AOKP Kang Jelly Bean ROM + Matr1x Kernel for Nexus S!

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Looking for a great ROM/kernel combo? Check out what I am running, AOKP Kang Jelly Bean ROM coupled with Matr1x kernel. I can’t really give you numbers since benchmarks are way off on Jelly Bean ROMs but as you can see in the video, it’s running fast!

I think this is one of the best combos right now for your Nexus S, if you have a better combo, don’t forget to let me know in the comments so I can try it out too!

Download ROM:

Download AOKP Kang ROM
Download GApps
Download Matr1x Kernel

Credits – XDA

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72 Responses to AOKP Kang Jelly Bean ROM + Matr1x Kernel for Nexus S!

  1. Sachin says:

    Stuck at boot screen animation!!!! This has happened to me before with aokp ICS rom. Is there something different that one need to do to install this rom? Having been told time and again that AOKP is the best rom I’m really missing out on this!!!
    Please help

    • Mitchell Goudie says:

      Hi, I thought I had the same proble, it just took a very long time, leave it alone for a while and if it still doesnt work, comment again and I will see what I can do until max gets here. I have it working.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      AOKP is a delicate ROM to install but I’ve found a fail-proof method.

      Do a fresh re-install if it doesn’t boot, that’s the only way to fix AOKP.

      First, do a factory reset, then install the AOKP ROM, then install Gapps, then wipe cache and also wipe dalvik cache in advanced menu. Then reboot. It should work now.

      Sorry, I just found that out that AOKP has a bug if it doesn’t boot the first time, u have to do a complete fresh re-install. Dunno why but that should work.

    • Danish Mustafa says:

      If you are continuously facing the same issue (stuck on boot screen animation) try this…

      Reboot your phone by holding down the volume button – this will take you to the default recovery window. Next, select the RECOVERY OPTION, now you will get booted into Clockwork mode (hope you have this installed), go to ADVANCED and click on FIXED PERMISSIONS.

      And yes, dont forget to clear the dalvik cache.

      The same issue happened to a phone which i was trying to install a new rom on, it worked.

      Danish Mustafa

  2. Danny says:

    Hi, after i install this rom, in my gallery and music player can’t find any pictures or music.
    please help me with this problem.
    thank you!!!!

  3. Cameron says:

    It is fast but the data does not work. Did I miss something or this how it is? Please advise.

  4. djaytg says:

    what about the battery?
    is it better than the MILESTONE 6??

  5. Mitchell Goudie says:

    To everyone that has questions for this ROM, this is what I did and I have none of your problems, move all 3 files to sd card, factory reset, clear cache, install ROM, GAPPS and kernel. Factory reset, clear cache and reboot system, may take a while. ENJOY!!!

    • cameron says:

      I tried what you posted still no data, what kernel are you using? Thanks in advance for the help, really like this rom, can’t wait till I get it going.

  6. yun says:

    it work great…fast… love this rom… just dont have many tweak i guess

  7. Brian says:

    First I was glad that it is so fast, but now it’s soooo laggy… I can’t even write something or download an App…

  8. Mark says:

    Hey this ROM is great running very stable and is rock solid thanks for the hard work to all those who worked on it.

  9. Jon says:

    Love it! Works very fast, and is definitely a much better configuration than the original Jelly Bean. Thank you very much!

  10. Geeksone0one says:

    Hey Max, Geek John here, I tried out Jelly Belly but on the latest version 1.0.0 it was draining the battery life in 7-9 hours even if I didn’t use the phone at all. Tried out CM10 JellyBro and now I’m running XenonHD latest, and I’m not really happy, tried AirKernel, thalamus, bedalus,Matri1x (which was the smoothest) thinking about trying the CodenameBeta. Have you tried that one yet?

    We support you all the way.


  11. Brian says:

    I reinstalled it, now it runs fine. Does someone know what swagger is?

  12. Danish Mustafa says:

    Just installed this ROM, the system on right from the very first screen NOT showing the keyboard. Instead, just forcing me to speak my email address, name etc using Google Voice Typing.

    Any ideas?

    I am not a newbie as far as custom ROM installation is concerned but this one is quite weird.

    Danish Mustafa

  13. DAAS says:

    CM10 jellybro euroshanks is my daily driver and is stable. Better then AOKP KANG.

  14. Jesper Milton says:

    I can not get the ROM to run on either Matr1x cfs or bfs v22.5 on my nexus s. too bad it looks good.

  15. muaiyed says:

    I have a nexus s , the SIM does not work on this rom what is the problem

  16. Anuj says:

    hey i installed this ROM but there is no google now and i cant see play store anywhere too !! plus my computer is not recognising the device so i cant put any other ROM ……please help

  17. Anuj Chopra says:

    OK I’ll install but how do I transfer it to my nexus s as the computer is not reading the device ! It gives error as unknown device

    • Sachin says:

      install the matrix kernel, the kernel provided with AOKP rom does not work!!! install matrix kernel should work

  18. Themos says:

    I installed the newest CM10 build downloaded from
    Now I’am testing it with Matr1x kernel. It looks very good.

  19. Oszkar says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the rom. It works really well.
    Just one question. I use it in a uk. But the phone shows H not 3G when it connect to the mobile network?

    Wondering it is a firmware issue or it just has a different symbol for 3G?

  20. RootDeeperDroid says:

    Slim Bean & Slim ICS are way better than anything I’ve come across, really thoughtful developer check it out.

  21. yaKrutoy says:

    For those of us having the data problem (cameron, aaron) I think the issue is using this rom on the Nexus s 4g. I have the 4g and this rom installed, and is awesome, but I also could not get data.

    If you click the Nexus S 4G Roms link at the top, you’ll notice this AOKP is not there (but there are other JB Roms), but clicking the Nexus S Roms link and you do find this Rom.

    Not 100% but it seems to be rather straight forward to me. Anyone using this Rom with the 4G version and getting Data please comment.

    • aaron says:

      yea man i agree, i figured out it doesnt work with the 4g, kinda a bummer, so im just waiting for a solid one to come out, still running milestone 6. cant wait for more aokp jb development to breathe some life into my phone

  22. Oszkar says:

    I’m not sure what is wrong but it drains the battery really quicky. Is it the matrix kernel or the UI?

  23. Priyanka says:

    It may sound irrelevant to this post!.. But Zedomax, I’ve got to tell u that NEXUS BEAM was the stable and well built ROM till date!.. That worked like a jewel to me for one major fact that “my battery dint drain for 2 full days in spite of more mobile usage”…. I thank the Nexus Beam team a gillion times. Right now I have the AOKP!.. Sucks badly!.. Not happy with the performance and too laggy unlinke Nexus Beam!.. WIll give this ROM a try and let u know!

  24. Sachin says:

    Testing out the latest AOPK JB
    The kernel works well…. the usb bug is fixed, lots more customization feature includes not all but some more…. now trying it out with matrix kernel!!

  25. Sachin says:

    Something totally off topic…. why is the display enhancement feature not available on Voodoo sound… missing it!!! I mean for those who have used it the regular display is no longer good enough.
    Any idea????

  26. Omer says:

    Great Rom. Worked like a charm. ppl who are complaining use fastboot to install. Do wipe all user data and cache. Installed in the first attempt n is indeed super fast. Gives new life to Nexus S. Thanks

  27. Felipe says:

    I installed the rom and i cant see googleplay, how may i do¿? please, help!

  28. Olivier says:

    Works great except for the gallery, it is not sync with goole web album. any idea?

  29. Mike says:

    Hey Max!
    I don’t really know why i can’t overclock my Nexus S with this ROM and the 22.5 Matr1x kernel. Could you just explain in a few words where is this actually coded in (the governors, max cpu, the ability for overclocking).
    Thanks, best wishes from Slovenia
    Miha (Mike)

  30. mike says:

    hi.. i flashed this rom AOKP Kang Jelly Bean ROM and the matr1x kernel 22.5 version after factory reset and i didnt really liked it.. so i tryed flashing other kernel and i found the air kernel weekly version 186 and is like WTF thats my phone running that fast..!! it has overclock to 1.4, linux kernel 3.0.40!!

  31. Joe says:

    Rather odd, I installed the ROM (going from CM9) and it went back to the stock yellow tint that’s been plaguing Nexus S since 2.3.3. Any fix for this?

  32. james says:

    I flashed this rom on my nexus s a couple of days ago. Worked pretty well until today when the back button on the cell went on auto press. How do you fix this? please help! thankyou

  33. Stefan says:

    Hi All,

    Matr1x kernel is the best/awesome. When it will appear the version with full customization as it is for ICS?
    Thank in advance for your quick response.

  34. Alex says:

    Have installed this rom yesterday and until now, it’s perfect! Coming from MIUI ICS, this is smooth like butter and have no issues at all! Everything is working! Thanks man!

  35. Vadim Sedletsky says:

    where is the brightness toggle?

    I really miss it!

  36. AnujChopra says:

    Hey the ROM is good but my phone is not getting recognised on my pc……please help!

  37. Nenad says:

    AOKP + Air kernel = almost perfect. But ROM control -> Performance = crash! Why?

  38. LD says:

    Hi just installed everything and my phone works great … feels faster then before. One problem though. when I connect my nexus s i9020A to my computer via USB, it doesn’t seem to connect with my PC. It only charges my phone. No option to ‘turn on USB’ . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for the great setup

  39. LDE says:

    Hello All,
    I’m a newbie in Android ROM and this afternoon i decided to install AOKP ROM and matr1x kernel.
    I properly rooted my Nexus S, installed superuser, clockwork recovery then i booted in recovery mode and did Wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache, format boot, system, data, and cache.
    Then i realized that i had just pasted kernel zip file and forgot the one for the ROM ….
    Unfortunately i cannot see my nexus drive from my computer anymore …
    Does anybody know if there is some special procedure to copy the missing file !?
    Thanks a lot for you help and sorry for french english

  40. JaysonYEN says:

    Hi … after i flash AOKP Kang Jelly Bean ROM , why i can’t use back my playstore market , youtube , google+, and can’t add my google acc now …. need hlp !!

    • JaysonYEN says:

      Now i hv try install Matr1 v24.0 . this will work on USB to PC , my next step is install the , hope after install gapps can use back my google services …

      (newbie here)

  41. Azfar Imtiaz says:

    This is truly an amazing combination! Best I’ve tried yet, period; it really does almost feel like you’re using a Galaxy Nexus. The difference in speed is clearly visible, and unlike other ROMs I’ve tried, it actually stays that way, even after installing all sorts of apps. Only problem is that for some reason, it doesn’t have expandable notifications, which JB has… But I can live without that. An awesome combo, thanks!

  42. JW54 says:


    I’ve installed this combination several times but each time it tells me ANdroid keyboard is not working.
    Any help please???

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