How to Root Nexus S!

UPDATE: DO NOT FOLLOW THIS GUIDE INSTEAD Please see new root method which works on all Nexus S and Nexus S 4G!

For those of you who want to root your Nexus S, here’s our step-by-step directions on how to do it.

Why root your Nexus S phone?

Because you can get “full” root access to your Nexus S Android smartphone and install new ROMs and whatnot.  Also, you can easily unroot it if you want to.

Rooting on the Nexus S is pretty easy as it’s a Google-branded phone and Google has made it easy for users to root the phone.

How to Root your Nexus S!

1) First, you will need to turn your Nexus S off.

2) Then, power up your Nexus S by doing this: while holding down the Volume Up Button, hit the Power button until you see the bootloader menu come up.

(You should see a cool bootloader screen like this.)

2) Next, connect your Nexus S to your computer via a USB cable.

For Windows, you will need to install ADB drivers, you can read How to Install Nexus S USB drivers.

For Mac and Linux, you will not need any drivers, it should be recognized automatically. (These instructions are for Windows only, I will have new instructions for Mac and Linux soon!)

3) Next, download


Unzip the zip file and you should get a folder named “nexussroot”.

4) Copy over the whole nexussroot folder into your hard disk’s root directory such as c:\nexussroot like I did.

5) Open up a command prompt by typing “cmd” under Start->Search Programs and files.

Then type “cd \nexusroot”.

Then type “fastboot oem unlock”.

6) You should see a screen asking you to “Unlock bootloader” like shown below:

Select “Yes” using Volume Up button and hit the Power Button.

Congratulations!  Your Nexus S has been rooted!

(You should see that “LOCK STATE” says “UNLOCKED”, meaning your Nexus S is rooted.)

Now, having a rooted phone means nothing if you don’t have Superuser app to make rooted apps run so let’s go do that next.


fastboot flash boot rootboot.img

Reboot your phone, then install “ROM Manager” app under Market. Open the app and install Clockwork Recovery by flashing (the first menu button).

If that was successful, you have successfully flashed the Clockwork Recovery, which will allow you to make full system backup/restore and also let you install new ROMs.

8) Just skip the sync for now and just connect your Nexus S to your computer as a USB storage device.

Then copy over the file “” from the nexussroot folder into the root directory of your Nexus S SD card.   This is the Superuser app.

9) Next, turn your Nexus S off and reboot into Bootloader mode by hitting the Power button while holding down the Volume Up button like we did earlier.  And choose “Recovery” to get into Clockwork Recovery.

10) Once you are in Clockwork Recovery menu, choose “Install zip from sdcard” and hit the Power button.

11) Then choose “Choose zip from sdcard” and hit the Power Button.

12) Then choose the “” and hit the Power Button.  This will install the Superuser app and you can reboot your phone.

Once you reboot your Nexus S, you should find a “Superuser” app in the menu.

What from here?  You can test our your root powers by installing root-only apps like Android Wifi Tether.

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This hack based on the root guide from XDA Developers.

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How to Root Nexus S!

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229 Responses to How to Root Nexus S!

  1. ahmad says:

    thanks ….

    whats the problem here ?

    my phone is ( grh78c )
    thanks again

  2. nabushar says:

    Thanks man you help me alot 🙂

  3. fred says:

    Hey, no matter how many different ways I’ve tried, or what drivers are installed, when I get to the the unlock part it still says waiting for device. Any clues you can throw my way? And by the way thanks for this your directions have been the easiest to follow.

  4. Alex says:

    This step is exactly for what: fastboot flash boot rootboot.img


    • Phil says:

      The problem here is the rootboot.img file that is bricking everyones phone
      after you do the fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- in step 7

      DO NOT!!!! Do the Flash boot img step, when you go to reboot your phone will hang up on the google screen with the unlock icon. there is an issue with this file.

      So just skip this and all wil work fine.

    • Joshua says:

      I am guessing this is an included insecure boot image for adb remount. This is unnecessary if all you want is root access and causing issues across different models (i9020a, i9023) causing the devices not to boot. I don’t suggest flashing this boot.img.

  5. joseph says:

    how can i install htc driver?the installer came out with a .cat file?
    im using windows 7 64bit

  6. axel says:

    when i reboot after i was in TheclockworkMod menue
    the phone nothing happen
    please help

  7. Ed says:

    How do i install the HTC drivers?

  8. jerome says:

    After I reboot the phone after I run command “fastboot flash boot rootboot.img”.. NOTHING
    The phone is not going past the Google screen with a lock…

    Any ideas how to back track or go forward

    What are my options

  9. EddieR says:

    hey buddy can you show me or post a video on how to install the drivers man i have no clue? o_O

  10. jahmal says:

    Does a rooted superuser nexus s give me the freedom of installing certain apps it would not instal before?

  11. carlo says:

    when i plug my phone into the usb in fastboot mode at the bottom appears STANDARD_SET_CONFIGURATION…

    also when i type fastboot oem unlock it is keeps waiting for device to respond..

    also in my computer i cant see anything when i plug the phone in fast boot mode…

  12. jude says:

    what drivers are you talking about? coz mine does the same where it says waiting for device

  13. Remi says:

    Do this procedure erases all my datas and apps ?

  14. Brandon m says:

    hey how long did it take for your screen to load up after you rooted and rebooted before moving over the zip file? mine is stuck on the google load up screen for about 10 min

  15. jmattaxel says:

    I’m using your rootboot.img and now my nexus s cannot boot,stuck in google logo.please help me out..

  16. Edwin says:

    Not exactly sure how to install the HTC drivers, any tutorials on how to accomplish this?

  17. Clément says:

    Thanks for the explanation, but in your video there is no explanation on how to install the HTC driver. I installed the MyHTC driver and it seems to be working though.

    BUT, as many have said I am stuck to the google logo with the lock.

    I can get to the part at 3:33 in your video, and just where you cut the video I have a problem. Phone stuck!

  18. beta says:

    like other, I am stuck to the google logo with the lock.
    Have you a solution please ?
    Help me, I repeated step 7 but still the same.


  19. Mark says:

    I was able to do this up to the point where I flashed the rootboot.img to the phone. After that, the phone hangs on reboot at the Google screen (showing the unlocked padlock). Any ideas? Is there another rootboot.img that I should try? I can do a “reboot recovery” and go into Clockworks, so I know that is working.

  20. jamlvs says:

    Great tutorial, working great. 😉

  21. mat says:

    My nexus s is stuck in the google screen with lock as well.

    What can I do. Please help!

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Try waiting about a minute, it should come back, if it doesn’t get into the Clockwork Recovery (Power button while holding down Volume Down) and install a ROM.

  22. KT says:

    why it shows waiting for device…
    i only in step 5 =(

  23. KT says:

    y there is a ! and an androuid after i recovery it

  24. KT says:

    (seems i hv a lot of questions)
    now when i recovery,
    it said
    E:Can’t find misc

    many many words but not a picture like ur video

    • KT says:

      n while i reboot it only google with a unlock appear
      but did go back to the phone…

      • Nexus S Hacks says:

        I am not sure but many are having the same problem, it should go back to phone, it might take like a minute, did u give it a minute?

        • abdulla says:

          i gave it more than a minute! lots n lots of minutes!!!! then i took out the battery and put it back on… still the same thing… cant open my phone!!! at all!!!! what happened ? what can i do ?

  25. KT says:

    sorry 4 typing mistake
    didnt go back*

  26. KT says:

    i hv flash the clockwork recovery already but …

  27. KT says:

    is there any method to make it unroot?

  28. Anthoni says:

    I have the same problem as KT
    urgent help! please

  29. KT says:

    can u teach me how to reset the nexus s…

  30. KT says:

    yes just like ur foto

  31. KT says:

    and also i cant dl the official update everytime it reboot, it will go to the page which volume up + power…

  32. Dwij Aggarwal says:


    Same old, stuck with Google with a lock picture. i downloaded everything today itself so it should be the latest nexussroot you said you have uploaded.

    What options do I have now? Go to recovery? I would rather use the original OS (with root ofcourse).

    yes I gave it over 5 mins so far and its still on that screen, any help is appreciated.


  33. please fix says:

    stuck at the google screen also…. how to i fix this????? PLEASE HELP

  34. vhoe says:

    hi there,
    first of all thank you very much for all the tutorial. i think i had done most of it correctly however
    i get stuck with the boot screen there, where it never get to boot into it. It stuck in the view that google logo with then unlock lock icon down there. I suppose it was the rootboot.img issue. Do u have any work around for this?
    Btw, my phone model is i9023, with these little info i can access now,
    Product name – HEARING
    HW version – REV 52
    baseband i9020XXKD1

    will the version become the issue??
    bootloader i9020XXKA3

  35. FD says:

    I downloaded the prev on May 3rd and followed all the steps, but I ended up with Google-unlocked padlock and I couldn’t start the phone anymore.
    I accessed CWM from Recovery option on fastboot menu and chose “I wipe Dalvik cache” but nothing happned. I still see Google-unlocked padlock.
    I accessed the CWM and chose “wipe data/factory reset”. But still get stuck with Google-unlocked padlock.

    Then, I saw that you’ve updated the file.. I download it and do all the step again. but nothing has changed!! my phone still show Google-unlocked and doesnot boot the OS. would you PLEASE help me out here!

  36. Jay Daniels says:

    Followed all of the instructions and I’m stuck on the Google bootscreen with the lock and can’t boot. I can’t get it to boot at all. I just wanted to root and keep my stock 2.3.4 so how do I fix this please help!

  37. Eddie says:


    I followed the directions on the video and believe I installed the device manager correctly, yet “ADB” still doesn’t show in the listing of files, it only reads “AVC.”
    Did I do something wrong? Please get back to me.

  38. LEOevolve says:

    Okay so I’ve gotten all the way to the command prompt to when you type in “fastboot oem unlock” and the command prompt just reads “waiting for device.”

    What do I do? Did I do something wrong?

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Make sure your drivers are installed correctly and make sure your phone is in bootloader menu, press Power button while holding down volume button.

      • LEOevolve says:

        I have, my phone is GRJ22 after a system update. Are there any newer drivers that will work with my phone?

      • Thomaatje says:

        I have exactly the same problem. No matter how many drivers i try, none of them seem to work. All seem to be as old as from 2010. If there are any new drivers, I’m sure a lot of people would REALY like to know.


        • Thomaatje says:

          Maybe worth noting that my phone is in Dutch? I don’t thinkt that should be a problem… But you never know

  39. victor says:


    like many others i have ended up bricking my phone, it’s stuck on the lock screen, i can go to recover screen however the nexus S does not have any MicroSD card so how to download the recovery file on it since it does not boot 🙁

    Please try to provide a proper explanation for us, and remove this method till you find what exactly is causing this issue, now we have bricked phones 🙁

  40. AnthonyG says:

    I am also stuck on the GOOGLE screen with the unlock..HELP….HELP….

  41. David says:

    I have a problem my lock state is on unlocked. The step 7 is ok. But when I reboot my phone I have the google logo and an open padlock but after that nothing happen. Any ideas?? Thanks!!

    • Phil says:

      It’s sad to say but unless you know adb programing you have to push the stock rom and a upraded rom thru
      dos prompt to the phone from your computer. Once thephone locks up, it means the the phone can not locate the Rom for booting. So unless you know adb and how to push the rom file it to the on board sd file then i would say the phone is bricked.

  42. Sandeep says:

    hi max,
    I tried to root my nexus S (Australia) u told in video, its unlocked as well..but now…screen becomes static with google logo and Unlock symbol, it goes back to all boot menu and recovery options but after deleting all cache..n tried everything else including repeating step 7..more than few times, I m still not able to open menu in mobile. After every restart/boot it comes to google logo and stops there for ever. Then everytime have to remove battery.

    Any suggestions …??????

    will be thankful ..:)

  43. Victot says:

    Guys solution for the people who bricked their phone

    First remove the battery, press volume up and plug the battery the press volume up and power, you will be take to recovery mode.

    The second step if you didn’t install the driver of the phone on your PC YOU have to look for them as per your windows, install driver and also download the original rom 3.2 with the latest upgrade from the net.

    Place them on your phone at SD virtual drive then go to the boot menu and mount drive then install the original ROM

    Look online you will find both tutorial to do this if you failed let me know and I will send you the links

    Now my phone is rooted and running latest firmware

    🙂 good luck guys

  44. Taboom says:

    This is how one can fix the clockwork recovery boot loop (caused by fastboot flash boot rootboot.img). See links in and download the stock ROM (2.3.4, if you are using it). Unpack boot.img from within the rom and run:
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    to install a working boot image. Next boot it with:
    fastboot boot boot.img
    Superuser is working and the phone boots normally. Booting to Clockwork Recovery using the Bootloader menu>Recovery might still be broken..

    • GAViN617 says:

      Hey, I followed your instructions and fixed the problem, so thanks!
      Have you worked out how to fix the problem with booting into clockwork recovery? I have to keep flashing it through fastboot…

    • dino993 says:

      Dud thanks a lot, my nexus s works now, cheers

  45. Tyler says:


    Please help! I followed your directions exactly and have run into the same problem as some other people on this page. I got phone unlocked and flashed clockwork. When I went to reboot, the phone stops/freezes on the google screen with the open lock at the bottom.. I can pull the battery and boot into CM though, the only problem is that I can’t get it to show up on my computer anymore to flash CM7.. please help, I’m terrified that the phone is now bricked.. that goes for anyone who has run into this problem/know hows to get around it! Thanks.


  46. Joe says:

    I bricked my phone at the google logo as well. I would try CM7, but I can’t access the storage on the phone to copy it over. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get it to the phone since it doesn’t have an SD card?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      You can connect your phone as USB device under Clockwork, look for “mount”!

      • Eduardo/Edward says:

        I am having a few problens with the Clockwork mod… it just don’t work in my phone. i do the cmd steps and so on but i just can get my phone to go to the recovery clockwork mod.. it goes to the original one… what can I do???

      • harsh says:

        When i was using gingerbread 2.3.4, my nexus s is not connecting to pc. pc is not taking is driver. i tried so much by some adb driver and also Samsung’s latest drivers. but still it is not connecting.

        And also having this problem, i make a stupidity by upgrading to the official ics 4.0.3.

        In ics 4.0.3 in bootloader mode it is showing black screen and still not connecting to pc. When i connect it shows as unknown device. And i update driver is takes as usb input device or HID-compliant consumer control device.

        In 2.3.4 in have installed clockwork recovery mode

        Ics 4.0.3 can’t be root because of this problem..

        Now i cant do any recovery without root bcoz it needs recovery mode. And cant connect to pc to act fastboot.

        Plz give me some suggestions.

    • Taboom says:

      It seems to me that the included rootboot.img is broken. See my previous post about flashing with the original one:
      fastboot flash boot boot.img

      This should fix the stuck at Google screen problem.

  47. nexus3soon says:

    I got the same problem. I can’t unlock the lock state. Its still block to the ”waiting for devices” when I write ”fastboot oem unlock”. I correctly install my driver and I don’t know what to do after that… Someone can help me?

  48. EVO says:

    thanks a lot for this tutorial. with ur help my SNS is now rooted. but i did a mistake.
    i’ve followed the video tutorial. at 2.35 min u don’t say: “copy over the file “” from the nexussroot folder into the root directory”
    so now i’m stucked here. i can’t synchronyse but i can go in clockworkmod recovery but he find no rom to be flashed.

    some one can help me?

  49. fredy says:

    do you know when you going to do the instructions for Mac

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Sorry bud, I planned to get a new Mac last week, but I will get one soon so I can have multiple instruction videos for all platforms.

  50. Aswin says:

    URGENT Help needed.. Someone please help me.. After these steps,

    >>>> 4) Copy over the whole nexussroot folder into your hard disk’s root directory such as c:\nexussroot like I did.

    5) Open up a command prompt by typing “cmd” under Start->Search Programs and files.

    Then type “cd \nexusroot”.

    Then type “fastboot oem unlock”.

    6) You should see a screen asking you to “Unlock bootloader” like shown below:

    Select “Yes” using Volume Up button and hit the Power Button.

    Congratulations! Your Nexus S has been rooted!

    (You should see that “LOCK STATE” says “UNLOCKED”, meaning your Nexus S is rooted.)

    Now, having a rooted phone means nothing if you don’t have Superuser app to make rooted apps run so let’s go do that next.


    fastboot flash boot rootboot.img <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    After these steps, When I clicked on REBOOT,

    MY Nexus S is stuck and showing Google with with unlocked icon on the bottom, its been 15 + minutes and showing the same.. How long will it take to re-boot ??

    Someone please help me fast..

  51. dennis says:

    after getting to the step “fastboot flash boot rootboot.img” and then trying to reboot…i am stuck on the google screen with the padlock. desperately need help.

  52. Slamdrunk says:

    Hi I also need some help please. Totally new to this flashing, but trying to learn
    I must be an idiot as i just can not get rooted on my tel. i have unlocked the bootloader, not problems, but rooting the tel to install market apps that require rooting, is beyond my skill level i guess. So i need some help please 🙂

    Can someone post a link to the files I need to download to my PC and then the commands to install them.
    I have adb working .

    But could someone please help a newbie out. I have followed the guide here as well, not for note, but i also get stuck at the boot screen with just the Google logo and the unlocked padlock.

    I bought my tel. in Sweden.

    I really need a working guide with copy , paste links for the commands, and links to download everything i need to install, example: the boot.img. or CWM..

    I don’t expect someone to help for free, if so it would be really nice of you , but I would also be willing to pay 50 USD is someone would help me. I really want to have this working. with root.

    So if anyone could make me a detailed “how to” i would be really greatful that would work with my tel. 🙂

    thanks for anyone help

    Tel: Nexus S (Swedish bought)
    Android Version: 2.3.4
    Baseband Version: i9023XXKD1
    Kernel Version:
    Build Number: GRJ22

  53. will says:


    Heard that after root cant receive OTA update from google.

    any ways to solve this ? what about unroot ?

  54. LoveMonkey says:

    Is this working for 2.3.4? Cheers LM

  55. Phile says:

    Looked trough many forums and all the reply’s. Nowhere can I find the answer for the question.


    Windows 7 driver recognices the phone, so I assume it’s the correct driver.

    I hafe fastboot REV 52. (On the pictures it’s REV 11, so probably old)

    If it’s not the correct driver, where can I find the correct one?
    If there is another sollution, what is it?

    Allready 2 days on it, so please help.

    thank you

  56. Feanaro Surion says:

    Hi there. I’ve basically bricked my phone the same way as everyone else. I’ll say this upfront, I can’t access clockworkmod. I need to revert to stock. It’s that simple. I had it rooted, everything unlocked fine, and then I tried to install clockworkmod through rom manager but it said it didn’t have permissions. I then looked back and found that I had skipped a step, and I hadn’t flashed the bootrecovery image found here. I then did that and now everything freezes on the lock screen, nothing boots, etc. I don’t have access to clockworkmod, or I don’t know how to access it. My Nexus S is from Telus in Canada, and my model number is GT-I9020A. I can’t figure this out, and obviously my warranty no longer applies. Please help if you can.

  57. JUAN says:

    DO NOT DO THE LAST LINE “FASTBOOT FLASH ROOTBOT.IMG” EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will leave stuck in the google screen.!!!!!!!!!!!! It happened to me, follow all the other instructions except the one I stated above. TRUST me AND your phone will be ROOTED..

  58. LoveMonkey says:

    Hi, please can you help me. The phone only boots to ClockworkMod Recovery.

  59. TN says:

    I’m new to Android rooting so please excuse my noobness. When I do “fastboot oem unlock” and answer “Yes” on the phone, that will factory reset the phone. I already have 2.3.4 installed on my phone, will “fastboot oem unlock” revert the OS back to the original stock version, 2.3.1? If it does, I would have to install 2.3.4 update again which would unroot the phone? Will I be in my own vicious circle chasing my own tail?

  60. lixing says:

    hey, i got into the clockwork recovery mode, but then i tried to reboot my phone and it stucked on the google + lock icon, how do i fix this?

  61. jwtiyar says:

    after flashing su- ,when i hit reboot system now will come to recovery mode again, does not load system.


  62. jwtiyar says:

    i unlocked my nexus s and installing recovery , after i hited reboot system now but the system does not load and every time come to recovery mode again,

    please help.

  63. lybica says:

    if anyone is here, can you help me.. I think I typed ‘’ instead of ‘crespo.img’… however the lock stage is UNLOCKED but I’m not able to continue after recovery.. any ideas?

  64. marc. says:

    WIll this work if I already updated 2.3.4?

    • LoveMonkey says:

      It worked for me. Am running Cyanogen mod 7 now.
      Like a lot of people commenting here I had issues with the install, but the biggest thing I didn’t do, was to back up the phone and check that it had been. I’m still putting back my contacts and some content a week later.

  65. mendel says:

    my phone is stuck at google with the unlock sign please help

  66. mal says:

    C:\nexusroot>fastboot flash recovery-clockwork-
    unknown partition ‘recovery-clockwork-’
    error: cannot determine image filename for ‘recovery-clockwork-’

    wtf is this and how do i fix? phone is bricked

    • mal says:

      ok so i had to add another “recovery” to the line.

      it should look like:

      fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

      I am now in ClockworkMod Recovery, but when i reboot system it does not go beyond the google lock screen….i just want my phone to work again please help

  67. daniel turner says:

    Ok ive gone up to the fastboot flash recovery section as it says and when i try restart phone hangs on the google with padlock like all others and i can access recovery but cant do anythin else cant put anythin on phone as the computer wont recognize anythin as its not got far enough what can i do can i go back a step or anythin?

  68. vincedoggy says:

    man it just bricked my phone after flashing rootboot.img.
    can anyone help?

  69. roger says:

    where can i download the zip file i cant seem to find it

  70. RayNor says:

    Can someone else confirm that this works on the i9023..?

    I also bricked my Nexus S on this shit. Author; WRITE A FUCKING COMMENT IN YOUR ARTICLE ABOUT THIS! I appreciate you took your time to make this how-to, but fucking up phones everywhere else IS NOT A GOOD DEED. Although the troll in you might be laughing. Fuckin Trolls.

  71. Ghazi says:

    after i typed fastboot oem unlock .. appeared to me waiting for device .. how i can solve this problem


  72. Mark says:

    Hi, where’s the instruction for unrooting Nexus S?

  73. ivo says:

    hi,can anyone help i have allsou brick phone,i have unlock it and have clockworkmod v3.0….0 but it doesnt wont to load anything,when i press reboot,phone stock with google and unlock logo.i could go to recovery but when i want to install cm7 or something to try if there is troble ,it cant mount,it cant mount cache\recoverz and so on and so on ….please if anzone can help i will

  74. Michael says:

    Thank you so much for this, those steps saved me.

  75. Iiro Krankka says:

    Help! I’m stuck on the Google padlock screen. I can’t get past the screen to my phone! What can I do??

  76. Iiro Krankka says:

    Jesse, huge thanks for you! Now it’s working!

  77. Iiro Krankka says:

    My Wi-Fi doesn’t work after I rooted my phone. It just displays Wi-Fi error when trying to check the box Wi-Fi on. Any Help`?

  78. Sebastian says:

    you saved my day and my phone.. :-D!

    Thank you!

    Now i go ahead for the miui rom..

  79. Karan says:

    i also did everything said in the tutorial and i also got stuck with the google logo and unlock icon at starup screen,
    i don’t want to install any custom MOD, just wanted to root my device to increase its processor speed, but its as good as a paper weight at the moment, i have done all the steps, can just tell me a way to start my phone and not loosing unlocked and superuser if it had installed…
    please help me out
    i will be waiting for your reply
    and more over i have asian version (i9023), and so i also don’t even know which nandroid Firmware version to use to restock the firmware.
    please help me out

  80. bisip says:

    i have install cyanogenmod 7,i cant install stock mod beacuse if i install stock rom my touch butens doesnt work butens for home seacrh and back doesnt work,any other rom is the some,just cm7 work like it should.does anyone now how to repair it,just incase if i would need waranty.

    • Karan says:

      i wrote the last line Wrong , i meant all the things will be undone, except your phone will be still in unlocked State, but will work properly and Fine.
      i used that link only to restore my phone as it was also stuck on paddle lock screen.

  81. Karan says:

    Caution :::::——-
    Only use this Guide till STEp 6 where u are able to unlock your , cause the after steps end up bricking your phone
    See some other guide to install the superuser File or what you guys call as SU

  82. Renee says:

    I have the same problem and the phone is now turn to brick..
    i have no recovery install since my phone is brand new and just updated to 2.3.4
    i can’t recovery to any cm mod
    my phone even cannot be recognized by my PC
    what should i do right now?
    should i return the phone for maintenance and say..yes i am stupid and follow the tutorial to brick my phone…
    it is too embarrass…..

    i am now look at my phone and cry…..

    • Renee says:

      For the people who is desperate as me…….
      I finally got what Jesse mean
      it means you need to unzip the file and extract the boot.img to replace the wrong boot file

      Thanks god

  83. Martijn says:

    For me, i also got the hang at the booting screen of the phone.

    I installed the latest Cyanogen Mod and the G Apps and my phone is now working again. Apparently, the Cyanogen mod also installs the Super User app, so you wont have to 🙂

  84. Franky says:

    After i did all the steps up until the part were i have to hit “recover” on my phone for the first time and it is suppose to restart on its own… yea it didn’t. All it shows is a little android man with a exclamation mark above it!!!! and if i try to restart the phone, it will only show the “google” sign.

    So recap
    1. After recover, it only has a android logo with a exclamation mark on it.
    2. if i restart it normally it stays on the “google” logo.
    Some one please reply!!!!!!!


    • Franky says:

      Now i got it to go to recovery but i cant get it to mount on my computer during clockwork. So i cant put anything inside of the SD card. Also my phone still wont boot correctly, it still locks up at the google logo.


  85. Eduardo/Edward says:

    You’re a saint bro. You just saved my phone. Thanks a lot.

  86. Eduardo/Edward says:

    How can i follow the steps into instaling the super user if i can’t acess the clockwork recovery first??

  87. Deepak says:

    To all the people who’re stuck with the GOOGLE and UNLOCK SIGN:

    After you have unlocked and given the command “fastboot flash boot rootboot.img”

    give another command “fastboot flash boot recovery-clockwork-”

    This will install the CLOCKWORK RECOVERY MODE.

    After you’ve installed it, Boot the phone in fastboot mode (power + volume up), go to recovery and then install from zip file from sd card…..then browse through the sd card and select the Cyanogen mod file and it will install it within 1 minute!

  88. devmonster says:

    this saved my phone. thanks! the author should note this problem on his blog

  89. fucker says:

    Are fucking stupid or what? Would you please remove this shit from the internet? This stupid thing is bricking everybody’s phone!

  90. mustafa yusuf says:

    Here is something you can follow to get your phone working after being stuck on the google logo
    Visit this link

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  92. MtotheK says:

    So no then or what?

  93. Len says:

    Hi, I did install the drivers and appears on my device administrator “SAMSUNG Android Composite ADB Interface”, I did follow your intructions ( but then when i connect my Nexus S and run: nexussroot>fastboot oem unlock, nothing happend, the cmd shows: and nothing on my Nexus S…
    You or someone knows why? Or how I can solve this?

    • I hope that issue has been resolved. If not, please make sure that you have completed installing the drivers. After the setup file, there is another process to the driver installation. Go in to your device manager and make sure there is no “yellow exclamation mark” next to your device “nexus s”. If it is, right click and update drivers, go in to your program files and then Samsung and then select the ADB2 driver file and get that installed.

      After that step has been completed, boot your phone in fast recovery, “volume up + power” and when you plug in your phone then, you should see it load the drivers.

      For more information … go here
      Here is something you can follow to get your phone working after being stuck on the google logo
      Visit this link

  94. fahadnp says:

    very nice job thank you very much

  95. fahadnp says:

    very good explanation & really help full many many thanks…..
    keep it ur effort

  96. ricky says:

    thanks alot mate. good info there. sorted the problem for me.

  97. Kaitlin says:

    I can’t even get past the installing the drivers part. When I try to enter the commands it says path not found or something like that.

  98. Kaitlin says:

    When ever I get past the installing the drivers part and I enter the commands it says path not found or something like that and I’m frustrated. Please help

  99. kostas says:

    the phone stucks at google logo.clockwork mode must have a problem because i cant transfer files when i unmount the clockwork mod 4.0.02 flash it from command promt then go to recovery unmount storage and then you can transfer to sdcard an upadate zip with rom.if you want download the stock rom or another custom rom.i solve the problem just like that.flash clockwork mode transfer rom to sdcard and then flashing the rom from recovery and the phone opens

  100. Sheldon says:

    Great guide!

    Although, I have done everything until the step where you say to reboot device after we have done the fastboot flash boot rootboot.img.

    After I have rebooted, I am stuck on the Google screen with the little lock and it stays there. I can’t move on from there and I have surfed the web to find ways to enter my phone in ClockworkMod without success. Now I would like to go back to initial settings. Can you help?

    • You need to type fastboot flash recovery recovery-cloclwork- after you type fastboot flash boot rootboot.img in CMD PROMPT

      visit Getting past the Google Logo – Nexus S | Garbage Collector 4.0 <– copy paste this url in the address bar.

  101. No one’s bricking the phones … please read the positive comments too 🙂

    You need to type fastboot flash recovery recovery-cloclwork- after you type fastboot flash boot rootboot.img in CMD PROMPT

    visit Getting past the Google Logo – Nexus S | Garbage Collector 4.0 <– copy paste this url in the address bar.

  102. Jonathan Yu says:

    Hi um I fixed everything and i went on my E drive and I don’t have the super user thingy but my phone is letting me use super user?? Am I all good now?

  103. Connor says:

    Bricked my phone 🙁

    Got as far as “fastboot flash boot rootboot.img”, then I was tying to reboot using the power buttond and, I assume, rebooting the bootloader. The when I realised the options on the screen had a reboot option I hit that and now I can’t get past the Google logo. I’ve tried recovery, that just gives me a yellow exclamation mark and the Android guy.

    Any suggestions?

  104. Connor says:

    Why on Earth did the author leave this blog post up, without some kind of warning at the start, if he knew that file was bricking peoples phones?????


  105. Connor says:

    Anyone know how to fix a Status 7 error after using this guide?

  106. ita_timidus says:

    Dude, your code is wrong

    Should be:

    fastboot flash recovery recover.img

  107. Matthieu says:

    hello man,
    thanks for your tuto.
    just one thing : when i am in the clockwordmod recovey and that i press “reboot system now” it then blocks on an image with a padlock and google written above.
    what should i do?

  108. Daniel Mathe says:

    I’ve already done everything well, I’ve unlocked my Nexus S, but when I reboot it, there’s a picture: google, and under google there’s lock, but that’s all! It won’t boot. It shows this picture but it doesn’t start!!(I’m waiting for a long time…) PLS HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!

  109. Daniel Mathe says:

    I’ve already done everything well, I’ve unlocked my Nexus S, but when I reboot it, there’s a picture: google, and under google there’s lock, but that’s all! It shows this picture but it doesn’t start!!(I’m waiting for a long time…) PLS HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!

    • David says:

      it says at the top do not use this method anymore… now youve got a kernel flashed onto your phone that wont boot, all you need to do now is flash a custom rom onto it to fix it

  110. Daniel Mathe says:

    So just take a rom to it and that’s it???

  111. Daniel Mathe says:

    I realized that I’ve got ICS on my Nexus S so I wouldn’t had done with this description. So PLS HELP ME how I can fix my phone!!! Now it’s not important to have Rooted phone (or have ROM 🙂 ) just HEEEELP me how can I restore my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Pendres says:

    Using Windows XP SP3 / Nexus S
    I spent 4hrs following every single instruction above and finally successfully installed the ADB driver, but still having a weird issue with it: I do have the driver installed but only shows-up if I have booted in normal mode of my Nexus. If I go to the boot menu, i.e.: press vol up and power, then it finds a new devide – Android 1.0 and tried to install new drivers for it and doesn’t accept the usb drivers anymore. I tried to run the fastboot command at that stage, but it says and didn’t proceed.
    Please help, how can I make it work.

  113. Pendres says:

    When I go to the boot menu, i.e.: press vol up and power, it finds a new device – Android 1.0 and tries to install new drivers for it and doesn’t accept the usb drivers that I downloaded anymore.
    When I run fastboot oem lock it says waiting for device and doesn’t proceed.
    What am I doing wrong?

  114. salman says:

    I performed the Step 7 and stuck on GOOGLE what I can do now I can go to CWM but how can i make it fixed if i can’t transfer data to my phone please help to fix my phone

  115. salman says:

    I also done a factory reset
    now what can I do

  116. Jonathan says:

    Remove this fucking page from the internet…
    This will save time for many user instead of displaying “update” notice…

  117. Guilherme says:

    My Nexus S wasn’t starting and wasn’t able to perform the recovery by pressing Volume Down and Power buttons together. so I try to follow the steps that you create but when I try to perform the step 6 the nexus s won’t change to unlock state it remains on lock state – locked.
    can you help me?

  118. fawad ali says:

    Thanks for making videos, I have my nexus s (Korean) and it is upgraded to Android 4.1.1. Now I did as you do in video, it unlock the phone but I cannot install file, it cannot read the e: driver while I mounted many time and also it read the .zip file but not installing.

  119. Vickyl Simpl says:

    Hi Max,

    I have followed the updated method but i only succeeded in installing superuser but cannot gain root access. please I have tried this several times and even factory reset and try again but still no access. I want to go ahead and install a new ROM using TWRP flash recovery. Will it be successful without rooting the phone first?

    Please help I don’t want to brick my phone. Your urgent answer will be appreciated.

    My phone is nexus s I9023XXXKI1

  120. joycee says:

    hi i’m also stuck in step 5, it says waiting for device on the command prompt. i’ve succesfully updated my drivers but still doesn’t work..what should i do?

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