Download Google Music 4.0.1 Leaked from Nexus Prime!

Are you an avid user of Google Music and stream your music library from the cloud already?  If yes, you are in luck as the new Google Music app version 4.0.1 has been leaked from the new Nexus Prime phone.

No rooting needed, you just need to install this on your phone as APK file.

Download Google Music 4.0.1 here:

Download Google Music 4.0.1

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10 Responses to Download Google Music 4.0.1 Leaked from Nexus Prime!

  1. Alienngp says:

    really i didnt need this just saying i beta test google music beta and u get the app while you beta test nice little app and better so when us beta testers fin d all the kinks in it like the force closes we are working to see what is going on
    good work here dog peace out


  2. nutONu says:

    Is the new music 4.0.1 supposed to work with the music stored in the cloud with my google music account? I installed the apk on a rooted epic 4g. Is there something special I should do to get the app to sync up with my account. I cant find an option or setting to do so.

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Try going to Settings, you should have option to choose your Google Account.

      • nutONu says:

        I tried that, the only options are :
        -open source licenses
        -music version
        When I first start the app, it flashes a message quickly about offline music. It flashes to fast for me to read the whole thing or much of the message. Then it states “Music library is empty”-“Copy music to your phone with a usb cable”
        I have a music beta account, I know I have music in the cloud. When I reinstall the music app from the market, everything works, my autosync is on. I have the zedomac kernal v3 installed.
        I’ve tried installing over the old version and the install fails. I can delete the old version and then install music v4, but then it never syncs up.
        I am kind of at a loss, unless there is something I am missing or is there a trick to get it to work?

  3. nutONu says:

    That’s not one of the options in settings. I know I have music in my google music account. I am running the zedo v3 kernal. The app just says “music library is empty”

  4. Mike Moss says:

    The download never works for me. Always says “Download unsuccessful.” Phone is an unrooted Epic 4G Touch.

  5. Rhett Pendleton says:

    Can’t get it to work, always gets message “must has stopped” or “unfortunately music has stopped” or something like that. Not sure what’s going on. Any ideas? I’m running Codename ICS

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