Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Rooted Nexus S 4G!

For those of you who must have the best of the latest, you might want to give Android Ice Cream Sandwich ROM a try, ported off Android SDK, everything works except for 4G and other minor things like panoramic camera and NFC.  Regular camera and camcorder is working fine though for both front and back cameras.

The best part about this ICS ROM is that you get to try out the real Ice Cream Sandwich apps and by the time an official version comes out, you should be a pro at it.  This is what I am running for now.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Download ROM here:

Download ICS ROM for Nexus S 4G

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25 Responses to Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Rooted Nexus S 4G!

  1. KJohnson says:

    Great job on getting this out! The only issue I had was with my root programs failing to get permission from Superuser. There is a separate zip file floating around that needs to be flashed in order for root programs to work after flashing the ROM. Other than that, the usual observations:

    1. No NFC (no biggie)
    2. No Bluetooth
    3. No 4G
    4. GPS can be a bit wonky….

    All in all, this is very usable, and I don’ think I’ll be going back to NSCollab just yet. Can’t wait for the next update!

  2. KJohnson says:

    File can be found on the xda forums for ns4g android development in the ics post on first page.

  3. Jwach says:

    when i go to install it it says “installation aborted” any ideas on why it does that. This isn’ the first time this has happened

    • Kjohnson says:

      You’ll need beezy’s icsdirtyalpha rom, i believe.. hit up androidcentral in the NS4G forum.. first page should have the zip.. its version 3.2….flash, then flash the root and theme zip immediately after, but before reboot, and you should have all of your permissions set for use with superuser

  4. Jwach says:

    I got ics running thanks for the help

  5. NexusSManiac says:

    I used the zip and everything worked just fine. Got my su permissions back and everything is good and well. Love the rom and love the new startup theme. Can this rom be overclocked with a new kernel or no?

    • Kjohnson says:

      This is probably out of date reply, but as of 3.2, I don’t think they can be overclocked. 3.5 was supposed to address this with some memory optimizations, and removal of bloat in the code… going to try and flash to 3.5 again ,and hopefully iron out the FC kinks that left a bitter taste in my mouth this morning…

  6. Andreas L. says:

    When i installed everything went smooth and the items listed didnt work, however i had no service (Phone or 3G)
    Any suggestions?

  7. Kjohnson says:

    Well, I tried beezy’s 3.5 build that was released this morning.. and it seems like a step backwards.. I couldn’t even get through account setup without consistent force closings. Back on my NSCollab 5.1 until Google sees fit to grace us with the actual ROM. As it turns out, I really can’t live without bluetooth or 4G 😀

  8. Kjohnson says:

    Hmm.. Think I’ve figure it out.. OK… download 3.5 beta from androidforums (beezy’s ICS 3.5dirtyalpha), then grab the from the xda-developer page (check for NS4G ICS thread–“awareness” I believe).

    flash clockworkmod latest version
    boot into recovery mode
    wipe data/fac reset
    wipe cache
    install from sdcard (dirtyalpha3.5)
    the install SHOULD dump a into your root directory… flash that next..
    enjoy your “relatively” stable ICS ROM and be sure to report your results!

  9. Tom says:

    Worked perfect for me after a couple of tries. I ended up unrooting and re-rooting my Nexus S4g.

    Looks like Google is taking clues from all of it’s competitors. Windows and iOS mainly though.

    • Tom says:

      I have a question that I don’t fully understand.

      Some of the apps (some of which were my favorites!) that I had running on my stock Nexus S 4g no longer are “compatible” according to the Android Market (both on the phone and on their web interface).

      Any thoughts why rooting / rom(ming?) the phone would disallow certain apps to work?

  10. Kjohnson says:

    I think it’s a permissions issue with the apps in the market, and the unofficial ICS rom…

  11. Kjohnson says:

    Anybody gotten gtalk to work in ICS? (or any of the GB roms for that matter?) I know that skype video is 50/50 in the ICS port as of now…

  12. netoduke says:

    wanted to let you know man, the link for download you have does not work on my phone i had to unroot it because it was not picking up service whatsoever on my ns4g, however did download beezys dirty alpha 3.5 with a fresh install and now it all works smoothly even with the apps i had on stock 2.3.7 from sprint..

  13. netoduke says:

    The main one you have with the video . I followed the android central post to get the install going..

  14. netoduke says:

    I appreciate the tutorials and videos 🙂 thx

  15. KJohnson says:

    Yeah, I would argue that the rom posted in the link here is a bit dated… the 3.5alpha from Beezy that can be found at androidcentral is the newest release.

    The good news is that now that the Galaxy Nexus has been rooted, and the dev. build ROM dumped for the public, we should see ports based on the actual ROM, and not from the SDK, coming soon,… hang tight

  16. densmor2 says:

    where do u go to get updates for the rom?

  17. densmor2 says:

    also, does anyone know how to change the shortcut on the lockscreen off the camera?

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