How to Install Nexus S Windows USB Drivers!

A lot of people have been having trouble installing the Nexus S Windows USB driver, so here’s the simplest way, just download this file:


Unzip the file then run the .exe file.

After you install the Samsung drivers, put your Nexus S into Debugging Mode by going to Settings->Applications->Development then checking Debugging Mode.

Connect your phone to your computer and open up Device Manager.

You will see Nexus S with an exclamation mark, just double-click on it, Update Driver->Browse my computer for driver software->ADB Interface then choose Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, then choose Samsung Android ADB Device.

UPDATE: If you can’t find ADB Interface, try selecting “All devices” instead of ADB interface, this will list all drivers and you should be able to find ADB.

And you should be good to go.

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91 Responses to How to Install Nexus S Windows USB Drivers!

  1. Nono says:


    It seemed so simple…. but don’t work on my computer : error 10 after having selected the driver on the list ! (Windows 7 64 bits)

    Any idea pleeeeease ?

  2. Aswin says:

    I’m stuck at this step >> my computer for driver software- When I click on this option, I coudn’t find ADB interface.. Infact I’m not even getting that drivers list.. kindly advice..

  3. Eddie says:

    I followed your directions, however I ran into a snag. I failed to remember that I had accepted a system update and in the device manager there is “AVC” instead of “ADB.” Anyway around this without downgrading? I’m really not up for figuring that out. LOL!

    Thanks loads…

    System update now reads 2.3.1 instead of 2.3

  4. RolloC84 says:

    ADB INTERFACE is not an option in my device manager. Where do I find the ADB INTERFACE?

  5. MikeHawk says:

    x2 on what Eddie and RolloC84 said….
    it’s seems pretty straight forward but still not able to do it

    i guess if we cant even get the ADB correct, i dont think we should root our Nexus….

    any other suggestions as to what we’re doing wrong?

  6. Dar says:

    I’m on Windows 7 Pro and I can’t find a ADB Interface either. Has anybody received an answer on this yet?

  7. nessoua says:

    FOR WINDOWS SEVEN –>> C:\Progammes Files –>> Samsung – >>> USB DRIVERS


    C:\Program Files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers\16_Shrewsbury

    see you !


    • yarzar says:

      It works on my 64bit Win7 dell. no more yellow caution sign in device mgr. but i dont know yet what is the next. I dont see my device in my comoputer.

  8. Jofonix says:

    First I would like to say thank you for the author’s hard work. I don’t want to sound ungrateful in what is to come.

    This document might work for some. But not for others. It was designed on a Win7 system and many people are still using WinXP and WinVista9I use vista for games and Debian for everything else.) I logged onto winsnooze to see if the steps in this article would work for me because it seems to be the most up to date and clear article I could find on rooting the nexus S except that it does not work for me and some of the PATH information is definitely different on my PC than what the article describes.

    For example, the article points out to find ADB. In order for me to do that, I needed to open the control panel=>add hardware=>install manually=>show all devices=> select Samsung Electronics Company LTD., Samsung ADB Android Device..then I had to browse My Cmputer to C:|program Files\Samsung USB Drivers

    When I did not use the add hardware from control panel, winsnooze DID NOT find the driver for my device. I tried all four USB driver directories within the Samsung folder. I then tried the cojntrl panel way and was able to install the only driver that winblows would allow me to=> shrewbury=> and it is NOT the correct driver for my device. Noted by the big yeloww excalamation mark over it in Device manager and the This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1) error message in Device manager.

    So, thank you for all your efforts(Author) but I won’t be able to use this article until I find the proper driver for my devices. I suspect many, many others to be in this position also.

    My phone.

    Samsung Nexus S
    Android 2.3.4 GRJ22

  9. will says:

    stuck in the same situation as above
    hope someone could find out a solution

  10. lixing says:

    go to “All Devicees” then “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd” then you can find” ADB interface”

  11. Arkadi says:

    Win XP , Nexus S
    it doesn’t work !

    I can’t find also ADB as a driver after all action recommended .

    If any one knows how to answer the qst for XP + nexus please give a link.


  12. zhila says:

    mine doesnt even find nexus s, its “unknown device” and of course it doesnt find ADB, and its not in ‘other devices’ its in Universal Serial Bus Controllers, can you help?

  13. Alby says:

    I am using Win XP and got a different method to work:

    1. In SDK Manager, go to Available Packages -> expand Third Party Add-Ons -> expand Google Inc. and check off the Google USB Driver Package.

    2. Click Install Selected, select the Accept radio button, and press Install.

    3. Once it’s finished, go to the Installed packages section in the main SDK Manager window and find the Google USB driver. Click on it.

    4. At the bottom it says Location: followed by the location of the driver. Make a note of this directory.

    5. Hold down the windows button and press pause/break to get to your System Properties, then go to Device manager and find your Nexus S. double click on it, go to drivers and update drivers.

    6. Select Install from a list or specific source and press the next button.

    7. Select search for the best driver in these locations, then deselect Search removable media and in the Include this location in the search, browse to or type in the directory from step 4.

    8. voila.

  14. Talnoy says:

    So, I can find everything fine but the driver comes up as a “SAMSUNG Android Composite ADB Interface”

    What’s composite mean and will rooting still work if I use it?

  15. RS says:

    I’m in the exact same boat as zhila…

    It’s an Unknown Device and is in Universal Serial Bus controllers.

    The only things I can see when browsing through device drivers that are even close say “SAMSUNG Android USB Composite Device” (not ADB).

    There’s no way to look at All Devices and no way to browse to ADB Devices that I can find.

    Nexus S 4G
    Windows 7 x64

    Note that I’ve also tried to install the SDK USB drivers to no avail as well.

    I’m about 6 hours into this and it’s becoming extremely painful. Thanks for the guides in any case.

  16. RS says:

    Finally! Someone on XDA suggested powering the device down completely, plugging it into USB, then powering it on. After I did that, Windows found the right drivers. Huzzah!

    • JJk says:

      You just made my day! Finally!

    • Brent says:

      Thanks RS.
      Windows 7 Ultimate wasn’t finding ADB Device when I plugged it in while on.
      Powered down. Plugged the phone in then powered back up. Device Manger found it as Other Devices>Nexus. Uninstalled Nexus. Clicked Action>Add Legacy Hardware and walla, ADB Device was there. Showed three drivers, I picked the most up to date and installed fine. No error codes. We’ll see if it will root now.

  17. Rob says:

    I think I’m stuck where a lot of other people are. After I install the Samsung USB drivers, the device just shows up as “Android 1.0” in Device Manager, not as “Nexus S.” So I can’t properly install the ADB drivers. I’ve tried the ADB bootloader package from the android sdk as well, but when I go to unlock the phone it just sits there saying ‘waiting for device’. Not sure what I can do now. It’s a brand new phone. Was this maybe screwed up by an update?

  18. krishna murthy says:

    Hey can any one please help me, I have installed adb and it is working fine. But the problem is when I do “adb reboot bootloader”, my system doent allow me to flash the images, even if I do “fastboot devices” it doesnt work can any one please help ..

  19. krishna murthy says:

    Hey can any one please help me, I have installed adb and it is working fine. But the problem is when I do “adb reboot bootloader”, my system doent allow me to flash the images, even if I do “fastboot devices” it doesnt work can any one please help ..

  20. nick says:


    start, enter hdwwiz, next, manually select, show all devices, have disk, then search for the folder mentioned above: C:\Program Files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers\16_Shrewsbury

    all good 🙂

  21. jay says:

    my nexus s is not showing up in my device manager at all no matter what I do, that’s where I’m stuck…

    • Moe says:

      Hello everyone. I own a samsung captivate which I flashed CM7.1 rom on. My PC currently has Windows Vista on it too. To get your usb drivers put your phone in download mode and that will do it automatically. To put download mode, turn off phone, hold up & down controls at the same time, and plug your phone into usb cord already connected to PC. Shazaam!

      • livelite says:

        Thank you Moe! Worked exactly as you said on the Nexus S on Windows XP. When Nexus S was put into this mode it installed the USB driver automatically.

        • Aurum says:

          This worked for me as well. Power off the phone, hold the up volume button and home while powering it back on and it’ll detect properly.

  22. sbm says:

    My nexus s can’t install drive.. am installed Samsung USB drive. Win7

  23. Peter says:

    I read the above posts and went through the process with SDK… when i connect my nexus to the computer it is named “7 CDCs” in Other Devices…
    the driver at
    Program Files\Android\android-sdk\
    does not work! (software cannot be installed)
    Afetr all the effort… feel like smashing this phone…

    • Peter says:

      to continue my above comment…. I have a similar situation as user above, Rob.
      When phone is on, it is listed as Otherdevices ->7CDCs
      When phone is in reset mode, it is listed as Android 1.0
      When phone is turned on while being plugged it is listed under “USB composite device” with excl. sign
      In all 3 cases, driver from Android\android_sdk\ dont help…
      Nothing gets through…

  24. IanGMarsh says:


    Many thanks to the author of the video.

    I work with an ACER Aspire x1301. I had no problem installing / running the driver. A bit worrying at first :
    PC / Device manager makes no mention of Samsung drivers ( even with hidden files enabled…)
    but when I open, Computer, I see the Nexus S as an external HD.
    For the moment, I just open my local drive + Nexus drive and toggle import/ export operations between the 2 windows.
    n;b : If like me, you have Real Player installed, you may find that it dominates operations at USB connection turn on…. a starving tiger pouncing on its prey sort of. Well it gives one the opportunity to compare with iTunes for graphics & ergonomy.
    My heart goes out to all you folks who’ve encountered the many issues above.
    Hope you’ve solved them / found another path since. Cheers
    IGM, Paris France

  25. Hadi says:

    My problem about connecting has been solved by your guidance. Very Very thank u.

  26. Pranav says:

    Thx Thx a lot!!! lifesaver!!

  27. OVIDIU says:


  28. OVIDIU says:

    i don’t find any ADB!!!
    I got to device manager
    i choose nexus s
    then i search for adb , but no ADB!!! in all devices!

  29. OVIDIU says:

    oh, i have windows xp

  30. Laz says:

    YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL GODS!!!!!! Samsung Epic 4G and Windows 7. Been battling this for the last two days and finally found people who not only (collectively) know every angle to try for every permutation of software/hardware but who also can explain it without going too far into graduate-level computer science lingo. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I’d downloaded the drivers from Samsung and three or four other places in three or four slightly different versions and couldn’t get any of them to install properly. The device manager found no sign of my Epic even when I had it plugged in and could use it for mass storage. So for me, the simple instruction to go into debugging mode made this the simplest, quickest, most effortless process! As soon as I plugged in Windows rushed to help me out, found all the right drivers and loaded ’em on. Amen!!! Just wish this “simple, quick, effortless” process hadn’t taken me two full days. L—O—MF’ing—L!!!!! =8^D

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  32. May says:


  33. Frustrated outa mind says:

    Why is this so damn difficult. The people who design this stuff should be beatin with sticks

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  35. olivia says:

    hi i just installed the drive, but when im trying to transfer stuff to my google samsung nexus, it doesn’t show any usb thing just removable disk etc…

  36. peter says:

    He he
    Plugged into my ubuntu pc and it works straight of the bat…
    Windows days are over…..

  37. Abdulla says:

    Please tell people they have to set the phone to DEBUG mode from SETTINGS first

  38. MArcio says:

    My PC does not recognized Nexus S when connected in the USB.

    I hold the volume and power keys. The bootloader comes up showing the boot menu and then show USB Control Init and USB Control End. The Debug Application is set.

    I tried leaving the USB cable disconnected, connected at boot time, etc and it does not work.

    Can anybody help me ?

    • Michael says:

      I have this same problem. Even took it to a local phone repair store and they couldn’t fix it. Any solution to the USB Control Init / USB Control Init End problem. The OS will not recognize the phone and no query of USB devices reveals the phone.

  39. Amy says:

    Genius. Thank you!

  40. Julian says:

    I found the fix!!!!!

    Definitely works for Windows 7 (32-bit version) and may work for others.

    Original problem: Google ADB drivers installed ok for Nexus S but didn’t allow ADB to see the phone.

    0. Download the Samsung drivers provided on this site. Install them.
    1. View the device properties in Device Manager
    2. Click the Driver tab
    3. Click uninstall
    4. Make sure you TICK the box to delete the driver software. Click OK to delete the device and the drivers.
    5. Unplug the phone
    6. Plug it back in
    7. As soon as you see Windows trying to search for drivers click the icon to display the driver searching/install window. Click to Skip searching Windows Update
    8. If Windows finds another ADB driver, let it install and then repeat steps 1-7. You need to make sure Windows is free of any non-working drivers (i.e. they’re deleted from your PC).
    9. Hopefully you now have a device with a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager.
    10. Update the driver, click Show All Devices, select Android Phone (I think this was it – or the other Android one), hopefully a list comes up saying Samsung… choose to install the SAMSUNG Android Composite ADB Interface.
    11. It should now work!

  41. QAZ says:

    i followed all the steps and it comes up with

    “Android Original ADB Interface” (no error icons)

    am i ready to root now?


  42. Anritsu says:

    Guess what , no f****** ADB drivers . I’m running win xp 32 SP3 . I tried connecting the phone in fast boot mode , I get a “Android 1.0 device ” found but not installed properly , I go looking for drivers but no ADB device is listed . Same thing in normal mode , Nexus S is found with a question mark waiting for drivers . Still no ADB devices listed to choose from. Can’t someone detect , zip and share the f******* driver so I can feed it manually ?.I suppose I can find a Win7 machine , but still , this shouldn’t be that hard . If I can’t get a driver running , I may as well have to forget the whole root project . Any help appreciated , and by the way this is a cool site and so are the videos . Cheers from Mikonos , Greece

  43. Anritsu says:

    Ok I may have shorted it out . I installed a program called pdanet ver 3.23 for winxp 32 and during installation it asks to pick a brand of phone (pick Samsung) then plug the usb and the driver is found and installed . Now In my devices I have Android Phone -> Android ADB Inteface , properties -> google INC , Nexus S date 11/8/2009 version . Are these good enough to move in , because the driver seems kind of old . Hope this helps .

  44. Oran says:

    For those who has problem with XP driver installed, I’ve just found some thread and it works so tricky.
    I’ve just upgraded Window Media Player V.11. When upgrade done, MTP device found !!!
    I don’t know why but it really works fine. Try it.

  45. nimakhin says:

    i have updated my nexus s to ICS and after that i can not access my storage in no way !!!
    it became a MTP device
    is there any way that i can access my internal storage via usb cable !?

  46. reliable says:

    Great article. I was unable to get my touchpad (with android) recognized by windows 7. installing the nexus drivers did the trick! Thanks!

  47. Ciaran Costelloe says:

    Thank you very much. Worked perfectly for me (Win7 Pro 64bit).

  48. Bill0014 says:

    my computer says unknown device… what do i do about this? XP

  49. mike says:

    i am having a major problem with my pos spring nexus s 4g… it will not connect to my laptop windows 7 32 bit it wont even beep or show up in the device manager…

    and it will not connect to my windows xp 32 bit desktop… same thing nothing in device manager shows up when i plug in phone… im wanna root this damn thing already and i cant get it connected no matter what i do… .im on my 3rd day of trying it and im about to just throw the damn phone out the window its pissing me off any help guys… ive installed samsung drivers and pda net on both computers its poop

  50. chase says:

    I have tried it all. There is no ADB anything. The odd thing is how it happened..
    I had this problem before the ICS update, and thought to myself “jee, maybe it will connect now!?” so i plugged in my USB cable and VOALA! it worked!! i was so happy. Than not 20 minutes later while transferring files it just stopped working, the phone doesn’t go to USB mode anymore when connected, and the computer says “USB not recognized, One of the USB devices connected to this computer has malfunctioned etc..” in the device manager it is “Unknown device”.

    Now one thing that happened was when I first plugged in the phone to the pc it was instant, worked. and asked me to insert the disk that came with the phone ( there is no disk with the phone).. so i pressed cancel. it was still working for about 5 minutes after, than poof… poof*… nadda, frowns, and throwing things.
    I have tried all of the above… (I find a dominate windows 7 help here… MORE FOR VISTA please.)

    (my only theory is other drivers maybe interrupting ? Cuz why would it work right away, and than not at all?) so I went on the journey of finding Samsung drivers, which brought me to here… I installed them, but no ADB … ahh, i’m finally asking for help?

  51. Patrick says:

    I find only samsung android composite ADB interface… help?

  52. D the noob says:

    Ok so i have android adb composite interface. Is that right? Also why does my command prompt say that the path is not found. What am i doing wrong?

  53. Saul says:

    Success in Windows XP! I followed Alby’s suggestions above

    Since the software has been updated a bit, I’ll update/expand his/her instructions:

    1. Download and install the Android SDK on your machine:

    2. Install the Google USB driver:

    3. Once it’s finished, expand the “Extras” folder in the main Android SDK Manager window and find the Google USB driver.

    4. *Hover* over the “Google USB Driver” row — you will get a text popup (tooltip) with the full folder path to the driver. Make a note of this folder path. In my system it’s:
    C:\Documents and Settings\MY_USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Android\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver

    5. Hold down the windows button and press pause/break to get to your System Properties, then go to Device manager and find your Nexus S. double click on it, go to drivers and update drivers.

    6. Select Install from a list or specific source and press the next button.

    7. Select search for the best driver in these locations, then deselect Search removable media and in the Include this location in the search, browse to or type in the directory from step 4.

  54. shariq says:

    my set is fully unlock & fast boot mode, but it hang on google logo, how can i mount it???

  55. Ezeonyim Chinedu Patrick says:

    Please i need a software to update my phone to the latest version of nexus phone. please help me out
    Thank you.

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