How to Overclock Your Nexus S to 1.3Ghz!

For those of you who’ve installed Cyanogen Mod ROM, you can overclock your Nexus S to 1.4Ghz.  Depending on your phone’s CPU, it can be less.  For mine, I was able to overclock my Nexus S to 1.3Ghz.

To do this, you will need to download the overclocked kernel here (Check here for the latest updates):

Or just download this:

You need to first copy the above zip file into your Nexus S SD Card.

After that, go into ROM Manager and reboot into recovery.

Once you are in Clockwork Recovery, just install from zip and select the zip file you copied over earlier.

Once it reboots, install the SetCPU, download here (any version will do).

Then unzip the zip file, copy over the .apk file to your Nexus S SD Card.

Then simply open the file and install using File Manager.

Open the SetCPU and see how fast you can get your Nexus S phone to go. Mine would reboot at 1.4Ghz but worked fine at 1.3Ghz.

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33 Responses to How to Overclock Your Nexus S to 1.3Ghz!

  1. Micheal says: I read this try to understand the difference between BFS and CFS. It stated that BFS is already the default task scheduler for CYM7. Is there any particular reason why you installed CFS on Nexus S? I’m about to attempt the same thing but I’m going to use the BFS and see what happens. I would also attempt Kernel for the BLN but I don’t know it if it’s safe to do so yet. Any ideas?
    BTW Before I forget TY for helping me unlock and root my phone via your Nexus S walkthrough. Since then I’ve gone through most of the CYM7 (except for nightly builds), a rooted/stock rom, and MIUI rom which is a bit like using an iphone only better. I never attempted to do anything with the kernel because I didn’t know how to. Is it safe to run the phone at 1.3 ghz for the life of the phone? or should I bring it back to 1ghz and now that I think about will the extra ghz have an effect on battery life?

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Actually the one I installed is BFS, I think either of them should work them fine though. It should be fine to run at 1.3Ghz, it’s only going to use up battery when you are doing heavy tasks so no, it won’t drain you battery more than 1Ghz unless you were playing games all day long.

  2. Justin says:

    I had to install the cfs on my nexus s here on the rogers network. bfs was aborted when I tried to install it

  3. jwtiyar says:

    1400 Mhz worked with me ,thanks.

  4. Kitt says:

    I tried installing the kernal, but then my phone just hangs at the Google screen when I reboot. I’m from Australia. Help please.

  5. Mahdi says:

    need help, after installing the kernel and trying to reboot the phone it stays on a black screen. what should i do?

  6. Phil says:

    And what about power consumption and overheating?

  7. Ivan says:

    If your phone is staying in a black screen and nothing else go into recovery, go to mount as mass storage, install new kernel, reboot, you should be good.

  8. Kadeem says:

    I just ordered my phone yesterday & i can’t wait for it to get here. My question is i used to over clock my old Palm pre and i used to experience a lot of over heating especially during charging. I don’t want to destroy my phone and i’m new to android so i would like to know the positives & negatives of doing this, it would help me out a lot thanks a lot ! 😀

  9. princetony23 says:

    When i try to reboot into recovery mod I get an error message that says “NO BOOT OR RECOVERY IMG”! What do i do to get these back

  10. manuel says:

    i did the over clock and i got 1.2G to 1.3G and i got to say its pretty fast just how i like but even tho i did not use the same app but the one i got was for rooted phones and so far so good ..

  11. Leandro Corea says:

    I got my nexus s 4g overclocked at 1.5GHZ running NScollab+Trinity Kernel

  12. babloogta says:

    sir i like your posts and some of them was useful for me but i want to know is it any way to run gameloft all games on nexus s because few days away i download 3 game loft games ,gangstar miami vidification,gangstar west coast hustel,avactor but on 1 game work gangstar miami vidification i want to know that is it any way to run any android virsion game on nexus s beacua i am running android 2.3.6 grk39f there is no virsion compitible with this 2 games on nexus s sir plz help me to solve this problm sorry for this english

  13. Johny says:

    i would like to test this…. but can it be reveresed? i mean do i first make a backup before installing this? or is there a recover zip out there?

    • Adam Carter says:

      nah, mate. just go into recovery (hold the power button, click reboot > recover), and select backup/restore, then backup. it may take a while, but will back up the current ROM and settings.

      then just follow the steps above. you can wipe the dalvik cache in the same recovery mode, but may not notice any difference if you don’t.

      my problem: i’ve backed up/installed/restored twice now, and after both installations, the program runs great. i’m able to clock to 1.4 with no ill-effects, but no matter what speed i set it at, it disables my 3G, seems to block 4G, but the wifi works normally.

      i can’t figure out how to turn the 3G on/off, or seem to trace down the issue other than installing the overclock zip/setCPU combi.

      any help would be greatly appreciated.

      – carl

      • Adam Carter says:

        well, on the 3rd reboot, it seems to be working normally!

        • Adam Carter says:

          ok, nevermind. shit’s borked.

          i had to restore back to my CM7, otherwise my wifi/4G/3G would randomly stop passing traffic, until i would reboot.

          no one else had this issue?

      • BONES says:

        hey, im running stock ics on nexus s 4g from sprint. im going at 1.4 ghz u dont need set cpu or another kernel i just flashed the ics and got the latest superuser 3.0.7 and overclocking with rom toolbox pro and rooted with one-click-nexus-s-4g from or even xda has it is pretty simple it didnt took me not even 10 minutes. its been a week since i did it and i havent had any issue. you should try it too.

        • Adam Carter says:

          “stock” ICS? didn’t know there was such a thing for nexus S 4G. maybe one of the new AOSP ROM’s?

          anyways, that’s awesome that it’s working for you. i will definitely be trying your method out. thanks for the update!

      • Joshua says:

        You might want to look into your APN settings… Sorry this might be a really late reply, but after I rooted/custom recovered/ and installed a new rom on my Nexus S I noticed my Koodo mobile (canada) APN settings we’re all gone, and only the picked up network (Telus) was there…

        You can usually get your APN settings from your provider, or online at their website.

        Hope this helps you out a lot.


  14. Alex C says:

    Thanks for this! Really helpful! I successfully O.C. to 1.4GHz stable which was an acomplishment for a noob like myself. Currently I’m running it @ 1.2 ondemand. One question though, whats the difference between “BFS” and “CFS?” Haven’t been able to figure that one out. Thanks again.

    Happy thanksgiving to all.

  15. Dan M says:

    I’m curious if this will work on my Nexus S 4g running the ICS 4.0 from Kwiboo

  16. Steve says:

    I tried to run this on my Nexus S with Android: 4.0.3, Baseband Version: 19023XXKl1, KernelVersion: 308=gb55c9ec android-build@apa28#1, Build # lML 74K and I’ve put my Nexus into USB mode and copy & pasted the ‘netarchy-nexus-’ to my Nexus S SD Card, I went into ROM Manager then ‘Reboot into Recovery’ but that didn’t seem to work? So I did it manually by pressing the volume up & power button & got into Clockwork Recovery. Then I scrolled down to ‘RECOVERY’ & I got the usual ‘Google’ logo then a ‘tank like with the Android logo and exclamation mark but then the phone went into a BLACK SCREEN & died ‘I could not do anything more with the phone” I had to take the battery out so that I could reboot so that the phone would be functional. Can you please explain to me why this is happening (because I’ve done this process a few times and the same thing has happened? Is it because I’m running Ice Cream or is there a trick to get into recovery? Btw: when I had Android 2.3.6 I had no troubles getting into RECOVERY ‘Manually’ but I could never do it through ROM Manager . your assistance would be appreciated as I would love to ‘Overclock’ my Nexus S which is working superbly on Ice Cream Sandwich which I installed as soon as it was available.

  17. Darian says:

    Okay I have one question. Do I have to wipe the data factory reset and the cache partition in order to install a new kernel or can i just install the new kernel without wiping anything?

  18. Mike says:

    D@Darian just wipe the dalvik cache and install kernel no need to wipe

  19. Darian says:

    Thanks @Mike. I just didn’t wipe anything and it seemed to be working fine but I still don’t know because My phone doesn’t seem to like trinity kernels but the kernel I tried was the pre deep idle version of the trinity 1544mhz kernel. Right now I use Matr1x cfs v11.5. Thanks again.

  20. Ega says:

    Need help here!

    I’m Stuck in the google logo can you help me please !!!

  21. emmanuel says:

    I have a nexus s can any one help me with a file or rom to help me get my texting back

  22. Rudolf says:

    I tried to Overclock and made strange experiences. ROM Update to Cyanogen Mod ROM worked fine-the second time. First ROM Manager worked only correct, when always ClockworkModeRecovery was installed, although this was stated to be executed only the very first time….Then I installed “” – as described – and my system had a hard freeze…I had to put out the batteries and apply VOL-Up and Power On and recover a backup.
    This is strange to me: Obviously these things worked fine once-otherwise they would no be recommended in this forum. On the other hand, it does not work as described.
    I assume, that the problem is caused by the different releases of the programs taking part. I would suggest to mention the releases which worked, so we really can have the same opportunities (I made these experience already with the superuser program…).
    But to make it clear: you are doing an outstanding job and are really experts. But I also know limiting factors of time frame….
    Best Regards, Rudolf

  23. Rudolf says:

    Hi Folks,
    first the positive message: I installed (on my rooted Nexus S 4.0.3) “setCPU” with stable 1.3 GHz by using the appropriate kernel.. Next step is 1,46 GH – which is a big step – and not stable yet (have to mixture the Volt settings….)
    OC with the current Cyanogen Mod ROM (2.3.7) was not successful – which was good, since I could use the newer OS. It is a pity, that I could not read anywhere, which version was behind the installation procedere.
    I do not understand, why “” (s. above) is supported for Gingerbread 2.3.7 – since it did not work either.
    Again I suggest to indicate release versions of all programs involved including the OS of Nexus S to avoid empty miles….Why should I install an old Gingerbread version, when I can use the recent 4.0.3 for Nexus S?
    But thanks to Nexusshacks team for the effort of trying to make things easier and working at the end.
    If anybody has questions let me know.
    Good luck to everybody.
    KR, Rudolf

  24. Arshad says:

    hii!!! i use nexus s with jelly bean 4.1.2 android and i wish to overclock my phone and am a beginner in this case. any help would be appreciated..


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