MIUI ROM for Nexus S!

I am currently using the MIUI ROM for Nexus S, which I really like a lot, it’s a completely different ROM than any other ROM you will try.

For benchmark, I overclocked my Nexus S to 1.4Ghz using the netarchy kernel and got about 19.3 MFLOPS.  Not the fastest but not bad either.



For Quandrant, I got 1863.


What I like about MIUI isn’t its raw speed but highly customized menu buttons, themes, and details such as this 3D screen switcher.

Above shows default MIUI theme, which is pretty clean and plain.

Hitting the Menu Button shows the above menus.

You can put up to 9 different home screens.

The MIUI comes with a TON of themes you can get for free.  The only problem is that the descriptions are all in Chinese, which I can’t read but you can still try the themes and find which one is for you.

The latest MIUI comes loaded with the latest Android 2.3.4 and updated often so you don’t have to be stuck ever.

Here’s some more apps.  There’s still a lot of Chinese in some of the icons, but it doesn’t bother me as most are in English.

The MIUI comes with even an easy-to-configure Firewall.  Wait, did I hear firewall on a phone?  I guess it’s a good thing to have, you can easily block out apps completely from using your data network.

Also, if you are not on limited data plan, MIUI ROM shows you how much traffic you’ve been using.

Overall, I am very impressed with the MIUI ROM and this is one of the best ROMs for the Nexus S in my opinion, especially for those of you who want lots of choices when it comes to customizing your phone’s UI.

How to Install MIUI ROM? Refer to the links below:

How to install new ROMs

Download MIUI ROM here

Download MIUI English Pack file here

Download 1.4Ghz overclocked kernel here.

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19 Responses to MIUI ROM for Nexus S!

  1. Alex O says:

    How stable is it with netarchy 1.3.4?
    What is the correct order to flash the phone when changing to netarchy, kernel then MIUI or the other way around?
    I’ve been running 1.6.10 with the stock kernel but would like to upgrade that as well.


    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      It’s pretty stable, you can flash the MIUI zip file, then the kernel as flashing the ROM will overwrite any previous kernels.

      • Martijn says:

        Hey Nexus Hacks,

        I want to flash my Nexus S with a custom rom , i wanted to try Cyanogen Mod but i’ve read that people are having problems with this rom (instability issues and stuff, random reboots. Whats your experience with Cyanogen Mod? ). So do you think i should use MIUID or Cyanogen mod?

  2. andrew says:

    i cant download the rom..everything i click on download miui rom it take me to a different page but has no download link there..i can download the english but not the rom

  3. andrew says:

    thanks it works

  4. andrew says:

    cant get rom to install..it errors when clockwork try to install it….using rom manager i can get every other rom to work except this one..i even went on miui website to get there verison and it still doesnt work….

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Try installing it manually using Clockwork Recovery not ROM Manager and toggle “signature verification” before flashing!

  5. andrew says:

    just tryed it..says signature verification failed…then retryed it errored after installing update it says assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “crespo || getprop(“ro.build.product”) ==crespo error in nexus rom file i just downloaded from here

    thank you soo much for the help..i tryed to contact never got answer..thanks for the help and quick answers

  6. andrew says:

    k thanks again…no rush just trying out some new roms

  7. andrew says:

    i had to reflash my software to go back to stock rom then i used rom manger then it installed fine…thanks again

  8. domingo says:

    my nexus stays frozen on the miui screen please help asap

  9. S says:

    Got the same “assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “crespo || getprop(“ro.build.product”) ==crespo” error as another poster, using CWM

    Tried going to stock, then flashing MIUI, no luck same error.
    Tried again from ROM manager, no luck same error.
    Tried the version on this site, same error.
    Tried the two versions on the MIUI.us website, same error.
    Tried doing all the above with signature verification turned off twice each time, no luck same error.

    I’m eager to try this ROM, and have flashed the Liquid ROM without issue.. i’m getting frustrated and am running out of ideas. Even asked the question on live chat at the MIUI site, with no answers. Finally tried the forums at XDA and MIUI, and not finding any clear answers.

    (please) help!

    • Catalin says:

      same here..

      I have a Nexus s from Videotron and the only ROM that worked for me was the 4g version.

      One tiny problem: no service. I realized that the network is forced on Sprint.
      I managed to create a APN using vocal command “open APN’s” but still no phone service.

      Finally got back to stock ROM 🙁

      Still frustrated & disappointed

  10. Stephan says:

    Does this rom have an app drawer? Coz I can’t find it 😀

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