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How to Use Clockwork Recovery ROM Manager to Install New ROM!

Last time, I showed you how to install the Cyanogenmod 7 ROM by going into the Clockwork Recovery manually, here’s how to do it straight from the Rom Manager app, a bit easier.

I took a video while upgrading to the latest Cyanogenmod 7 ROM:

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24 Responses to How to Use Clockwork Recovery ROM Manager to Install New ROM!

  1. KT says:

    i dunno why i cannot open the market and it seems that the rom manager disappear
    also while i choose the rom in sd card, i hv 3 choices instead of 2 in ur video
    i dl

  2. KT says:

    i want to know why using this ROM is better than the original one?

  3. KT says:

    a new problem comes!
    i hv flashed the recovery-clockwork- again
    and i still cannot go into recovery and after i turn on the phone, all the things are force close!

    • KT says:

      i hv solve it again but after i extract the 2.3.4 file and archive the inner file and flash it, nothing happened…only ‘installation aborted’ shown

  4. KT says:

    Hey~ i hv a new problem!
    i dunno how to upgrade to 2.3.4 although i hv dl the file.
    also i dunno y my setcpu can only choose my cpu from 100 to 1000
    but i hv tried 1400 be4. and now do not have…

    • Nexus S Hacks says:

      Hi KT,

      You would have to flash the overclocked kernel again to get overclocking again, not sure if the stock 2.3.4 is compatible with the kernel but you can give it a try.

      • ivo says:

        how can i overclock sns,i have root acces and superuser installed,and rom manager but when i pres to install new rom it stay with that yelow triangle with i
        help …

  5. Prevailed says:

    thanks allot man! i couldn’t install the unstable version though, but the stable one works perfect. also added the latest Gapps. thanks for your videos, they made it easy to do! :)

  6. Adi Cora says:

    Hei!!! I have a problem with my NExus S at Rom Manager. Can you help me? After i rooted my Nexus i want to update the i tried to use Rom Manager. But it didn’t work. When i tried to Flash ClockWorkMod it tells me an Error ocured while downloading ? What i should do …pleasee!!!!!!

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