How to Backup and Install New ROM on your Nexus S!

Once you’ve rooted your Nexus S, you will definitely want to start installing/trying out new ROMs as that’s one of the major benefits of having a rooted Nexus S.

We will be doing a bunch of Nexus S ROM reviews in the upcoming weeks here at but first, let use demonstrate how to backup your current ROM and install a new ROM on your Nexus S.

First, you will need a rooted Nexus S.

Second, download the free app, “ROM Manager” off Market.

Third, make sure you’ve flashed the ClockworkMod Recovery by hitting “FlashClockwork Recovery”.  (You only have to do this once ever!)

Fourth, choose “Install ROM from SD Card”, then find the ROM zip file you copied over to your Nexus S.  (We assume that you’ve downloaded your new ROM zip file and copied over to the root directory of your Nexus S internal storage.)

Fifth, choose “Backup Existing ROM”, “Wipe Data and Cache” (this is only if you are moving to a different ROM, not required for updates on the same ROM), and “Wipe Dalvik Cache” and hit “OK”.

Your Nexus S should now reboot into Clockwork Recovery, make a backup of your current ROM (with all your apps and settings), then install the new ROM and reboot.

The whole process should take like 5 minutes and you should have a backed up old ROM and your new ROM installed on your Nexus S.

Backing up your ROM is great because if for some reason the new ROM you installed doesn’t work correctly or bricks your phone, you can simply restore your old ROM within minutes.

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11 Responses to How to Backup and Install New ROM on your Nexus S!

  1. ivo says:

    what if i haven’t back up rom,and i have brick phone,what can i do.when i do install zip from sd card it says that is aborted assert failed.please if you can help,please

    • ivo says:

      i have the same problrm,but i have fix it.i have downloaded original stock,and putet on sd,than i was try install and later i have press factory reset and cach wipe and somehow i made it.i have root aces but i dont have cm7 and cant overclock my phone.but atlist its english xxx.sori

  2. Fariz says:

    Can i use this method to install Cyanogen Mod ROM???

  3. Spider says:

    I did the steps above, but I did not install a ROM, I just skipped the fourth step. The phone rebooted, but I’m stucked with just the Google Logo and the unlock icon. I’ve already rooted my phone by the way. What should I do?

  4. Grant says:

    Thanks for these great how tos! Will restoring a backed up rom also restore all data and settings?

  5. Alex says:

    will wipping data and cache delete everything from the nexus s “sd card”?? because i was wondering where the CWM backup would be saved.

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