

      • Simran says:

        I think I’m going to leave doing that. Don’t want to take any risks; But I seriously think you should consider reviewing the CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN ICS v.5 HYBRID| Rom. I’ve been using it for over a week now and is considerably good and customizable. 🙂

        • Nexus S Hacks says:

          will definitely try out, thanks!

          • Simran says:

            Thank you; And one more thing; was wondering why are androids so laggy? Even with my brother’s HTC Sensation and the XL with so much processing power and memory; after installing around 80 apps or so and a week (or over) usage; the phone will lag at the homescreen or when trying to open apps. Never seen this happen with Blackberry or Iphones? :S 🙂

  5. simran says:

    okay, cheers for your help Max. Really appreciated. Keep up the good work with these Nexus S Roms.


  6. Ashwin says:

    Thanks for the rom, I have been using the Nexus beam rom 4.2.3 with the speedy kernal, but it is not stable when OC’ed. I followed your video yesterday and its pretty good. It was stable to a point at 1.46GHZ but it did restart once during a call. I have currently raised the voltages across the board to +30 and currently trying it out. Do you think that is wise? Any advice?
    Anyway a big thank you from Kuala Lumpur :)!

  7. Ashwin says:

    And yeah, I am using the Matrix Kernal just so you know. Have you had any random reboots without raising the voltage?

    • simran says:

      I just raised voltages of all overclocking frequencies..and now the phone has been running stable at 1.46Ghz for an hour now.

      • ashwin says:

        Yeah same for me. Just a question simran, do you use any specific notificationsn setcpu like while the screen is off run at this blah blah? I was just wondering if we should. I am currently using the wheatly governor. Let me know thanks

  8. venum11 says:

    hey guys quick one i did the bigxie and it kept freezing on me had to go back to crossbones is there a reason for that?

  9. venum11 says:

    update: i think i forgot to factory swipe could that have been the reason

  10. venum11 says:

    what would be the recomended voltage setting for the oc ?

    • simran says:

      I would recommend +30 on the OC that freeze your phone. e.g. 1200ghz, 1300ghz and so on. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Nexus S Hacks says:

        I would keep playing with it a bit until you find a stable ghz/voltage.

        • daas says:

          I tried playing with voltage but at 1.4 with 1465 volts it was running ok until i started running apps in the background and it booted. I increased the voltage for 1.4 to 1480 volts but then got a boot really early. so im guessing higher volts are not working for it. so i decreased till 1460 woke up in the morning and camera crashed and then rebooted. What am i doing wrong here? Do i have to play only with 1.4’s volts or i have to increase or decrease volts from min to max (100ghz till 1460ghz)?

  11. JCho says:

    Question! I just installed this ROM. It works great until I try to overclock it.
    When I just set clock to 1200Mhz, It almost immediately freeze(within 5 seconds since it touched the screen.) Does that mean that my CPU is really not for the overclock or are there other ways to do so?

    • ashwin says:

      It could mean multiple things. Like simran and I are running it fine at 1460 withoutmany hiccups . Basically I would suggest adding +30 to all your voltages using setcpu. That should make itnworj fine

      • JCho says:

        thx man!!!
        It is working blazingly fast!!! Thank u so much!!!!

      • Rido says:

        how to add voltage in cpu ?

        • Ashwin says:

          1)Use an app called Setcpu.
          2)click on Voltages
          3)Just add 30 to everyone of those voltages
          4)just test your phone out, if all works fine, just set it on boot 🙂
          5) enjoy

          This is so far the best rom and kernal combo to date. I have no restart problems, well only one when my bat is at low health and I am playing a Proc intensive game, then it would stall, but who can blame it.. I only have like 4 percent left lol :).
          Another thing, the max I have ever seen the temp is at 42 Celsius, so its awesome. 🙂

  12. Simon says:

    Thanks for the ROM. It’s running perfectly overclocked to 1.46Ghz

  13. Brunswick says:

    What IO Scheduler are you all using with the Bigxie Apex / Matr1x 15 combo? I have mine set to Noop but was wondering what other here are using. Thanks

  14. Rido says:

    market not working nor google apps……..

  15. Arian says:

    When changing voltage for overclocking do you recomment a certain app because Im currently running a free one; No-frills CPU Control . Also with a rooted VDMA phone I can switch providers correct?

  16. Arian says:

    When chaning the voltage for the overclocking do you recomment a certain app? I am currently running No-frills CPU Control. Also when a VMDA phone is rooted that means the carrier can be changed correct?

  17. Apostolos says:

    Am I the only one who has battery drain on aeroplane mode? 5% in 7 hours
    Never had this problem in previous roms, although first time I installed kernel

  18. Michael says:

    To all those using the CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN ICS v.5 HYBRID| Rom, I highly recommend flashing the Matr1x v.15 kernel with it, as an update to the v.14.5 that it comes with, perfect combo.

  19. Tanner says:

    Question for Max. I have a Sprint Nexus S 4G and I was going to try your combo you have listed here because I’m sick of waiting for the official ICS update from Google. They were pushed to the GSM versions of the Nexus S 4g, so T-Mobile users and anybody else with the GSM version got the update already. However, I am on Sprint so I do not have the GSM version of the phone. Does this matter, or will it make a difference as to how the ROM behaves? I wasn’t sure what versions you have tested on. Thanks in advance for the help.

  20. Silent Bob 23 says:

    thank you very much.
    been using this combo for a few days now and seems to be great.
    can you (or anyone else) please explain a little more about the scaling governor options?
    I mean I can figure from the name what the “Lazy” option means, but for the rest of them, it seems like a guess.
    which option does what? which are recommended?


  21. Thiago says:

    I having a problem with calendar sync. Anyone solved this issue?

    Ty in advance.

  22. Carlos Mezas says:

    Hi ,
    I forgot to upload the google apps and kernel file . Only placed the rom file on the sd card of the nexus S and booted. Stupid.. Now i only get the startup .
    How do i upload the apps and kernel file to the sd card. The device is only showing in device manager. How do i connect via USB.

    Kind Regards,

    Carlos Mezas.

  23. Carlos Mezas says:

    Hi Bob , Thanks for the support .

    Done. Can see removable disk F:
    When i try to copy- paste the files to F: i get the message “Please insert Disk in removable Disk F:”

    Any suggestions ?


  24. Carlos Mezas says:

    Hi ,
    I retried and now its working. Rom is uploaded.

    No wifi. uploaded and booted the UCKE1-GRJ22-radio-Nexuss zip file.

    Still no wifi . Any solutions ?

  25. Felipe says:

    It works smoothly. Great job and great tutorial.

  26. gummyroids says:

    I’ve tried this rom out and everything works pretty smooth. The only thing that doesn’t seem to work on roms is the Netflix app, going to go back to my stock rom.

  27. Prasetya says:

    I’ve tried this rom and works well, but I like iPhone style and litte worried about overclock. Then I tried installed MIUI ROM combined with Matr1x kernel. Smooth and no need overclock.

  28. domingo says:

    u guys gonna put up a vid on how to install firmware 4.0.4 for nexus s 4g or should u go go back to stock and wait for the update?

  29. domingo says:

    another question since this new update unroots ur phone will these devolopers eventually come out out with some firmware dedicated to 4.0.4 and have u tried it yet to see whats better if its better to update or stay where we at? just looking for some advice

  30. fuzz says:

    thanks for the site and mods.

    i’ve flashed two mods onto my phone and this one is great. the only issue i’m getting is that my GPS doesn’t seem to work?

    have i done something wrong or as a nob is there something iv’e missed?


  31. AW AS says:

    hey maxi i have problem
    every time batery drain or i restart my nexus s goes to ” do not turn off the target screen” nothing helps vol up or down.
    i always have to do these steps
    pull out battery
    plug in on charging
    power button.
    otherwise it stucks on downloading do not turn off target screen.can you help?
    please help.

  32. MaxPower says:

    Works well, except one BIG problem! I don’t know if this is google’s fault or the ROM’s but I can’t get on the google server (my data connection and wifi icons won’t turn blue), so my gmail isn’t auto-syncing and google talk can’t connect.

    Can anyone help??

  33. Scott says:

    The apex/matrix combo is amazing! Fast and excellent b, attery life. I get almost 2 days of reg use o over locked to 1300, best nexus s from ever. Haven’t tried crossbones yet.

  34. andy says:

    Thanks man ! Super ROM ! The apex/matrix combo is amazing! Working perfect !

  35. Eddie says:

    Great combo Max……. I have been running the Bigxie/Matr1x for a few days now and really like the combo. I’m still checking out governor, I/O schedulers and voltage that will work best for me. As of now the best setup I have tried is SmartassV2 governor with CFQ scheduler. Would love to hear for anyone on the way your setup and how it’s working. My priority is battery life then performance……….. Thanks

  36. Silent Bob 23 says:

    there is a new version for both the ROM and kernel.
    if I am on 15.0 and 1.0.0 and want to update to 15.5 and 1.0.2, do I have to wipe again?
    or just flash both (I am guessing ROM first, kernel second)?

    anyone tried the newer versions?


    • Eddie says:

      I’ve just downloaded ROM and kernel updates 1.0.2 and 15.5. I will flash these in tomorrow along with gapps. As for myself, I’ll do a complete wipe, data/fractory reset, Cache Partition, Dalvik Cache before flashing ROM, Kernel, and Gapps (in that order)

  37. l3x3l says:

    When I am listening to music with headphones it starts popping. I set the voltage +30 for all values and still no change.

  38. Chan Myat Oo says:

    Hey Max,

    thank you so much, thanks. Everything went smoothly and the ROM is perfect. face recognizing is seems to be a bit hard to recognize but went well. the only thing that makes me worry is increasing device heat. i can feel the heat of the device is extremely increased.

    It can be a major problem, Max?????i i really worry about that heat.

    anyway, thanks a lot for ROM

  39. Shivom says:

    My nexus s becomes unstable and start rebooting when I overclock it to 1.46Ghz n try playing some game. 1.3Ghz works quite well 🙂

  40. Eddie says:

    Flashed updates ( bigxie_crespo_Apex_v1-0-2 / Matr1x-cfs-v15.5 ) early this morning. Running / testing all day with different setups and so far all is well, very stable. Really like using SmartassV2 governor and tweaking with NSTools.

  41. rokkie says:

    Hi. First of all congrats for your good work. I really apreciate it!

    I’ve tryied this one and its awesome, very fast and stable but i got a little proble – battery drain (maximum that i get on my nexus is 13 hours )

    Can you or someone suggest a rom+kernel or just a kernel that could solve somehow my little problem (just want to get at least 1 day and some hours)

    I’ve tryied already nexusBeam+custom kernel, stock ICS and they do give more battery-life but they suck in all the rest (speed, smoothest,benchmarks,etc)

    Waiting for a reply…

    • Eddie says:

      Hi rokkie,
      See my post just above yours, download NSTools from the Market and set Min CPU=200, Max CPU=1000, OC Value 100%, Deep Idle OFF, IQ and Scheduler cfq. I have great battery life with this setup and of course you can always make changes to whatever your needs maybe.

      • rokkie says:

        Thnks for the help. I did that and also deactivated some account sync setting and its getting better. 🙂

        Just another question, to update to rom version 1.0.2 do i need to wipe all data to do a clean install or there is another way to update? (bixie is not suported on rom manager – OTA updates)

        p.s: already using v.16 kernel from matr1x and is realy fast and stable. Really a nice rom+kernel combo!

        • Daas says:

          are you using bfs or cfs? also please update about stability of kernal with bigxie and have you overclocked it? results please.

          • rokkie says:

            cfs. About overclocking, on 1200 or 1300 Mhz its stable, i only had 1 reboot on 1300 while playing gta3. On 1460Mhz i get 1 reboot in about every 2 hours but if you try to play, the performance is really great but you get a random reboot sometimes. (this is using the 1.0.0 rom version)

            p.s: where can i put some screenshots (upload images) ??


  42. Jwach says:

    Did I see you in the galaxy note commercial??

  43. Andrew says:

    Those quadrant scores and speed of both ROM`s you reviewed are absolutely sad!Try CyberGR|MOD ver.7 ICS and you would be amazed..VR + Lulzactivev2 gov, 200Mhz min – 1000Mhz over 2700 first run and 3200+ in Antutu!I love the battery life of this ROM too!

  44. Shankar says:

    Ok, so I’ve been reading the comments here and honestly, some people really should not even be messing with overclocking at all.

    Ok first off, you can’t expect 1.46Ghz to be 100% stable, so please dont whine about that. You are running at 146% above normal clock speeds without touching the voltages. Some people here don’t even want to touch the voltages, which is a sign that you shouldn’t be oc’ing.

    All phones are different. I can run 1.46Ghz fine but others cant. However, they try to mess with the voltages or just clock down.

    Don’t oc to 1.46 immediately and expect a 100% stability.

    Rant’s over 😀

  45. Strife says:

    Guys i installed Bigxie ROM + Matr1x Kernel, after i reboot my phone, the screen just stay at the “apex”(the very beginning loading page) for a long time… can i know what happen?

  46. Rom Hak says:

    hi imnew to all this, i’ve finaly rooted my nexus s i9023, what i really want to know is, whats the benifit of rooting the phone? please as im new to all this i would really like to know, my nexus s i9023 was running 2.3.3 but now its 2.3.6 how do i get ICS on my phone? please help me anyone

    • rokkie says:

      U can find all that info by searching on google or xda forum, there’s all the info u need about the benefits of rooting.


  47. Roland Painter says:

    I really like this combo works well for me… not sure how to overclock so i havent messed with that but runs very smooth… only downfall im having is bad signal since the update… is there anything i can do to get better service or a better radio…. any suggestions would help.. thanks

    Nexus s 4g
    Android verison: 4.0.3
    Basband Version : D720SPRKE1
    Kernel Version : 3.0.8-gb55e9ac android-build@apa28 #1
    Build Number: IML74K
    Mod Version apex v 1.0.0

  48. Getz says:

    Guys, i have a problem here using this combo. Whenever the screen is locked and i receive some short messages, the four touch sensors will light up and only will stop after approximately 2 minutes i think. Can i know is there a way cancel it or reduce the time it light up..

    • rokkie says:

      Go to settings – visualiz -.4º options (timeout of lightening) there u can choose after how many sec the screen go off. (myin is in over language so sorry not to give you the exact words of the options)

      Just an advice – go other the settings menu and u’ll find many tweaks that u can modify

  49. Rom says:

    i tried to install the bigxie rom + matr1x kernell but its not working, i’ve downloaded the bigxie rom, matr1x kernell and the google apps all 3 zips, i try to install it but keeps saying something like bad file or something like that, please can anybody please help me. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE

    • rokkie says:

      Try to re-download the file (ROM), if that won’t work just download the v.1.0.0 version and it will work just fine.
      (I had the same problem with the v1.0.2)
      Matr1x kernel – get the latest version – v.16.0


  50. Chan Myat Oo says:

    wifi stopped working in my nexus s. after i flashed bigxie rom + matr1x kernel , my nexus s wifi still works and i even download some apps but when after i rebooted it , wifi doesn’t work any more. i tried to flash clockworkmod recovery by using mobile network but the connection always cut off even though my network data package is still available. does anybody have this kind of issue and solution???

  51. gpslick says:

    so im sure you heard that ics 4.0.4 is out for the NS4g the official, unofficial ics release. its not a rom its the actual launcher. you dont have do download gapps or kernals.

    i have to say though i dont like it at all. the 4g and wimax are great, but the bigxie rom+matrix kernel combo was great. really the best rom ive ever used.

    i liked bigxie’s 4.0.3 better than the 4.0.4 release im using. there are noticeable differences. such as the drop down menu. in bigxie’s it had the settings at the top where you could change screen rotation brightness…etc. but thats gone as well as the notorious FACE UNLOCK!!! :O! which was supposed to be one of the coolest features of ics. it really didnt work so well for me though. it still would have been awesome to have it though.

    im kind of wary of using rom because they are unofficial and kinda void warranties, but at the same time im still enjoying the ice cream sandwich 4.0.4

  52. David says:

    This combo isn’t as good as the crossbones combo and it’s because of the Matr1x kernel. When I’m playing music from Google Music and I turn the screen off the song begins to lag and get super choppy. I used the setcpu settings, used cpu master pro and set it at max, but could not get the music from getting choppy or lagging when I put the screen to sleep. I just put crossbones back on it. If there’s another reason as to why this would happen please let me know. (I was on WiFi, so it wasn’t the internet connection)

  53. simplyimprted85 says:

    i installed bigxie rom + matr1x kernell and everything went fine till i booted my phone and the setup wizard keeps failing!!!! I get Unfortunately, Seyup Wizard has stopped. Report \ OK!!! help please!!!

  54. Rom says:

    can anybody tell me if this rom worth installing?

    • F says:

      Yes. It does worth your time and bandwidth to download. I’m using this ROM for almost a month and I don’t encountered any issues or bugs so far. ^_^

      • Rom says:

        im using the croosbone rom and i find it having alot of error when trying to download, i give this a go, hopefully its much better.
        Thanxs alot

  55. Curtis says:

    I want you to know how much I appreciate the info contained in this website. It has helped me so much in finding my way with the nexus s 4g. I have a suggestion about the next rom to review. Check out Codename Droid it has a lot of tweaks not available in other ics roms and seems to be stable after about half a day. My benchmarks are much better than Crossbones back to Gingerbread numbers.

  56. Porf says:

    I installed this combo and now gmail , market dont work. I click on the icons and the app closes instantly. Is there any workaround for this ?

  57. loketar says:

    hi there, looking to upgrade from stock. But i am unsure if this combo is compatible with the I9020A. Can someone confirm it to be working on this model and what are you results after running for a while???
    Thanks in advance

    • Newfie Jebus says:

      Can confirm that it works on the I9020A. My phone is a Telus Canada model and I have been using this combo for the last couple of weeks. I love it.
      It’s very stable. I have mine OC to 1.3ghz, was having random reboots, but upped the voltage a tiny bit a couple of days ago and have yet to have that problem. I came from stock GB to this combo, was my first time unlocking and flashing. Was a breeze to do following the tutorials on this site.
      I highly recommend it. =)

      • loketar says:

        hey and thanks for the update, I did it last night and it is very cool. I did have or still do have one problem though. Now I cannot get my mobile data connection to work. The wi-fi works great but I have no Data through my mobile connection. Mobile data is enabled but I cannot connect. Any one have any suggestions. It would be greatly appreciated.
        Thanks in Advance
        BTW, I have the exact same phone…

  58. abhi says:

    Nice ics combo!! 🙂

  59. loketar says:

    hey and thanks for the update, I did it last night and it is very cool. I did have or still do have one problem though. Now I cannot get my mobile data connection to work. The wi-fi works great but I have no Data through my mobile connection. Mobile data is enabled but I cannot connect. Any one have any suggestions. It would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance
    BTW, I have the exact same phone…

  60. GrapeBandit says:

    ive been running this combo for a few days now. at first, the phone kept rebooting on its own over and over within the first 10mins. i tweaked the voltage up +30 in the 1100,1200 and up. now i havent had one reboot since. its super smooth. n im oc’d at 1460. highly recommend to any nexus user

  61. Rom says:

    ive got a problame, can anybody help please, ive installed the bigzie rom but i try to install the Gapp but it keeps aboard bad file something like that but everything else is fine, the rom and kernel install with no problames but the Gapp it wont install, can anybody please HELP

    • rokkie says:

      Just start the phone, go to Rom manager (make sure u’re connected to wi-fi) and go to download rom – there u’ll find the gapps for ics, download and flash directly – it will do all the work)

      Or just try to download the file from other source and flash it.


  62. daas says:

    Ok this might be a lil bit unrelated. But i experienced it and wanted to share. Running Bigxie dont know if it happens in other roms. But when you have chainfire 3d on nexus s installed i would get screen color dis-figuration. Initially i thought it had something to do with the rom but it would go away on its on and come back. So i just figured out today that it was caused by Chainfire 3d settings when you select resolution options like 16 bit to run a game don’t 4get to revert back by un-checking them all. My screen is back to normal. 😀

  63. Rom says:

    finnaly im trying thhis rom, its not bad but had afew reboots since this morning besides that, all is fine but might go back to nexusbeam rom with matr1x kernel had not one problame with that rom runing matr1x but this rom not bad

  64. daas says:

    Got bigxie to run last night on 1485 voltage and is still running on 1.4ghz. I hope it stays stable.

  65. ricardo says:

    hey how do you set up the facial unlock? nexus S also Im using this ap called No Frills you should test it out for me it works better than SetCPU and you can just download it off the market for free so yeah how do you set up ur facial lock thing it isnt under the security settings im running the ROM suggested and matris 15 Thanks

  66. txtinman says:

    I’ve been running this combo with only the occasional reboots which don’t bother me too much. Last night I conneted my phone to the laptop to transfer some photos. The phone would not connect. I didn’t get the usb debugging notification and the button to press to enable file transfers did not appear. This worked fine the day before and I didn’t do anything different. I checked and usb debugging is set in the development settings. Any clue about what might be happing here?

  67. jeck says:

    Highly recommended ill try codename and cybergr but still in my own satisfaction bigxie is one of the best h

  68. Faisal says:

    Hey, love ur site, very helpful, but im having a bit of trouble actually activating the links to download this rom, or the kernel, or Gapps, i keep getting the 502 bad gateway error message, any tips?

  69. Norway says:


    Think I’m missing something, the battery got a lot better, last forever now, but hardly any speed, only 1360 on benchmark??
    That is almost like a normal Nexus S!!!

  70. Norway says:

    Download the facial unlock .apk from the XDA-forums.

  71. vicky says:

    are you fucking you’ve not overclocked nexus s in the video its normal speed 1000ghz

  72. daas says:




    • daas says:

      oh yeh one more thing, i was reading some articles regarding SD wipe but people had problem mounting it to computer to install rom.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      I noticed BFS version is a bit laggy which is experimental anyways, did u try CFS? No lag there.

      • daas says:

        Always had CFS kernel installed.

        Question: If your installing roms a lot is it necessary to format sd card and cache partitions or just the usual data wipe, cache and delvik will do the trick?

        And if yes then can you make a video on how to format sd card and absolutely clean your phone cuz i heard people had some issues with CWM not working after that.

  73. RPG27x says:

    Does this play gameloft games? I’m on crossbones 2.0 its and fast and responsive and the battery life is great but it does play gameloft games

  74. daas says:

    Yes it plays game loft games and works with chain 3d tegra supported games

  75. daas says:

    Please update a link for latest bigxie ROM 1.0.2

  76. cazare says:

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