Matr1x Kernel Jelly Bean Kernel is OUT!

For those of you running Jelly Bean, you might have noticed Matr1x kernels have not been updated.  Well, we’ve got some great news for your, Mathkid95, developer of Matr1x kernels has just released his latest Matr1x kernels for Jelly Bean ROMs.

According to Mathkid95, he wanted to start from scratch and build a super stable kernel that gives users the best performance and battery life.

Certainly, we will have full testing with new Jelly Bean ROMs but in the meanwhile, give this Matr1x Jelly Bean kernel a go and let us know what you think!

Features of Matr1x Jelly Bean kernel:

Based on Linux kernel version 3.0.38
Voodoo sound (Thanks to supercurio)
Modified Trinity colors (Thanks to morfic for the original implementation)
BLN (Thanks to neldar)
BFS (Thanks to Con Kolivas)
Fast Charge by Chad Froebel (Be sure to buy his widget here:
Ezekeel’s mods** (Thanks to Ezekeel)

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19 Responses to Matr1x Kernel Jelly Bean Kernel is OUT!

  1. Nick says:

    Hey Max, thanks for the post… do you have any rom recommendations to use this kernel with? My phone doesn’t get past the Google screen on boot up when I try v22.5 (cfs) with the CM10 ROM you posted a few days ago.

    I cleared dalvik, cleared cache, rebooted recovery, flashed the kernel, and no dice. Phone is I9020A (AT&T version). Thanks!

  2. John says:

    Hi Max,

    Can you show us how to create a flashable zip for Nexus S? I really want to learn

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Try XDA bud, I only do tutorials for noobs! 🙂 Maybe in the future I might have a new site though for that.

  3. I think all there new roms and kernels are worthless on this phone. In the last couple of days I’ve tried cmd10 with matrix kernel it sucked, some others I can’t remember but anything passing gingerbread roms like ics and jb are slow as hell to the point that my phone reboots on my t-mobile nexus s those can’t pass 2000 on the quadrant benchmark. The only one I have ever liked performance wise is the matrix romwich is the same as the cmd7 with matrix kernel. Is there any cmd and kernel newer option that can be faster?

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      You can’t really benchmark Jelly Bean, the difference is not benchmarkable.

      • cameron says:

        thanks for all the good work, bro. I am running the AOKP kang jelly with matrix kernel 22.5 cfs, and the and the Gapps that you have for download on your review page for AOKP Kang, all works but I have no data. I am on nexus s 4g with sprint, any advice will be greatly appreciated.


        • jerry says:

          I had the same problem, then I finally broke down & called my carrier. Turns out I just needed to put in my APN & MMS codes that I had to get from them. So I have jotted it down for next time. Trying the milestone1 next.

      • says:

        Yeah I have read about that before but why is that? One thing I relly on is that everything get unresponsive until phone reboots. But I’m gonna see what else I can do cus I think I saw something about changing some numbers on setcou.

  4. Adam Peers says:

    Tried if to see if my video camera still had those funny purple lines all over it, but it wouldn’t even start up. Kept beeping when I pressed record, but didn’t ever actually record. Bonkers.

    • Dennis says:

      This happened to my phone back on an ICS rom. Just set minimum clock speed of your phone to something above 100mhz, like 200mhz, or just set the governor to performance. Hope this helps.

  5. Adam says:

    Much smoother than the default kernel. Props to Mathkid.

  6. Chris says:

    Hey Max, I’m running the Cyanogen mod 10 ROM on my Nexus S i9020T 4.1.1 and I cant get any Matr1x Kernel installed on my phone. In this situation, after wiping cache and dalvik cache, I tried to install Matr1x Kernel v22.5 both CFS and BFS in the latest Clockworkmod Recovery. I have tried to install the kernel many times now and every single time i make an attempt, i am confronted with some random words and then “Installation Aborted…”. If you or anyone know a solution to this problem, please reply soon. Sorry, I’m new to Android and a huge noob when it comes to an obstacle like this. Thanks ahead of time for your time and support.

  7. MaxPower says:

    Will this work with the stock Jellybean? I don’t know have a good custom ROM that I want to try yet.

  8. Rolf says:

    Pros: Kernel works very smooth and quick.
    Contras. USB connection does not work…
    Would like to have a kernel with OC capacity.
    Thanks for your effort.
    Best, Rudolf

  9. Austin Sanderford says:

    After flashing matrix kernel, my nexus s is stuck at the googls screen. my power button is broken and no adb commands work in fastboot. please help me max!!!!!

  10. Nii says:

    max, I’m a bit new to this so i was wondering how to install the kernel onto the phone

  11. xbs says:

    If I don’t like this kernel how do I go back to stock?

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