Crossbones ICS ROM + Matr1x Kernel – Best ICS Combo for Rooted Nexus S 4G!

Looking for that perfect ICS ROM/Kernel combo that will let you fully experience ICS on your Nexus S 4G as if you were using a Galaxy Nexus?  Believe me, I’ve been flashing ROMs all day long but I think I finally found a great ROM/kernel combo with everything working including 4G WiMax, Bluetooth, GPS, camera, and even Face Unlock!

This is probably as good as it gets and the only thing I can tell you is to try it out as you will love it.  Just a note, use an overclocking app such as SetCPU (Google it or get it on Market) to set your min to 100Mhz and max to 1.46Ghz at “interactivex” governor mode.

With overclocking, I found Face Unlock works just as well on my Nexus S 4G as my Galaxy Nexus, which is something I thought impossible to do earlier this week.

Anyways, try this ROM if you have rooted Nexus S 4G, you won’t be disappointed.  And let me know how it works for you.


Download Crossbones ICS ROM

Download GoogleApps

Download Matr1x Kernel

As usual, wipe and flash ICS ROM, GoogleApps, and Matr1x kernel in that order using Clockwork or TWRP recovery.  If you lose recovery for some reason (on stock ROMs), simply use ROM Manager app to install it (the easiest way).


Update: Battery life is also excellent on this ROM, very LONG battery life.


Don’t forget to say thanks to Crossbones ICS ROM Dev at XDA here and MathKid95 for his awesome kernel.

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35 Responses to Crossbones ICS ROM + Matr1x Kernel – Best ICS Combo for Rooted Nexus S 4G!

  1. C. Marquardt says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for the ROM. It is quite smooth. I can’t seem to figure out how to access my voice mail however. I don’t see an icon/ button. I seem to have to dial my number. Please advise.

    • Samson says:

      Had the same problem its using a code for some other service what i did was make a contact in my phone book put my number in and called it voice mail then put a shortcut on my home screen

  2. joseescobedo says:

    im stuck in a boot loop, i can get into recovery no prob, just crossbones wont finish booting

    • C. Marquardt says:

      I used this Rom most of the day with no problem. Than it froze. I had to take the battery out. It than got stuck in the crossbones screen. The only way I got around it was to reboot through the recovery mode. I than was using Google music and it froze my phone while playing. I had to take the battery out and it got stuck on the crossbones screen again. I had to repeat step one. I’m switching ROMs.

  3. William Lewis says:

    I keep getting installation aborted..When trying to flash rom

  4. Shiatsuskat says:

    I have been using this for a day with the new Nexus S release, and it’s very smooth with the best battery life of any ics rom. I haven’t tried it yet with any other kernel because the battery life has been so great, and it seems to run fast enough without overclocking. I also downloaded and flashed the Nova launcher, and let me say this is a big improvement over both stock ics and cm9. Nova is suppose to be still in it’s beta stage, but it seems pretty tweeked to me.

  5. Cesar says:

    Do It works with Nexus S or only with Nexus S 4G ?

  6. lolaap says:

    Soort thuis cant Ben used on nexus s without 4g?

  7. Chris says:

    Just so everyone knows, the links in the article are slightly out of date. The Crossbones and Matr1x zips are at versions 0.1.2 and 14.0 in the article, while they’ve been updated to 0.1.3 and 14.5 respectively. You can find their updated versions in the links at the bottom of the article. I’ve re-listed them below.

  8. Adam says:

    you can get the Crossbones Nexus S (not 4G) Rom from here (direct download link make sure you use version 0.1.3. Works great for me

  9. Ark.bishop says:

    How do you get face recognition to work? Cannot find how to access it.

  10. Ark.bishop says:

    So I figured the reason, I was able to install the Crossbones ROM, but no matter what I try I cannot install the gapps download nor the kernel. I have tried using from recovery and apparently it installs it but once it starts neither appears. I have tried using ROM manager and install it from there however when it tries to install, it just stays with the android and exclamation sign screen. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  11. Bam says:

    There is also a version for the regular nexus s! Just search it on xda developers

  12. mwielgosz says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m the developer of this ROM, and I have to say thank you for posting this review on your website! It’s very cool to see my hard work reviewed and in the spotlight 🙂
    Just wait until v0.2.0 is released….big changes to improve user interactivity

    Right now, I do not have the ROM listed in ROM Manager, although I am working on getting this done. I have so many things to do, its hard to get them all done ASAP.

    Anyways, make sure you are downloading the correct version of the ROM for your device.
    Currently supported:
    Galaxy Nexus (toro)
    Nexus S (crespo
    Nexus S 4G (crespo4g)

    I also have threads on both and for each device which will provide users with better technical support than posting “help” comments here.

    Enjoy the ROM and please look out for v0.2.0 when it’s released! 😀
    Thanks again!

  13. Nancy says:

    Please help. I am so confused here. I tried to install the google apps file and it does not let me. It says Installation aborted on the Clockwork recovery mode. I rooted my phone and installed crossbones but now i can’t proceed to the next one and i’m stuck.

    • DfA says:

      1)Make sure you have a Nexus S 4G.
      2)Wipe data/factory reset
      3)Wipe cache partition
      4)Wipe dalvik cache

      Flash ROM
      Flash GAPPS

  14. Oliver Hörberg says:

    You’ll get installation aborted if you try to install this on a Nexus S. This is for Nexus S 4G only. This is the ROM for NS:

  15. KenRock26 says:

    So far this is the best ICS ROM I’ve tried.. all of the ICS features is working for my Nexus S.. Thanks zedomax for this great Combo.. Cheers.

    • KenRock26 says:

      Guys, try the new version of Crossbone – version 0.2.0 with the matrix kernel to you NEXUS S.. it’s better, faster, smoother and a lot of new features added..

      • venum11 says:

        how would i go about installing the new version same way as the old one flashing 0.2.0 gapps and the matrix?

        • KenRock26 says:

          if you already installed the 0.1.3 version just download the new ROM on ROm manager and then flash it without wiping because it’s just an update and then after flashing the ROM flash the same kernel that was use on 0.1.3 version, reboot and enjoy..

  16. bs2517 says:

    why is this so unstable on my nexus s 4g? it freezes before i can even get to do anything.

  17. Chad says:

    Sweet Rom. Very Fast and Efficient. Haven’t used it long enough to test battery life, however.

  18. dakota says:

    cant access android market is this how its supposed to be :(?

  19. Ark.bishop says:

    I have tries the steps as advised:
    1) wipe data
    2)Wipe cache partition
    I do not get the option to do the dalvik cache
    Flash Rom
    Flash gapps
    Flash kermel
    But all I get is the Rom. Not sure why this is not working. Any additional help will be greatly appreciated

  20. pahanoks says:

    Mobile network is no longer available, i’ve just install this ROM….
    Any suggestion what to do ?

  21. Jesse G says:

    rooted and flashed this rom and kernel last night so far everything is running well. but i gave nothing to compare to so may try a few others to see how it goes.

  22. venum11 says:

    comment /question? i love this combo i mean my nexus 4g is awesome now but it crashes to much is there a fix or something i can do? also i just saw crossbones 0.2.0 came out are u guys gonna put up a video of it and will this new version fix the crashes? any feedback will b appreciated thanks and u guys keep up the great work.

  23. Doug says:

    Does this ROM not have voice-to-text ?

    Also it doesn’t seem to want to sync my calendars…

    Otherwise it’s the smoothest I’ve tried.


  24. Garrett says:

    Smooth and works as promised! All functions work for me, no problems at all.

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