Android 4.2 Rooted ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

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Android 4.2 is here for many Nexus devices already except Nexus S and S 4G. But for those of you rooted, you can get this ported, experimental version while you wait for Google to release official 4.2 for Nexus S and S 4G.

The Android 4.2 ROM comes with many cool new features like lockscreen widgets, Photo Sphere camera, GMail 4.2, and more. If you cannot wait for stable official versions, hit up the download link below and satisfy your thirst to be on the latest Android operating system. And do let me know what you think/find.


Download Android 4.2 ROM for Nexus S

Download Android 4.2 ROM for Nexus S 4G

Credits – XDA

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26 Responses to Android 4.2 Rooted ROM for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

  1. alexandre says:

    Did i need to flash gapps 4.2 max??

  2. Alex says:

    well everything works fine!!!!!!! 🙂 thx Max!!! did i can flash 4.1 kernel?

  3. E says:

    Rom does not work with 4G yet. I tried and from research, it seems not to work for anyone yet : (

  4. Dennis A. says:

    The Nexus S won’t receive the 4.2 🙁

  5. Android Fan says:

    Very eager to try this out, I will be doing it today … Thanks a lot for your post.

  6. Giuliano says:

    Well done, works in my Nexus S rooted, but I cant install many applications from Google Play 🙁

  7. Giuliano says:

    Anybody can say me because i cant install applications with track functionality like Endomondo, Strava or My Tracks, etc…?

  8. Audiofeeline says:

    What about performances ?

  9. Ben says:

    Hi! Works so far nice in my nexus s! And start theme is fun, BURN IPHONE!:D Ty

  10. Greg says:

    Hi Max –

    I get no boot anim and no boot up, on my crespo4g

    Thank you!

  11. Andrew M. says:

    I recommend downloading CyanogenMod 10.0 stable for stable Jellybean 4.1 ROM. Then downloading Jellybean 4.2 ZIP file to flash over 4.2 features.

    • Andrew M. says:

      I mean the Jellybean 4.2 gapps. There is one floating around compatible with all phones and ROMs to bring 4.2 features to 4.1

  12. Ryan says:

    I flashed this ROM today and checked it out… its a bit laggy on my Nexus S but its a nice and I like some of the new features and interface stuff… the problem is that I flashed the Super User app and it doesn’t work properly under this ROM… so you can’t use any root apps… back to CM 10.0.0 with the new GApps I guess… Great work on this release guys! ^_^

  13. srinandan says:

    hey why this ROM doesn’t have face unlock feature….max?? is there any Rom have faceunlocking feature in jellybean…… plz reply me man….

  14. Sunny Grewal says:

    how to get root apps working on it 🙁
    everything is gud but no root apps .. thats crap … help on this plz 🙁

  15. yun says:

    do i need to do factory reset???

  16. mayur says:

    guys try rasbean jelly.. frm xda ..
    on nexus s android devlopmnt thread..

  17. VijayP says:

    I Tried the above method to root and unlock my Nexus S. 2 things happened after following all the instructions carefully. The phone is rooted ( I mean there is not root access to apps in my phone) and My Phone is shown as Galaxy Nexus and in the Playstore it is showing as unknown device. Please help.

    Current “About Phone” Details show as :
    Model Number: Galaxy Nexus
    Android Version 4.2
    Baseband Version: I9020XXKI1
    Kernel Version: 3.0.31-DarkOne-V1-g5894150-dirty
    dark@ubuntu #2
    Wed Nov 14 18:03:19 PST 2012
    Build Number: full_crespo-userdebug 4.2 JOP40C eng.dark.20121115.153152 test-keys


  18. mahmoud says:

    this ROM on my nexus s Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is turn on but cant visible for other device and share internet .

  19. Alex says:

    I flashed this on my nexus s 4g and it staying on “Android” boot logo and nothing is happening its been 20 minutes. what do i do?

  20. Pascal DW says:

    Rom very stable, my application works, but limited in the SETUP

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